With a loud screech the black lotus roared out of the gravel car park, the dust floating back to the ground like feathers . "All tribes, brace for impact" Polly spoke, not even looking up from her computer. The first years ducked under their covers and under their beds, facing the door. The emo's crossed their arms over their chests and fell back into their coffin beds, sliding over the lids. The chavs all nodded and placed in their upgraded headphones and all began bobbing their heads to different beats. The posh totties shut their 'curtain' (if you could call it that, it was more like a pink piece of tracing paper lined with frilly lace) They pulled down their night masks and pretended to be asleep. The geeks, they just began working faster and harder. This had become a weekly routine, Kelly screeching off in her car every time she and Annabelle had an argument, Annabelle kicking in the dorm door and looking for anyone to give her a reason. As if on cue, SLAM. "DAMN HER! She is so SELFISH!" The tribes shared private thanks for the geeks; they had the door reinforced so Annabelle didn't break it, again. The tribes carried on, ignoring Annabelle. She huffed, searching for anyone to make eye contact, the geeks forced their faces closer to the computer and typed louder.
"Oh, I see. Your all on her side? Sure, I'm still the new girl after all why would you side with me?" She dug at them all. While it was true, the tribes were loyal to Kelly, and yes Annabelle was the new girl, they still respected Annabelle and Chelsea bit the bullet this week. "Come on 'Belle" She sighed and threw down her eye mask. She stood and ruffled her hair in the mirror and shared a quick pout to herself then ushered her fuming friend out of the door. She popped her head back in and hissed. "You have no idea how much you guys owe me!"

Annabelle stared out across the car park, the mark where Kelly had stormed away. She'd be back in about an hour or so, to talk things out and to settle everyone down, probably with booze. Hopefully with booze Annabelle mused. Chelsea clicked the roof door shut behind her and mentally prepared herself for the row Annabelle was about to act out. She stood next to her friend and sighed 'Least they finally chose a night where it's still warm and light out.' "Thanks Chels" Annabelle deflated her anger leaving her as she knelt on the floor. Chelsea followed but sat on an old rusted chair instead. "She didn't wheel spin for as long as usual, mustn't have been too bad a fight" She weakly smiled hoping Annabelle wouldn't explode at her joke. She said nothing, just stared out into the open road where Kelly had roared away. "What was it like, without me here?" She mumbled, not directing it to anyone, she was just speaking her wild thoughts. Chelsea opened her mouth to speak when they heard the roof door creak. "WHAT NOW?" Annabelle stood and snapped her vision to the door, it was the twins with a parcel. "Sss….sorry Annabelle" Tara braved. "This came for you.." Tania continued. Annabelle knelt and her expression softened she beckoned them closer. They took slow steps, as If not to wake a sleeping lion. She took the parcel and gave the twins a hug. "Thanks girls, I'll make sure Kelly gives you both a glass of something tonight. The twins smiled and scooted out the door closing it behind them. "Who's it from Belle?" Chelsea couldn't help smiling Annabelle and Kelly both had a soft spot for the twins. "It's from Kell.." She grasped the brown parcel. "It was mailed last week. Are our arguments that predictable?" She loosened her grip on the parcel. It was then she realised, they fight too much it was unfair on the girls and their head girl was always the one to leave. Kelly had once been the unstoppable force, but Annabelle became the immovable object. They couldn't exist together. "Belle…Belle? Hellooo?" Chelsea clicked her fingers and brought Annabelle out of her thoughts.

Back in the dorm Annabelle still clutching the square-ish parcel like a bomb, knowing Kelly it could be. She placed the parcel on the floor and sat by it, the tribes all crowded round, slowly and keeping a fair distance. After what seemed like forever Annabelle growled a little and tore into the parcel, keys fell out first. "Oh-my-god! Kelly bought you a car." The totties did their little hand movements and gasped. But then after that a pink and black leather all-in-one suit fell out. Lastly a note drifted to the floor.


I can't run away forever, and I can't make you stay and look after everyone forever. Head down to the Trinski factory, I bought you something nice, for when you want to get away from me.

Kelly Jones.

After a second of quiet, Annabelle and Polly stood from where they were and instantly remembered the conversation two nights ago.