"Impossible To Like You,"

Chapter 1

I, Annabeth Chase, now twelve, stared at the houses my family and I would pass by at the back seat, beside my little, twin brothers, Matthew and Bobby, as we drove to our new house. It might seem that we're moving, but, well, we're not; we still had our house in San Francisco, it just happened my father had to do some work in New York, forcing us to move and stay in this new house, which my parents bought, for a few years – okay, scratch that, not a few years, not at all; make that eight years.

Ergo, I have to transfer schools; honestly, I wouldn't really miss that place, but, sadly, I would, because of my two best friends, whom I met when I was seven during first grade in my old school, where I've been for quite a long time, Thalia Grace and Luke Castellan.

Thalia is a girl with jet black hair, and electric blue eyes; she's brave, strong and caring; though, sometimes, she can be prideful, stubborn and assertive. And she has a hidden fear of heights. She's awesome, really; I love her like she's my sister; I miss very much right now too.

Luke is a guy with sandy blonde hair and energetic blue eyes; he has this, scar below his left eye, which reached above his chin, I don't really know what happened though, I never got the chance to ask him about it, besides, the subject seems touchy. He's smart, brave, strong, caring and strong-spirited. Sometimes, he pranks people; but, all for jokes – though, I'm not entirely sure. But, all wholly, he's remarkable. I admire him a lot; I, also, miss him so much.

I blushed slightly as a picture of him grinning flashed in my mind. Instantly, I controlled it and made it disappear; glancing to my brothers, father and mother, wondering if they had noticed, and it seemed they didn't, which I am superbly happy about.

I looked back at the window, staring once again when I spotted a wonderful building of architecture. I remembered immediately who built it, the history behind it, the reason of it, and how they did it. I smiled at the thought; gods, how I love architecture. When I grow up, I want to be an architect, so, once I'm in college, I'll be taking, nothing else than, architecture.

However, my daydreaming was disrupted when our car has hit a stop. I looked around and saw our new house; a two-story, white house, with a proportional front yard, in the midst of strong, white, wooden fences, showing its size, and a simple, white gate behind the sidewalk, plus, a thin, rocky pavement as a path from the gate to the front porch. It was a good place; white and simple.

"We're here!" My father announced as he parked the car just in front of the house, waking my twin brothers from their fantasy of Legos, who cheered.

The first to step out of the car was my dad, who immediately went to the trunk to get the things as my step-mom stepped out to help my dad.

Then, my twin brothers exited the car excitedly due to the call of my step-mom for getting their own things.

I sighed as she called me too to help them. I stepped out of the car and closed the car door behind me.

As we took our things from the car trunk, a nice-looking lady with brown hair and sparkling blue eyes, which seemed to change in the sunlight, wearing a simple, blue shirt with sleeves that reached until her elbow, white pants and blue sandals began approaching us from an apartment building. I don't find her familiar.

"Frederick?" She called.

My father glances to who has called him and grinned once he saw the lady, "Sally!"

She approached him and gave him a hand-shake, "Wonderful to see you again," she smiled as she seemed to be radiating a wonderful aura, making my step-mother glance to her.

"You too," he said, struggling to carry two, black luggages.

Once she saw this, immediately, she took one of the luggages to help him out, even if dad told her not to, she wanted to.

"What are you doing here?" She asked.

"We had to move because of my job, so, we bought a new house here for a few years, but, we still have our house in San Francisco." My father explained.

"That's good to hear!" She grinned, "We're actually neighbours now."

My father nodded with a smile.

"Ah, Sally." My step-mother smiled at her, as she reached her hands out for a hug.

She approached her gladly, "Happy to see you, Mrs. Chase," she said as they hugged.

"Same here." She said as they let go.

My step-mom glanced to my little, twin brothers, who stood beside her with a bag in one hand, "Oh, Bobby, Matthew, greet Ms. Jackso; she's our friend," she told them.

"Hello, Ms. Jackson!" They said in unison.

"Bobby, Matthew, you grew!" She said as she took out something from her pocket, "Here," she handed them two blue-wrapped candies, "to make you grow more." She smiled as they took the candies excitedly.

I didn't notice myself staring at her, until, she spotted me. I felt myself grow a small shade of pink across my nose as I looked away, approaching the new house, where my dad and my step-mom placed our stuff as they went back out to get more things.

But, I was stopped when she called me, "Annabeth?" in a sweet tone.

I turned around to see her right in front of me, kneeled to reach my height, "Hello, Ms. Jackson," I greeted politely.

"You've grown so much," she said as she held my shoulders and stared into my gray eyes.

I blushed slightly, "Yes, yes, I have." I said.

"And you look absolutely beautiful too," she added as she softly squeezed my biceps.

My blush deepened, "Thank you."

Then, she hugged me, "Gods, the last time I saw you," she began, "you were so small."

I smiled at her sweet scent of candy. "No wonder I don't recognize you,"

She let go of me and stood tall again, "I, myself, nearly didn't remember you."

I nodded in agreement.

"Here, let me help you," she took one the blue bag from my hands, which left the black luggage I was carrying at my other hand.

"No, please, it's alright." I shook my head.

"I insist." She smiled as she began walking towards our new house with Bobby and Matthew following her from behind.

I sighed at her stubbornness, then, shrugged it off. I grabbed the last bag from the trunk and closed it, then, began walking towards my new house.

Once the house was unlocked, with a key my father had, I went inside, grabbed my stuff and began looking around – searching for my room.

