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When I opened the door, I saw Mai Valentine heading down the hallway. She announced it was suppertime and led me to the exquisite dining room on the train.

The dining room was amazing. The walls were polished, paneled. Compare that to the rotting walls back home! The curtains were a mysterious shade of blue. It was drawn back to reveal the scenery outside that was speeding past us. The moon and stars followed us through our journey to our final destination. I tore my gaze away from this and sat down at the table.

The table was a circle in the center of the room. In its center was a fantastic ivory piece, carved in the shape of a tree growing amidst delicate pieces of grass, both drained of color.

There were four seats: one for each tribute, the mentor, and the guide from the Capitol.

The dishes were very delicate, very beautiful. I sat to Yugi's right, Mai sat to his left.

"Where's Yami?" Mai asked.

"He said he was going to take a nap," Yugi replied quietly.

I wondered briefly if Yami would do us all the favor of lying down eternally and prevent the district from further embarrassment, but quickly pushed that thought away.

"Well, I don't blame him. It's been quite a busy day, eh?" Mai asked. I swear I saw her bite back a sigh of relief. Then again, who could blame her for thinking that way?

The supper comes in courses. Beautiful courses, one after another, like the chapters of a wonderfully written book or like layers in one of those cakes Yugi's father sells.

Thick carrot soup, so different from the watery mixture I was used to. Green salad, fresh, refreshing. Lamb chops and mashed potatoes, cheeses and fruits, a rich chocolate cake, just to list a few of the foods we were served. It was like we had entered heaven.

Mai reminded us several times to save some space for even better foods to come later on.

I ignore her advice and stuff myself full of delicacies ranging from cake to fish, from meat to vegetables. Hey, the best thing I can do now is try to put on a few pounds between now and the Games.

Even the thought of the Games were pushed out of my mind in favor of food, so much and so good.

"At least you two have good manners," noted Mai approvingly as we finished our first course. "The pair last year ate everything with their hands. I was not able to eat anything else for days."

I had scowled slightly at her comment. Of course the two from last year were not able to control themselves! They never had enough to eat in their lives, not even one day! They lived by simple rules of survival, one of which was probably: eat whatever is placed in front of you.

Yugi's a baker's daughter. She never had to worry about enough food, even if the food wasn't good, even if it was stale.

Mother had taught Ryou and me to eat like humans. Manners mattered a lot to her, I don't know why.

However, I despised Mai's comment so much, for the rest of the meal, I made a point to smear the sauces everywhere, burped several times, used my fingers to eat, chewed with my mouth open wide, and finished with using the tablecloth as a napkin.

I gave her satisfied, cheeky smile and rested my feet on the table after everything had been removed.

I felt slightly ill at that point. My stomach wasn't used to this type of food. I risked a glance at Yugi and saw that she was a bit green as well. My eyes wandered over to Mai and I scowled when I saw that she was feeling fine.

Mai stood up after about five minutes of this and led us to another compartment.

We followed her to a room where we could watch the reapings live.

One by one, we saw the names of our competition. Some were volunteers, most were not. Quite a few refused to leave my mind.

A crazy-haired boy who shoved many others aside to volunteer from District 2 named Marik. A creepy (crazy) Asian girl named Vivian from District 5. A boy with a twisted ankle – District 10 – Weevil.

The one that haunted me most, however, was the girl from 11 – Mana. She possessed chocolate-y skin, eyes, and hair. She was very much like Ryou in size and attitude. No one volunteered for her. She wasn't as lucky as Ryou.

They show district twelve – I do not look that weak, that desperate! – and I see a replay of events.

The anthem began and we turn off the television.

"My wig!" Mai cried. "I need to have a serious talk with my stylist."

Yugi and I stifle a laugh.

"Your mentor, look at the state he was in!" cried Mai.

"Oh, he's just drunk. If you ask me, he was actually trying to pull it together today," giggled Yugi.

"He's drunk every day," I added smirking.

"Oh you two are hopeless! Do you not realize that your mentor is your lifeline in the Games?"

"Hey, di' I miss an'thing?" slurred Yami, sliding into the room. Then he vomits all over the expensive carpet, drawing more laughter out of Yugi and me.

"Y- you two are…" Mai seemed to be at a loss for words for the first time. Then her expression hardens. "Go ahead, laugh! It's you who will face the consequences, not me!" With that she flees the room in her high heels.

I stick my tongue out after her and blow a loud raspberry.

Then we turn our attention back to our mentor.