The breaking of Karin Kurosaki

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Monday: Lunch

"Go for it." She told him

"Go for what?" Toushiro turned to look at her, blinking his sea-foam green eyes at her.

She rolled her cat-like emerald eyes back at him as she replied, "Go ask her out."

"Who are you talking about?" He asked, nonchalant voice not quite fitting in with his slightly flustered expression.

"You've been staring at her for the past TEN minutes, without break; I think you know who I'm talking about." She said, stabbing a fork into the food onher lunch tray and making a face at it.

"I haven't been staring." He muttered defensively.

"Yeah, you were just 'observing', right?" she said sarcastically, "Just like you are now?"

"Geh." He turned his eyes away from the object of his admiration and buried his head in his arms which lay folded on the table in front of him. Looking up so just his eyes were visible from between the folds of his arms, he asked in a miffed sort of manner, "Why did you borrow money from me if you aren't going to eat lunch?"

"You owed me. Besides, does this even look edible to you, Shorty?" She inquired, raising a slender eyebrow.

"Not really." He admitted. "AND, I AM NOT SHORT! I'M TALLER THAN YOU!" He all-but-yelled, turning fiery red, as her comment registered. Clearly, his height was still a touchy subject with him.

"Yeah yeah, Mr. Growth Spurt. You're still only a few inches taller than me." She informed him calmly.

"You're just freakishly tall." he mumbled waspishly.

"Rangiku is 5'8" too. Don't let her hear you calling her a freak, she'll probably suffocate you to death." she said, taking a sip at the chocolate milkshake.

"So, are you going to ask her out or what?" She questioned, abruptly returning to the subject at hand.

"Haven't you forgotten about it yet?" he grumbled, hiding his face in his arms again.

"Childish." She chastised, rapping his head gently with her knuckles.

"She'll turn me down." he said almost inaudibly from the refuge of his arms. "She hates my guts."

"Hardly." she snorted. "The way she's been 'observing' you, since you've put your head down, indicates otherwise."

He jerked his head up, swiveling in her direction. Sea-foam met dark grey, the owner of the grey quickly averting her eyes. "You mean it?" he asked, seemingly re-energized.

"Duh, genius." she said, flicking her black bangs out of her eyes, away from her pale face. Kara Schiffer; the one and only younger sister of Ulquiorra Schiffer. The siblings were almost identical aside from the one and a half year age difference and the gender; the same pale, tranquil face, unblemished and unmarked; (A/N: Read, no tear tracks or the black and white makeup) the same emerald eyes and black hair although hers was longer and pulled back in a ponytail. "Go." she ordered him, tugging her ponytail tighter. "I'm going to talk to Ulquiorra."

Sliding her seat back, Kara got up, smoothing out her light turquoise shirt over her slender frame. Picking up her almost full tray, she dumped it on her way to her brothers table.

"Hey, Ulquiorra." She greeted him.

"Kara." he said looking up.

"You have a basketball match today, right? So I.."

"Yeah, we do." A different, deeper voice cut in smoothly.

She stiffened, turning to glare at the source of the interruption. "Jaegerjaquez."

"Kara." He said, venomously back to her.

"You know what?" she said turning back to Ulquiorra, "I don't think I'll be sticking around. See you." Barely glancing at Grimmjow, she hissed, "You, on the other hand, I hope not."

As she stalked off, Ulquiorra turned questioningly to Grimmjow, who banged his head on the lunch table.

"Ow." He groaned. "Why is your sister such a bitch to me, huh?"

"Because you're trash to her in return." Ulquiorra told him, indifferently.

"She's the one who starts it." He growled. "And call me trash one more time, and so help me, i will knock your fucking teeth out, regardless that you're my bestfriend."

"I'm your only friend, Jaegerjaquez. And I'd like to see you try," Ulquiorra smirked. "Trash."

The teal haired Arrancar rose, slamming his hands on the table "What the fuck is with your superiority complex, Schiffer? Just because Stark prefers your playing doesn't mean you're better than me!" he said testily.

"And pray do tell me what your method is, Jaegerjaquez." Ulquiorra said, unfazed. "Plowing into the person holding the ball happens to be rugby, not basketball."

"Arrgghh. I don't know how I've stood you this fucking long." Grimmjow was on the verge of breaking something; possibly Ulquiorra's jaw.

"Your tail is up in the air, kitten. You must really be mad." Ulquiorra mused tauntingly.

"Would you STOP with the name calling? You've spent too much time with your sister." He said gruffly, sinking back into his seat.

"Speaking of, when did this happen?" Green eyes surveyed the teal haired teenager in front of him.

"When did what happen, asshole?" pissed cyan eyes narrowed at his best friend.

"Your interest in my sister."

Grimmjow stiffened, dropping the fork he had been bending out of shape. "What are you babbling about?" He grumbled, averting his eyes.

"You're not a very convincing liar."

Grimmjow's tanned face flushed, "You're fucking insane."

"I'm quite fucking sane, actually." the corner of Ulquiorra's mouth twitched. "Are you saying you have no interest whatsoever in Kara?"

"Fuck NO! I mean, fuck YEAH. Uh... Ugh, no, I just... I just fucking DON'T."

Ulquiorra's smirk grew infinitesimally bigger, which was a dead give-away for people who knew the stoic German.

"Yeah, I guess.." Grimmjow acquitted reluctantly, looking anywhere but at Schiffer.

"Then ask her."

"You really ARE fucking nuts. She'd rip my head off." He scowled at his friend.

