Chapter 1: Back and Better Than Ever

This version of Ben 10: Alien Force/Ultimate Alien is how I envision it. If you don't like it, don't read; simple as that.

I don't particularly like how they created the spin-off. I mean, I like how well Ben and Gwen get along, and I could never hate Kevin, but I hate how Ben is first shown as a mature, responsible leader and then regresses into his old persona. I'll have to fix that. I'll also be adding some plot to particular seasons, like in season three of Alien Force. Seriously, it was just a bunch of random episodes that didn't really add up to an adequate conclusion. Then again, that could just be me.

Okay, the story begins with the first episode of Alien Force. Ben doesn't get the Omnitrix until later, so it comes as a surprise when he finds that he might have alien powers without it. He meets up with a separate branch of the Plumbers, who were forced to live on Earth due to the fact that their realm was ravaged by war. They worship four gods who created their world, and the gods reincarnate into four children every couple of generations. I'll explain more about them eventually. And what does Ben have to do with all that? You have to read on to find out.

P.S. I dislike Julie very much, so she's going to have a miniscule role in this. Don't worry about Ship; I have a new owner for him.

I own nothing except the story. Also, if any of the names sound familiar to you, it's a complete coincidence. *evil grin*

Cordelia Valentine was a very busy person. She had just completed a difficult surgery at the hospital where she worked at and was now writing out reports and bills in her office. She had no patience for interruptions, especially interruptions of the freaky variety.

So there was no doubt she had been royally miffed when her Plumber badge beeped, signaling a new transmission.

"What is it?" she snapped, throwing down her pen. Cordelia's beautiful face was screwed up into an ugly frown; the caller would have to be quick to escape her wrath.

It was a message from Max Tennyson. He looked anxious and weary, and he seemed to be hiding behind something. Cordelia's expression refused to change.

"There are new aliens on Earth," Max began curtly. He knew Cordelia and was smart enough not to get on her bad side today.

"And?" Cordelia tapped her desk impatiently.

"It's the High Breeds. I don't know what their planning, but they've been setting up weather stations around Bellwood, turning the climate cold. A lot of top agents have disappeared because of these guys."

Cordelia remained silent. She no longer wore the angry frown on her face, replacing it with a thoughtful expression. "What exactly do you want us to do?" she asked finally.

"Get as many Slayers rounded up as possible. After what I've seen, we have to prepare for the absolute worst." Max suddenly ducked down even father into his hiding spot. Cordelia could hear noises from the other side, and wisely stayed silent so as not to attract attention. After what seemed to be an eternity, Max turned back to her.

"You do realize what this means, don't you?" Cordelia asked, raising an eyebrow. If it was as bad as Max said it was, then it could only mean one thing.

"Yes. Ben Tennyson must wear the Omnitrix again and join forces with the Pride." Max screwed up his face when he said 'Pride'. Cordelia couldn't blame him. She knew what the Pride was capable of, and they were only allowed on normal Plumber missions when it was really bad.

"Do you want me to send in a team to help you?" Cordelia asked politely, even though she knew he would decline. They always did; no one wanted to be indebted to a Slayer.

"No. The DNAliens don't know their being investigated. If they found out a Slayer was checking up on them…" Max shook his head. The noises then appeared again, and Max uttered a curse. "Max out," he whispered, ending the transmission.

Cordelia set down her Plumbers' badge with a sigh. Max had been a great Plumber back in the day; the two of them had occasionally paired up to fight some rogue alien. Therefore, she knew him well enough to know that Max wasn't kidding about the threat these High Breeds, whatever they were, could be.

Cordelia picked up the only picture on her desk. It was a group shot of herself, her husband Isaac, and their granddaughter Carter. Carter looked almost exactly like Cordelia: same slender frame, same translucent skin, same glittering, wolf-gray eyes. She had the Valentine women trademarks: an oval face that ended with a sharp point at the bottom of her chin, and the strange upside down triangle bang that completely covered the left side of her face. The only real difference between the two family members was that Carter's hair was black that ended at the middle of her back, while Cordelia's pure white hair was forced into a loose French braid. Carter did not show any resemblance to Isaac. Isaac was blonde with his hair slicked back to show off his high cheekbones and handsome, pointed face. His eyes were blue with a constant calculating look. He always wore a black three piece suit, and showed off a slight British accent.

And the really weird part? Both Isaac and Cordelia looked to be in their twenties.

