Eight months had felt like a honeymoon, for the most part.

The villa had water and power, an internet connect but no phone. They had remained pretty insular so far, as though it was a vacation. Morgan's focus had been on renovating, and once the structural work that required outside help was done Morgan insisted on doing things himself. He made a point never to request anything of Reid – he thought the man had had enough of that for one lifetime, but he still ended up helping. He'd offer, and Morgan would enjoy the time together, so he taught him what he knew and tried to hone the man's talents.

There were still some brief moments where Reid would be doing something totally normal, totally insignificant to most people, like getting a can of soda from the fridge, when he'd freeze and suddenly seem worried and fretful and ask if it was okay that he'd taken it. It didn't take Morgan long to understand fully, as Reid told him what had happened, of how much control he'd been under and how he would be punished for the slightest infraction.

Then there were nightmares; terrifying, horrific nightmares that Spencer woke up from screaming and sobbing. Morgan quickly learnt how to calm him, that he shouldn't touch him afterwards until Reid initiated it, how to hold him and what to say to help it fade into the night. Gradually they got fewer, and less distressing, but they never went away completely.

Reid had said he wanted to tell him everything, and Morgan had said he would listen for as long as it took. At first it had been a long conversation of how Reid had lived, but it had been too hard to keep up. Then it had become little bits of information, stories told when something prompted Reid to remember, or when something was on his mind. Morgan listened to every horrific detail of beatings, abuse, torture, humiliation and rapes and knew that if Reid could survive living that, he could survive hearing it.

Reid was more perceptive than Morgan had realised, though, and began to ask about Morgan's past. He never thought he'd talk about it, but seeing the weight lift from Reid with each thing he shared, he decided he wanted to. He told him of his own abuse, molestation and rape at the hands of his mentor, at first thinking it didn't sound anything as bad as what Reid had faced, but Reid never played into the 'who-had-it-worse' mentality, and Morgan realised just much it had hurt him to keep it inside him for so long.

The double doors that led out onto the balcony were open wide, letting in a cool afternoon breeze that fluttered the long sheer curtains of their bedroom. The sound of music from the neighbouring villa was just audible, coupled with the sounds of the wind moving through the old house. On the bed in cotton sheets Reid had his legs splayed wide, with Morgan kneeling between them, thrusting a lube-covered dildo leisurely within his lover, his other hand teasing along the man's cock.

"Derek," he groaned, leaned back against the pillows. "Derek, c'mon. You now."

"Are you sure?" Morgan asked, slowing the thrusts to a torturous push and drag. "I'm bigger than this toy, we could go up another size."

"I want it to stretch a bit," Reid breathed. "I want to feel you. We've prepared for months, it feels so good, I want to feel it with you."

"I want it too, baby," Morgan said. "But only if you're really ready."

"I'm ready."

Morgan hesitated, and then spoke a little too casually, "In this position?"

"I know I told you that I was raped regularly in some form of missionary position," Reid said calmly, "but that's why I want it this way. My abusers do not get to take this from me; they don't get to stop me looking at your face when we have sex."

"Okay," Morgan said gently, as he slowly withdrew the dildo. They'd been gradually increasing the size of the toy they used, there wasn't much more they could do to prepare Reid. "You need to tell me if we need to slow down or stop, Spencer."

"I will," Reid said as he watched Morgan pick up a condom and the bottle of lube from the antique side table they'd spent several days restoring. "You don't have to use a condom if you don't want to. It's common consensus that it feels better without."

"You deserve a condom. Nobody cared about you enough to use one before this, Spencer. It's a miracle nobody infected you with something. I don't care if I can't feel a thing, until I've got the all-clear, we're using condoms."

Reid pushed himself up suddenly, a hand going to the back of Morgan's neck and pulling their mouths together. "You're ridiculous," he murmured against the other man's mouth.

"I know." Morgan returned the kiss, and slowly eased Reid back down onto the bed. He pulled back to open the packet and slide the condom over himself, and then squeezed out lube over his length. "You need more?"

"I think I'm lubed enough." He lifted his legs, holding himself behind the knees to expose himself to Morgan, who felt himself throb at the sight.

