My first story of the Powerpuff Girls! (OR should I say Rowdyruff Boys?)

I realized that there's waaay too much stories about them that keep them out of character(they DON'T say bad words, we can't really IMPLY that they LOVE the Powepuffs, and they're NOT GAY), so enjoy this story where you will find none of that!

Ok, enjoy! :)

The city of Townsville! Where crime never ends, mayors can't open pickle jars, and kids go back to school! That's right, folks! Our heroes go back to school!

" Hurry up, Bubbles!" Buttercup rushed her sister."We're gonna get late!"

"I can't decide what to wear!" Bubbles replied.

"What do you mean you can't decide what to wear?" Buttercup questioned her sister." Your outfits are all the same!"

"Well, EXCUSE ME for being different!"

"What about you, Blossom? Are you ready?" Buttercup asked.

"Not yet, I need to find my perfect bow," Blossom said while searching in her drawer full of red bows.

"They ALL look excatly the SAME! What's so hard about finding a dumb bow?"

Buttercup got frustrated of waiting for her sisters and just left without them.

"Some people just have no sense of fashion." Blossom commented Bubbles, and Bubbles nooded with a giggle.

10 minutes later at Pokey Oaks...

"Good morning class," Ms. Keen greeted her class.

"Good morning, Ms. Keen!" The class greeted back cheerfully.

"Please take your seats."

The three sisters sat at the same pink table.

"Before we begin with our lesson of the day, I would like you to meet your new classmates." Ms. Keen announced,"Come on here, boys!"

At that moment, three little boys entered in the room.

"Wait," Buttercup whispered her sisters," aren't they the..."

"We're the Rowdyruff Boys!" Brick announced.

"Remember us, losers!"

"Yeah! Remember us, losers!" Boomer mimic his brother.

"Excuse me, boys," Ms. Keen said," I know you're new, but at Pokey Oaks students are not allowed to-"

"Shut up, old lady!" Butch interrupted Ms. Keen.

"We're the Rowdyruff Boys, and we don't take orders from no one, not even you!" Brick firmly to the teacher.

"Just SIT DOWN!" Ms. Keen yelled.

"Fine, but we're sitting because WE want to, not because YOU told us to!" Boomer told Ms. Keen.

The three boys sat at the table next to the Powerpuffs and looked at them as if the hadn't notice them.

"Look, boys! We got ourselves a pair of sissies!" Brick made fun of the girls and high-fived his brothers.

"Can't we just punch them?" Buttercup argued with Blossom, crossing her arms.

"We can't just hit them, Buttercup, we're in school," Blossom reminded her school.

"We'll just have to wait 'till recess."

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