Cordelia sighed and put down the picture. The world was screwed up enough as it was; they didn't need any new threats when there were already so many on this planet. She had hoped beyond all reason that by the time her granddaughter was born the world would be a better place. Look at how wrong she was.

She picked up the phone and dialed Isaac's number. He should have been in the training facility by now.

"We have a problem," Cordelia began when her husband picked up the phone.

"We have a problem," Isaac Valentine repeated to his granddaughter. They were at their home in Isaac's study. The lighting was dim, forcing Carter to blink hard occasionally to focus her eyes. Her grandfather didn't seem to mind.

"Cordelia believes that a certain group of aliens, the High Breeds, are trying to invade Earth," Isaac continued. "Just a few minutes ago she received a transmission from Max Tennyson, who explained the highlights to her." He waited for a reaction. He didn't get one.

"Max believes that the Slayers and the Plumbers have to work together." Now that got a reaction.

"But the Plumbers and Slayers can't work together! We're too different!" Carter protested, banging the palm of her hands onto the desk for emphasis.

"We're two different parts of the same group. This was bound to happen eventually," Isaac reasoned. He was still calmly sitting in his desk chair.

"Max also said that his grandson has to wear the Omnitrix again and that he has to work together with the Pride."

Carter's jaw dropped and she turned even paler. "Doesn't he remember what happened the last time we worked together? We nearly killed him! And do you have any idea how terrible it was?" She shuddered, but refused to show any other sign of weakness.

Isaac held up a hand. "I am perfectly aware of what happened. But Maxwell believes that the High Breeds might be an extreme threat; he wouldn't risk this if it wasn't true."

Carter sucked in a shaky breath. "But what about the Omnitrix? Who has it?"

"I believe either Maxwell or Benjamin has it in their possession." Isaac paused. "Cordelia has an idea…"

"Of course she does."

"Now, sweetheart, this is no time to be angry at your grandmother. Maxwell originally said that Ben and the Pride have to work together to stop the High Breed threat. Cordelia proposed that the Pride should… befriend the boy."

"And how are we supposed to do that?"

"We've taken the liberty of sending you, Sam, and Evan to his high school."

"Are you kidding me?" Carter sputtered. "How are we supposed to explain that three really great friends happen to move to the same exact high school on the same exact day? And you know how much Evan looks like Ben. It's going to raise a lot of questions."

"Whoever said that you were going to transfer on the same day? And don't worry, we'll think up a cover story for you. As for Evan, well, he'll think of something somewhat believable. We've dealt with humans for years, Carter; we know how to trick them.

"You will meet Ben tomorrow at his soccer game. Talk to him after the game and let him know your face so you can meet up at school. Do not meet him outside of school unless he invites you or if we tell you to." Carter nodded in agreement and didn't say anything.

Isaac raised an eyebrow. "What do you want to say?"

"…Do you think he'll recognize me?"

"We wiped his memory of you at the same time we removed the Omnitrix. He really shouldn't, unless he lets him."

Of course, him. He was the real reason why they wanted Ben. He would give Ben incredible power, but it would be uncontrollable and dangerous. The Omnitrix would help in controlling some of that power, but he wouldn't like that.

"I understand, Isaac. The Pride will befriend and help Ben Tennyson. Not that we have a choice."

Isaac smirked at Carter's bitter tongue. "Of course you have a choice. You could choose not to, but then you would damn the whole world, and that's not really an option." Isaac suddenly turned serious. "You are a part of the Pride, Carter. You have been chosen among thousands to be considered as the Slayers' greatest weapon. Do not let us down."

Carter gritted her teeth and closed her eyes, and admitted defeat. "I know full well my position, Isaac. I will not let the Valentine name become a joke among the Slayers."

"You don't have to go that far…"

"Do you want to get laughed at?"

"Okay, you have a point. Get some sleep, Carter. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day." Isaac clapped his hands twice, and the room was covered in darkness.

Ben Tennyson should not have eaten those two slices of cold pizza before bed. But that might not have been enough to explain the dream he was having.

He was standing in a meadow at night. The moonlight cast an eerie glow over everything, giving the grass, flowers, and trees a silvery sheen. The flowers were all random, with varying shades of purple, red, and pink, and everything smelled fresh and clean. He could feel the soft grass underneath his bare feet, which he shouldn't have been able to feel, since this was a dream.

