"Severus?" Annie called out curiously as she entered his personal chambers, shutting the door quietly. The exam papers in her arms awkwardly piled in her one arm as she set her wand into her pocket, having used it to open and close the door.

"Office." Came and was almost too quiet to hear as she made her way through the winding paths of her old professors housing. Entering the office she then saw him sitting behind his desk looking over notes that were piled together with yarn.

"Here's the exams." She stated in almost a whisper, biting her lip in her nervousness. He didn't even deem her worth with a look as he point to a chair in front of his desk. She silently put them down and hurried out, in was still too painful for her; she hoped it would get better.

She silently asked Hogwarts to bring her up to her own chambers on the third floor—the ones that had been forbidden in her first year—without running into anyone. The wall beside her opened up, and stepping into the opening she entered her living room. Falling onto the couch she sighed and hugged a pillow to herself.

Perhaps she just wasn't loveable like Ginny or Hermione? Even Pansy Parkinson was married with two point five children. Some higher power must really hate her for some unknown reason. Feeling a light weight pounce onto her stomach she idly let the fur ball nudge into her hand.

"You love me, right Harry?" She asked the tiny black cat that had the same emerald eyes as her. "I'm not like a troll, at least. Wouldn't you agree baby?" The cat mewled back, shoving his head into her hand. "Love you too."

Snuggling into the couch cushions, Annie fell asleep with her tiny kitten curling up into her, protecting her from the world.