Remus John Lupin

March 10 ,1960 - May 2 ,1998

1) I was bitten by Greyback at the age of seven out of revenge not because of revenge against my father. However, the true reason is because my mother used to be the object of Greyback's desire but never return those advances. Once he found out that I existed he got revenge on the one person that she would die for.

2) I was shock that Dumbledore allowed for me to attend Hogwarts at the age of eleven but also to find friends that I never had expect for the muggles in my neighbourhood.

3) The sorting hat told me that I should have been place in Ravenclaw if not for the fact that I would find true friends in Gryffindor.

4) After graduating from Hogwarts, if I had the resources to help other children like myself I would have done that instead of joining the Order under Dumbledore's leadership.

5) I never tried to get in contact with Harry after he started Hogwarts out of shame that I could never give him a home as a werewolf.

6) I found the love of my life Dora within the tragic death of Sirius as we return to each other as a form of comfort. It lasted until I realize that I would ruin her life.

7) During the Final Battle, I gave up after seeing Dora dead on the ground at the hands of the same woman that killed Sirius.