She watched Teddy come in and find her body, the pool of blood around her seeping into Hogwarts, the castle painting her crimson life-force into every crevice that the magical building had to offer. She felt horrified, what had she done?

"Teddy? Baby, I'm sorry." She cried reaching out to him. "I didn't think it through, I'm sorry." His eyes glanced between her and the body, shock on every surface of his living breathing body. "Do you hate me? You probably do now, right? Every starts hating me after awhile, even Sevvy. Why am I not to be loved?"

"Mama?" Teddy whispered edging closer to her body and to her. "Mama, I…I love you." He licked his lips. "I love you more than anyone, you raised me Mama. You and Nana, and I don't think I could ever stop loving you."

"You're lying, they always lie. MEN ALWAYS LIE!" She screeched, steering the other way and through the wall. Why did they ALWAYS have to lie to her? Could they not see it hurt worse than that?

"Mama! Wait!" Teddy called after her, his chocked voice trailing even through the walls. She ignored him, wanting to find the reason why they couldn't just love her, couldn't just want to spend time with her. She could feel Teddy scrambling through the school, trying to find her, or anybody.

Teddy ran as fast as he could while holding onto his adoptive mothers body, there had to be someone who could save her, she was still warm, so they could right? "Professor!" He called out as he seen the headmaster coming around the corner. "I…I found her, her ghost, it said all types of awful things…what? I mean…how?" Teddy collapsed in front of the man that his mother loved with every fibre of her being and had tore her to pieces. "Mama?" He asked the body. "Please, you can't—" He choked off, his crying congesting him too much. Rocking back and forth with her body.

Severus stared mortified at the woman's body, had he pushed her too far? "DISGUSTING! YOU ALL LEAVE! WHY?" Said woman's ghost came through the wall.

"I was going to stay…" Teddy trailed off looking up at her. "It's why I c-came Mama, I was going to stay. I don't want to be an Auror if it means leaving you."

"LIES! You all leave, you all lie. You say one thing you mean another. I hate you all, I'm going to haunt you and rip you all to tiny little pieces like you did my heart!" An unnatural scream came from her as Teddy's magic acted automatically to Severus', the man who had directed his magic into the girls heart, restarting it and catching the brain activity just before it cut off. "STOP IT! I AM DEAD LEAVE IT!"

"Brat!" Severus snapped at her, glaring up at her. "The walls a bleeding in your fury, do you not see what you are doing? Master of Death, you are killing the world."

"Then so be it."