"I believe otherwise."

"We've already determined you're fucking not right in the fucking head, what does it matter what you believe?" Grimmjow deadpanned.

"Because, I'm right."

"So self opinionated. I'm the one she fucking treats like scum, okay? Not fucking you."

"It's a matter of opinion."

"She FUCKING tells you NEVER to bring me home even for a fucking moment!"

"Only in front of you."

"Just shut the fuck up, Schiffer."

"Try not to be a shit-head to her for once, you'll see."

"If you're so amazingly not-full-of-shit, why don't you take your own fucking advice and go talk to Nel?"

Ulquiorra choked on his coke, unnoticeable to most but as clear as a billboard sign to his best friend. He smirked smugly. "That's what I thought."

"You are not capable of thought, trash." Ulquiorra tried to turn the tables back on Grimmjow, but payback was gleaming in those cat-like eyes of his fellow Arrancar.

"I've seen the way you look at her, Ulqui-chaaan." He grinned, using the much-despised nickname of Ulquiorra's fan-club.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Kitten."

Grimmjow let the name-calling pass, sights set on bigger fish to fry. "Hey Nel." He smirked, looking behind Ulquiorra.

"Nice try, Jaegerjaquez. She's across the room near the exit. You're not making me fall for something that passe." Ulquiorra glared, his first lapse in composure so far.

"Hmm? The way I see it, you fell hook, line and sinker. You just admitted you stalk her every move." Grimmjow sniggered.

"Whatever, trash. Focus on your own obsessions."

"So you agree you obsess? How sweet." Grimmjow was really settling into the groove.

"Piss off. Your idiotic logic is of no concern of mine."

"Now now, don't be mad Ulqui-chan. Why don't you just go talk to her? 'Try not to be a shit-head to her for once, you'll see.' She'll fall right into your hands." Grimmjow threw Ulquiorra's own words back in his face.

"Don't be infantile."

"How's this then? If you ask Neliel out, then I'll ask out Kara."

"I don't want any part in your petty games." Ulquiorra was trying futilely to shut out Grimmjow.

"What's the matter? You too chicken? Chick-quiorra?" He taunted.

"Piss off." Ulquiorra glared coldly.

"Go ahead; put something worth risking on the table, Schiffer. Not man enough to take your own advice?"

"You are begging me to break your neck."

"You don't have the balls to ask out a chick. Leave the death-threats to real men."

"Fuck you."

"Tell you what, since you badly need a past-time other than pseudo death-threats that you can't act out on, I'll check on Nel for you. If she agrees to go out with a pansy like you, I'll ask your sister. Man enough to take me on, Chicken?"

"Tch, whatever." Ulquiorra shot Grimmjow a dirty look, but challenge was set in those furious emerald eyes.

Grimmjow smirked. Game ON.

Kara sighed; yet another brilliantly successful encounter with her brothers best friend. Her brothers, ahem, HOT, best friend. Who was she kidding about hating him? She was so fucking in love with him that it was laughable; but somehow, every time they crossed paths, she managed to shoot him down so quick and so bitchily that she was surprised he hadn't hit her. She was always such a spit-fire to him. Truth be told, she just had no idea how to channel the awkwardness he induced in her, except in bitchiness to him. She knew he thought she loathed him but he still tried to talk to her, to bring her back to how they used to be: Friends. There was a time when they were close as could be. They fought like wild-cats but made up in no time. She had no idea when and where that had changed.

Actually, that was a lie. She knew exactly when it had changed.

"Grimmjow, come on already, shoot!"

"You can't rush perfection, Kara."

"It's like we're not even here." Ulquiorra grumbled to Toushiro. "This is the last time you're on my team, Hitsugaya."

"i didn't even want to play Schiffer." Toushiro scowled. "Soccer's my thing, not basketball."

"I'm playing too, jackass. Stop hogging the ball." Kara yelled

"Manners." he jested, shifting his weight to the balls of his feet as he sprung lightly, basket-ting the ball easily from the three-point zone.

She whooped as he pumped his fist in the air. Ulquiorra frowned at Toushiro and then at Kara, the message clear in his eyes 'why is Shorty on my team again?' He did not like losing.

Kara grinned as Grimmjow flipped Ulquiorra off. The two had a rivalry as deep as their friendship. And then she laughed as Grimmjow turned to her, jubilation clear in his eyes as he ran forward; and then... He hugged her.

That had been the turning point. Six months ago, end of tenth grade. She had realized very clearly, in that instant, that 'friends' was no longer her definition for Grimmjow. She was in love with him and that changed everything. She began to shut him out, imperceptibly at first until it rose to mountaineous proportions. She just couldn't let him in, she didn't understand why but she just couldn't. He tried talking to her about it but she shot him down, over and over and over again. He gave up eventually, resorting to just hurt glances. They all did in trying to patch the two of them up. And now, they were naught more than strangers with nothing more than hatred between them. She couldn't remember the last time she called him by his first name. She was hopeless.

She was shaken out of her musing, of what had been, by the sight at her lunch table; her best friend, Toushiro Hitsugaya, slumped over it, face hidden completely in folded arms, Matsumoto Rangiku (and an impatient looking Ichimaru Gin with his arms around Rangiku) and Hinamori Momo on either side of him. They were patting his back (former) and stroking his hair (latter) and were surprisingly being allowed to do so.

"Toushiro?" She halted in her tracks, eyes wide.

Hurt looking sea-foam eyes met hers, "I got rejected."

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