And then he heard the singing. It reminded Ben of a lullaby, sweet and soft. It was in some ancient language, like Latin, or perhaps Ancient Greek. For some reason, he wanted to see who was singing. He began to walk into the very center of the meadow. The moonlight, singing, and the smell of the flowers made everything seem hazy and dreamlike.

A few moments later Ben could see the singer. She was standing in a small clearing, her face raised to the sky. The moonlight pooled around her, giving her an unearthly glow. She was dressed in a long, white dress, and something was sparkling in her dark hair.

Ben didn't want to disturb the singer, but despite not moving, the singer suddenly stopped singing and turned to face him. She beckoned him to join her. Ben had no choice to oblige; seriously, it was like he had no control over his body.

As he got nearer, Ben could make out certain features: The singer had black hair that looked silvery in the moonlight. She had a strange bang that completely covered the left part of her face and that looked suspiciously like a triangle, only upside down, and her skin was as pale as snow. She didn't have any lips, or more like, they were as pale as her skin. Her white dress had a slit on either side of her legs that reached to her thighs. The skirt part was connected to a plain white corset, which was connected to white sleeves that showed off her tiny shoulders. A band of small diamonds encircled her head like a tiara. She suddenly smiled, showing off a sharp canine.

She was the very epitome of beauty, but the only thing Ben could stare at was her eyes. They were the sharpest color of gray he had ever seen. It felt like she looking right through him.

"Do you remember, Ben?" The singer suddenly asked, her smile gone.

Ben started. "Remember what?" he asked dumbly. Her eyes narrowed, making their color seem even sharper.

"Something terrible is about to happen. If you don't remember soon-" She suddenly stopped.

"What? What's going to happen?" Ben asked, suddenly scared. But the singer was starting to fade, her face blurring away. In a second, she was nothing more than a ghost.

"Wait!" Ben called out to her, but it was too late. And with the singer, the meadow had too disappeared. He was now standing in pure darkness.

Why can't you remember, Benjamin? A voice rang through the darkness, scaring Ben out of his skin. But despite the fear, he was oddly comforted. The voice was warm and strong, despite its sense of urgency.

You have to remember, Ben. You don't have much time.

Who are you? Why don't I have time? Ben thought. He was pretty sure he didn't say that out loud.

My name is-

Ben shot out of bed just as his alarm clock went off. He was breathing heavily, adrenaline coursing through his veins. After a minute, he began to calm down. What was all that about? Ben wondered as he slowly got dressed into his soccer uniform.

He really should clean his room more often. If he did, then he wouldn't have started sneezing so much. He really didn't need to be slammed into the wall this early in the morning.

What the hell is going on? Ben thought as he slumped to the ground. First he started sneezing; it had felt like all the wind had been knocked out of him when he did so. And now he was hurting all over, thinking up a decent excuse to give to his parents for the indent in his wall.

First the voice, now this. Unconsciously, Ben grabbed his left wrist, like he used to. He didn't even remember how he had gotten the Omnitrix off. All he knew that before he did, there was a really bad mission… Ben couldn't remember that well. Now that he thought about it, he didn't remember a lot about his childhood. Why was that?

And now he could barely remember the dream. There was a meadow, singing, a voice… What did it all mean? His eyes widened suddenly; he didn't have time to think about all of this! He had a soccer game today! Ben quickly put on his uniform and went downstairs to breakfast.

His mother was about to call her son down when he came running down the stairs. Sandra Tennyson was a pretty woman with blonde hair and green eyes. She was the New Age type, insisting her son call her by her first name (even though that's kind of weird). Nevertheless, she was a normal mom who had gotten stricter with her son now that he was in high school.

"Honestly, Ben, you need to wake up earlier," Sandra chided as they went into the kitchen. Carl Tennyson, Ben's dad, was already seated at the table, reading the newspaper. Carl was a chubby man with brown hair and eyes. He was less strict with his son and insisted that Sandra back off from time to time to let the boy have some fun. He was only strict when it came to Plumber missions; Ben could remember his dad yelling at his grandpa over the last mission Ben went on, when he had removed the Omnitrix. Ever since then Carl and Max's relationship had been rocky at best, though that fight had happened six years ago.

"Your mother has a point, Ben. You can't miss today's game just because you wanted to watch a bunch of horror movies late at night." Carl set down his newspaper as Ben sat down at the kitchen table. "By the way, I met Mr. Daniels yesterday." Mr. Daniels had been Ben's old guitar and drum tutor. Ben had been going to him for years before he quit. Apparently, taking music lessons during soccer season was bad on one's grades.