At the first floor, from the front door, you'll meet the living room immediately, which had a large couch and two loveseats beside it, one wooden table in front of it, a blue-green carpet below it, and a large television in front of it, and a staircase, leading it upstairs, separating it from the kitchen, which already had every needed utensil, and dining room, which had a large, wooden table, with seats around it and a golden chandelier above it. There was one room there, just in front of the living room, which seemed to be the bathroom. Everything in the house from top to bottom, from walls to floors, the bathroom, which had blue wallpaper and silver marble tile, and the wooden staircase as exceptions were all white.

They weren't kidding about the things already included in the house.

Interested to explore more, as my family stared around the house in awe, I began going upstairs.

Once I made it to the second floor, there were four rooms; probably one for my parents; another for my twin brothers; one for me and the bathroom.

I went inside all the three bedrooms, picking which is mine. One was too large, which already had a queen-sized bed with a brown, wooden closet and a bed-table at one side of the bed, and another at the opposite side, with lamps and alarm clocks, also, red wallpaper and crimson carpet floor – this probably was meant for my parents.

The other one was not so large or small, but the proportion was unreasonable, plus, it had two single beds, with two wooden closets and bed-tables and a blue carpet between the beds, also, blue wallpaper, and white carpet floor – meaning this meant for my brothers.

The last one was simply perfect. The size was right; and so is the proportion, inside, the wallpaper was silver, and the tiles were carpet grey. There was one simple bed, with one bed-table and a brown closet, plus, a hoary desk with a green seat. There's also a small, but good size enough, window just in front of my bed; it had a white, opaque curtain tied beside it. I love it.

Immediately, I began unpacking. I arranged my clothes in the closet, placed my blueprints on the desk with my silver laptop, and pinned the INTERFERE OR SUFFER sign on my door. I hung my silver school bag behind the door, my things needed for the beginning of school after a few days already inside it.

Once I was done unloading, I placed my empty bags under my desk, when I spotted a faint light, but bright enough to be noticed, coming from the window. I stared at it in curiosity.

I approached it to investigate and when I finally saw its source, I saw another window, just inches away from mine.

There, I saw a room. I couldn't really see much of the details, but, I could clearly see sea-green wallpaper, a blue bed and a wooden desk, which had a navy laptop on it, with a blue chair.

And, I saw a boy who seemed to be the same age as mine. He had jet black hair, but I couldn't really see his eye color. He was quite handsome and attractive. He was sitting on the chair, using his laptop; he seemed to be absorb in what he was doing, because he didn't notice me at all, which I'm glad about.

But, it only lasted for a moment – which is a minute and thirty seconds – for he seemed to have felt my staring that he glanced to me; an eyebrow cocked, demanding to know who I am and what I want.

I blinked when I finally saw his true eye color; it had the color of the sea, but not blue; rather, green – sea-green. It's a fascinating color.

"You are?" He asked with an emotionless face, staring at me.

"Annabeth Chase, you?" I replied, slightly nervous.

"Percy Jackson."

"Gods, damn it, Percy!" I, Annabeth Chase, now sixteen, yelled at the top of my lungs, "Give me back my bag!" I ran as fast as I could while I chased this idiot in the school hallways of the seniors, not giving a crap at the laughing, snickering, staring teenagers.

"Try and chase me, Chase!" He teased over his shoulder as he shouldered my silver backpack.

Okay. He crossed the line.

As quick as my mind could work, I tried thinking of a way to stop him and make him hand over my bag.

Pop. The idea-bulb appeared on top of my head and I stopped running; my feet screeching on the marble floor.

He must have heard me stop, because, he turned around to face me.

I gave him an evil smirk, then, I ran towards the other way.

He must have known where I was going and what my plan was 'cause, he began running after me, "Whoa! Whoa! Annie!" I heard him shout, "I'm kidding, I'm kidding; I'll give your bag back, just don't–," his voice trailed off as I made my way to the lockers.

I know his locker number for my locker is just before his – it sucks, a lot.

Once I finally found his locker, knowing he'll leave it open, I opened it and grabbed his bag; just in time when he was in front of me, my bag in his hand.

"Give, me, the, bag," He said, panting.

"Give mine first." I said, trying to catch my breath as I smirked evilly at him.

He stood straight and sighed, "Fine, here." He said as he handed over my bag.

I found this suspicious for I know that Perseus Jackson doesn't just hand over a bag like this. I eyed him, then, I stared at my bag. I looked around it, warily, wondering if there's anything different about it. When I saw nothing, I snatched it from him and threw his bag at him, which he caught perfectly.

I stared more at my bag, doubtfully, thinking there is something different about it. I eyed him.

"Don't worry, I didn't do anything to your stupid bag," he said as he shouldered his navy blue bag and locked his locker.

That didn't really convince me, but, it was enough.

Then, the school bell rang.

Some excited ones were beginning to go to their assigned period, but, some still didn't.

And I'm included in the excited ones, so, I shouldered my bag as Percy walked towards his stupid gang, which is composed of a lot of people whom I despise, in a corner of the lockers.

As I passed by, I could hear and feel them snickering, giving each other high-fives, and staring at me.

I clenched my hands, and grit my teeth. I held my anger, ignore them, Annabeth, you had enough, my logical conscious told me, as I sighed and walked past them, approaching my next class.

While I walked towards my next period, which was Physics, I sensed my bag behind me. For some reason, it felt really light – so light, I thought it had nothing inside.

There, I stopped on my tracks.

I pulled my bag off my back, and placed it in front of me.

I unzipped it and saw nothing inside. Not a single damn thing.

I clutched it tightly and clenched my teeth in anger.

Gods, I regret meeting him.

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