The next day after school...

Everyone had left as soon as the bell rang, even Bloosom's sisters.

"Dinner will be ready as soon as you come," Blubbles had said before she left.

"It will end sooner than what you think," Buttercup asured before she left.

Bloosom just stared at the window, thinking that from perfect student she went down to a naughty bad girl. What would the Proffesor say about this?

"And all because I spoke up," Bloosom muttered to herself.

Oh well, I just need to sit here quietly for the next two hours. It ain't so hard, there is no one here to talk to anyway.

But Bloosom was wrong.

"Sorry, wer're late!" The little ginger said with his two brothers side to him.

"What are you guys doing here?" Bloosom asked in surprise.

"Well, it looks like you're not the only one who got detention." Brick answered.

Now Bloosom remembered! At lunch Brick was ordering everyone to give him their lunch, and Ms. Keane was obviosly gonna do something about. She gave him detention!

But, what was Boomer and Butch doing there? She didn't remember them doing anything bad other than always going along Brick's little game of 'I'm king of the school'.

"Okay, I know why you're here," Bloosom pointed at Brick,"But, what are they doing here?" Bloosom pointed at Butch and Boomer.

"I just wanted them to come in case you bore me to death," Brick said playfully.

"BORING? Who are you calling boring? I'm not boring! You're boring!" Bloosom scream taking the little insult too seriosly.

"What are you laughting at now?" Bloosom question the three little brothers laughting historicaly.

"Boy, do you take thing's seriously! I was just kidding! Well, sorda."

Bloosom growled at Brick.

Maybe if I ignore them they will ignore me back.

Bloosom seated at her usual pink table trying to ignore the Rowdy Ruff Boys, but it wasn't easy.

"Hey, pinky!" Boomer called out. "Why are your eyes pink? Do you have the pink eye?

"She was born with the pink eye!" Butch joined along the conversation.

"For you information, I was created not born, and I do not believe the Proffesor would do such mistake as creating me with the pink eye, unlike mojo created you with pure bad feelings, with terrible hair, and a terrible gift of being stupid." Bloosom said in her know-it-all voice.

"What do you mean we have terrible hair?" Boomer asked close to tears.

"What I mean, is that your hair looks totally bad from angle sixty, but looks okay if you look at it with your left eye closed and look at it from angle ninety." Bloosom said sounding nerdy.(Yeah, no idea)

"I don't understand your language!" Boomer shouted getting dizzy at everything Bloosom said.

"Because you're stupid! Even Bubbles would had understand that!" Bloosom yelled, getting frustaeted at Boomer's comments.

"No, is just that you're an ugly, nerdy, know-it-all, bossy, pink girl." Butch said obviosly just playing, but Bloosom once again took it seriosly.

"UGLY? For you're information the Proffesor said he created the three perfect little girls. How can a perfect girl be ugly?" Bloosom questioned the boys doing her eyes look like they would pop out," NERDY? I was created to be perfect I'm suppose to be smart!"

"Please, don't go on!" Boomer begged on his knees.

"Too bad, I'm going on!"

"KNOW IT ALL? If I act like that is because I do know it all, and BOSSY? I just like for things to run smooth not to be out of control so, I may get a little bossy."

"Are you done, pinky?" Butch questioned.

"Yes! Now leave me alone!" Bloosom hollered, returning back to her pink table.

"Hey, I'm bored. How about if we do a mess and blame it on pinky?" Brick whispered to his brothers.

"Sounds good." Butch agreed.

"What do we do?" Boomer asked.

Ugh! They're so annoying! I wonder what they are whispering about?

"See ya, pinky! We're going to drink some water." Brick said, heading out to the restroom with his brothers.

Finally! I fell much better withut them here even if is just for a couple of minutes.

30 minutes later...

Were are they? They been gone for half-an hour! Maybe they escape from detention.

"In here, Ms. Keane!" Brick shouted.

"Bloosom! What is the meaning of this?" Ms. Keane shouted angrily.

"What did I do?"

"You wrote on the girls bathroom!"

"No, I didn't! It was them!" Blossom protested.

"It wasn't them! Those little sweet boys were helping me get everything organize for tomorrow."Ms. Keane defended them.

"Only Boomer went to the restroom to clean the mirrors," Ms. Keane keep defending them," I thought about this and I decided to take the detention off them."

Bloosom couldn't believe this. Ms. Keane found new favorite students! The days of being a teacher's pet were gone.

"See ya later pinky!" Brick shouted storming out of the classroom.

"You have to clean the mess you wrote." Ms. Keane informed Blossom.

Ten minutes later in the girls restroom...

"Seriously, could this school get any worse?" Blossom asked herself.

"Bloosom tommorow you will report to detention again and call your dad." Ms. Keane informed her.

"It just did." Blossom groanned.

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