"I'll think about going back after soccer's over, Dad," Ben said before Carl could go on. Sandra handed her son a plate of breakfast-which he scarfed down a little too quickly- and was soon off for his soccer game. Unbeknownst to him, he was being shadowed by two people.

Both of them were teenagers, one boy and one girl. The boy had a striking resemblance to Ben, but he still looked different: his skin was tanned, his brown hair was long, going past his shoulders if it wasn't tied up, and his eyes were the color of a lush forest. He was wearing a long-sleeved black shirt under a green shirt with a graphic of a black dragon on the front. His jeans were a bit too big on him, but his black leather belt helped. His black converse sneakers looked new, but they were really secondhand from the Salvation Army store. His companion could only be described in one word: sexy. A red halter top tied at the back of her neck, a tiny black skirt, and red lace-up high-heeled boots up to her knees was her usual outfit. Her figure was buxom, her lips lush and colored with red lip gloss, and her eyes were the color of copper, flecked with green. But her most striking feature was her hair: it looked like fire, all red, orange, and yellow; if the light hit it just right, bystanders could swear the top of her head was bathed in flames.

These two individuals were smothered in the shadows, watching as Ben Tennyson opened his garage door and rode away on his red bike. The boy was the first to speak. "He doesn't look all that different."

"Of course not, Evan. People don't change their appearances that quickly," the redhead who could only be Sam said. "Do you really think he's hiding Ventus? I mean, he showed proof when he still had the Omnitrix, but…"

"You know he's the grandson of Phineas. That's all the proof we need, no matter how little he resembles him," Evan stated. And then something occurred to him. "Do you think if we asked him to play in our band, he would?"

Sam raised an eyebrow. "Well, we have to befriend him first, but yeah, I think so. What, does he play an instrument?"

"I think he can play the guitar. But do you really think he remembers what happened? Ventus must be getting pretty angry, all cooped up in Ben's head." Evan chuckled as he imagined the predicament.

Sam, trying to stifle a laugh, admonished him. "Don't let Erda hear you say that. He's in the same situation."

"Don't forget about Kirche and Aquaria," Evan added, pronouncing Kirche as ker-KAY.

Sam got out her phone from her red purse and looked at the time. "The soccer game doesn't start for another couple hours. Want to call Carter up and have a jam session?"

"Knowing her, she'll be too nervous to even think about singing."

Sam frowned. "Yeah. What were Isaac and Cordelia thinking, having her meet Ben all by herself? They should know that Carter would be the most awkward around him."

"Maybe they really don't know." Sam looked at Evan in disbelief. "Hey, it could happen!" Sam rolled her eyes and punched in the speed dial for Carter's cell.

A Few Hours Later

Band practice had not been good. Sure, Carter remembered all of the lyrics, but her voice had been squeaky and high pitched. They stopped for the day when Sam threw her drumsticks at Carter's head.

Carter was alone now at the soccer game, hidden among the many spectators in the bleachers. Ben's team was winning, and the crowd was going crazy. Carter couldn't believe so many people were into high school sports. For her, it was kind of weird.

And now the crowd was going insane; Ben the goalie had just caught the ball at the very last second. His teammates were now lifting the boy up on their shoulders and carrying him off the field. Carter quietly got off the bleachers and tried to avoid the people milling around. She needed to think up what to say to Ben when she introduced herself. Mention his amazing save: yes. Mention that she was new: yes, and definitely true. Admittedly, she had visited Bellwood quite a few times, but she had never gone to school here. In fact, Carter and her grandparents lived in Sterling Hills, a plush community for the super rich, which was outside of Bellwood. That's where anyone would live if their family was full of doctors, not to mention having a ludicrous amount of money from stocks hidden away. Carter sighed. She honestly kind of hated living with her grandparents. Sure, the perks were amazing, but sometimes she wished she could live like a normal human being. And besides, she couldn't just bring any old person to that type of place; some people might take advantage of her immense wealth and use her.

Carter shook her head and tried to clear her head. She needed to focus. She didn't even want to imagine the consequences of failing this mission. She walked out of the stadium and wandered around near the bike racks. Sam and Evan had told her that Ben had ridden a red bike to the game, and sure enough there it was, chained to a bike rack. It was the only one there.

Carter scanned the area with her eyes. She noticed a cute Asian girl in a pink hoodie and white skirt also hanging around. She seemed to be waiting for someone, and made no effort to hide the fact that she was looking for someone still in the stadium.

And then Ben came out, still in his soccer uniform and with a gold medal hanging around his neck. A few people still hanging around after the game walked over to him and congratulated him on his spectacular save. All that praise would inflate Ben's ego, Carter was sure of it. She walked a little ways off from the bike rack so as not to let Ben think she was waiting for him.

Finally Ben came up to unlatch his bike. He walked with a proud swagger, the praise clearly going to his head. Carter went up to him just as he was showing off his medal.

"Oh, sorry, I wasn't showing this off to anybody," Ben started before he got a good look at the girl standing before him. She was wearing a lot of black on a sunny day like this: a black and purple striped long-sleeved shirt under a black Linkin Park band tee shirt, black combat boots and black and purple striped stockings. The stockings were thigh high, leading up to a tiny black skirt; the combination looked a lot like Starfire's skirt and boots combo from the cartoon Teen Titans. The girl's face was oval, and her skin was deathly pale. Her lips were as pale as her skin, so she would have to wear lipstick for people to see her lips. Her hair was black also, and looked silvery in the sunlight. Her strangest feature was her bang; it looked like a triangle, only upside down, and it completely covered the left side of her face, even the left eye. Ben only had a second to wonder how she got it to be like that when he noticed her uncovered eye. It was the sharpest color of gray he had ever seen, and he couldn't help but stare into it. He could've sworn he had seen that eye before somewhere.

"Yes, I could tell by your swagger that you clearly didn't want to show that MVP medal off to someone," the beautiful girl said sarcastically, but not in a mean way. She offered a hand. "I'm Carter. I just moved here."

Ben shook Carter's hand and introduced himself. "So what made you come to game?" he asked.

"I wanted to know if my school had a winning soccer team," Carter answered not untruthfully. What could she say? She really did hate to lose.

Ben smiled. "You go to my school?" It was very clear what was going through his mind.

"I will go to your school, starting next week. But I'm not the only one. I know a few other people who are also new here, so don't count me out as the only new kid here," Carter corrected. Again, she wasn't lying. Evan and Sam were coming with her to school next week. Isaac, in a humorous mood, decided to transfer them in at the same time after all.

"Something tells me you'll need someone to show you around," Ben stated, attempting to sound flirtatious.

"You would do that for a bunch of people you barely know?" Carter asked. She wanted to hear this answer.

"Why not? I can stack it up as good karma." Carter smirked. If karma really existed, then Carter should have been struck by terrible luck years ago.

"Why not?" Carter repeated. "It's not like we have anything better to do than get lost on our first day of school." Ben laughed at her sense of humor.

"Well, I got to go. I need to show this to my grandpa. I hope I see you around school." Ben hopped on his bike and rode away. "It was nice talking with you!" Carter waved. Ben turned around long enough to wave back.

Well, that went better than she expected. Evan was right. Being yourself never hurt. Carter smiled triumphantly because now the first mission was over and done with. She turned back and started walking in the opposite direction of Ben and noticed the cute Asian girl still hanging around. She was partially hidden away because of the trees in the background, but it was obvious she had been waiting for her chance to talk to Ben. The girl ducked behind a tree, but Carter had already noticed her.

Carter felt a twinge of guilt, but quickly suppressed it. The mission came before personal feelings. That was how she had been trained, and that was how she had to continue. She only hoped she wouldn't become too friendly with Ben before he realized the truth.

Ben quickly rode away to the trailer park. He was totally stoked over the game, not to mention that he had hit it off with a beautiful girl like Carter. But why did she seem so familiar? Did it have something to do with his dream earlier? Ben didn't dwell on that for long, though. He had to meet his grandpa and show him the medal.

Ben rode into the trailer park to his grandfather's RV, only to see that it had been totally trashed. Worried, Ben picked up the fake rock Max used to hide his key. Unlocking the door, Ben stepped inside and surveyed the damage.

The inside was even worse than the outside. Nearly all of the machines had been destroyed, and there was no sign of Grandpa Max. Ben quickly checked the bathroom and found nothing. He must have left a message, he thought to himself. There was only one place Ben could think of. Back near the driver's seat were three buttons, one green, one blue, and one red. Ben quickly pressed a combination and heard the sounds of something being ejected from behind him.

He was right. Near the sink the cupboards had disappeared to make room for a capsule. There was a transmitter on the side of it, facing Ben. He grabbed it and immediately a holographic image of Grandpa Max appeared.

"Ben, if you're watching this then that means I'm no longer safe in my own home. There's been some trouble around Bellwood of the alien variety. The High Breeds are creating something devastating on Earth, and I honestly fear the worst. I'm not sure why they're here, but I have to investigate. But just in case I can't stop them, I need you to help. That means you have to put on the Omnitrix again. I know I promised your father I wouldn't make you do so, but I wouldn't do this unless we really don't have a choice.

"One more thing: you need to find the Slayers. The Slayers are a separate branch of the Plumbers and, quite frankly, they would rather stay that way. But I fear the High Breeds might be too much of a threat for just us. The Slayers can be hard to trust; they always seem to have a hidden agenda for every little thing. But if you convince them to help you, they will become your greatest ally. Trust your instincts and follow your gut. Remember that. The Omnitrix should be included with this message. Max out." The hologram blinked out, leaving Ben in near darkness.

Ben looked at the capsule. He could barely make out something from inside it. He slipped the transmitter into the pocket of his green shorts, then reached into the capsule and clamped onto the Omnitrix. Nostalgia hit Ben like a tidal wave; all of those awesome memories fighting with this thing…but he still couldn't figure out how he had gotten it off. Seriously, why was there such a huge gap in his memory?

But forget about that. What was he supposed to do? If his dad found out that Grandpa Max made him wear the Omnitrix again, their already rocky relationship would be over. But if he didn't, the world might be in danger. And then Ben remembered all the fun he had with the Omnitrix when he wasn't risking his life. Oh, hell yes, he was going to put it on again!

Not even caring about the consequences, Ben slipped on the Omnitrix. It glowed blue for a second, then became smaller and thinner and it looked more like a watch. "Well that's new," was all Ben could say when he examined the aliens. They were all completely different from the original ten. Ben chose one at random and felt the metamorphosis begin.

Ben was bigger and greener now and he honestly smelled quite bad. He slowly walked to the bathroom to look at himself. He had yellow eyes, and his hair looked similar to a campfire. He looked like a flaming plant. Ben held out his hand and instinctively summoned some type of energy to flow through it. A small burst of flame escaped from his palm and grew bigger with each passing second. In fear of further wrecking the Rust Bucket, Ben tried to put out the flame, but was startled to find out that it kept growing bigger. He had no choice; he had to get out of there.

Ben ran out of the bathroom and out the Rust Bucket. No one was around to see his alien form, so Ben threw the growing fireball at the nearest tree. The tree exploded and was left a burning mess. Ben sighed with relief, but then saw that some of the flames had gotten onto the grass.

"Crap!" Ben cursed as he tried to stomp out the flames. And then a thought occurred to him. Ben now looked like a plant, so maybe he could control plants? It was worth a shot. Ben summoned his will and directed it towards what was left of the tree. Vines shot out of the ground and wrapped the tree in a cocoon. What was left of the fire had died out on the grass.

"Okay, that was dangerous. I'm glad Gwen wasn't here to see that," Ben said to himself. Gwen! He totally forgot about her! Chances were she didn't know what happened to Grandpa. She should still be at karate practice, but how was he going to get there? It wasn't like he could waltz in there in alien form.

And then the watch timed out, reverting Ben back into human form. "It timed out already?" Ben wondered incredulously. But the watch was still growing green. So that meant that he could go back to being human whenever he wanted! Sweet!

Ben hopped on his bike and sped away home. He had to change out of sweaty soccer uniform and into his normal clothes: cotton black t-shirt, jeans, converse sneakers, and a green jacket with a white stripe on the left side going through a white ten in a black circle. After that he could meet up with Gwen and discuss what to do next. There was no way he could do this without his cousin, no matter how dweebish she was.

Adrenaline raced through his veins as he imagined what the other aliens could do. A huge grin spread across his face. Forget the medal; Ben 10 was back and better than ever!


Just for the sake of my sanity, when I'm talking about the Carter or any of the other Valentines, I'll just say "eyes" plural. They all have a pair of eyes, one is just covered up, but it'll be really confusing just to say "eye" singular. Also, Bencanplay the guitar and drums, but they only showed it in one episode in the original series. Why they didn't add that in the spin-off series is beyond me.

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