Morgan shuffled forward and lined up the head of his cock with Reid's opening, pink and slightly stretched. He pushed forward firmly, sliding the head into Reid's body. He looked at the man's face to make sure he was okay – he was smiling lazily, and deliberately squeezed his muscles around Morgan – and began slow, shallow thrusts. Spencer groaned at the sensation, readjusting his hands on the backs of his knees.

Morgan was prepared for Reid to react badly, to be triggered into panic or have a flashback; he knew exactly what he'd do if it happened. It didn't, though; when Morgan was inside the man enough for him to comfortably do so, Reid wrapped his legs around the man's waist, rocking his hips in time with Morgan's thrusts.

"God, Derek," he groaned as he reached up and held onto Morgan's biceps. "Yes, yes."

"How does it feel, baby?" Morgan asked, resisting the very real urge to shove forward and jackhammer in the tight heat he was working in and out of slowly, letting the man get used to each new inch.

"Good, really good. More please."

Morgan grinned as he tipped his body forward, sawing in and out, sinking more of his cock into Reid with each inward thrust. Eventually he was flush against Reid's skin, and the man was shaking below him.

"You okay?"

"Yes." Reid looked up at him, eyes heavily lidded, his lips swollen from kisses and panting slightly. A shimmer of sweat covered them both, bringing them up in goose bumps where the cool breeze met their heated skin. Morgan lowered himself, taking his weight on his forearms so he could close the gap between them. Reid seemed to appreciate that, because he hummed contently and lifted his head to initiate a kiss.

Morgan began to thrust again, drawing his hips back and pushing forward. Reid was so responsive under him, circling his arms up behind Morgan's to cling to his back. Morgan trailed his lips across Reid's jaw and down his neck, sucking gently at the skin.

Reid's hand had ended up down Morgan's back, and gripped at his rear, urging him to increase the pace of his movements.

"Faster," he murmured. Morgan compiled, moving faster to give the man what he wanted. Reid kissed him repeatedly, constant pleasured moans leaving his lips. He looked beautiful getting fucked; strands of his hair sticking to his damp forehead, his pupils blown wide under heavy eyelids, muscles tense as he worked his body against the other man's but not a trace of apprehension or fear. He was still skinny, but he'd been eating well and wasn't emaciated anymore. Even for all the scars, he looked healthy.

Morgan pounded harder, bearing down to brace himself against the bed. The noise of them, the sensation of being inside Reid, of fucking someone who wanted him so much, was overwhelming.

"Derek, slow down," Reid gasped, and Morgan immediately slowed his thrusts.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah," Reid arched up, "but if you keep going, I'm going to cum. I don't want it to be over."

"Baby, we can do this as much as you want. This isn't a one-time thing."

"I know. But this is just so good."

"You want me to slow down?" Morgan chuckled, pushing himself up. "Okay." He put his hands on the backs of Reid's knees to help hold his position, and switched to slow, deep thrusts. Reid's skin was flushed pink around where he was stretched, the beautiful side of obscene. Morgan pulled out until the head of his cock was in the grips of Reid's guarding ring of muscle, and then pushed slowly back in until the line of latex on the condom touched his perineum. He repeated it over and over again, watching his movement and watching Reid's reaction: moans, gasps, and quiet assertions of "yes".

"Derek, please," Reid whined. "Please, touch me?"

"Touch you?" Morgan echoed. "Oh," he grinned, and ran a finger down the length of Reid's cock, which was hard against his belly and leaking precum.


"Like that, Spencer?"

"Oh god, just touch me, please," he whined.

"Anything you want," Morgan said as he wrapped his fist around Reid's cock. He stroked slowly as he continued to thrust, smiling as Reid's hips jumped up.


He let Reid fuck into his fist, twisting and squeezing to help him along, his other hand still holding one of Reid's legs up. Reid gripped the bed, bracing himself as they both worked towards the finish.

"Derek!" he keened finally, the telltale signs of his orgasm on display. "Don't stop!"

Morgan didn't, and made consistent hard, deep strokes with his cock in his lover as he jerked him off. Reid yelled and moaned, and came in spurts all over Morgan's hand, who stroked in such a way that the thick ropes of cum got all over his fingers. He liked to feel him, to not waste anything he had to offer, to show him how much he appreciated it.

"Derek," he groaned, body holding tense as Morgan milked the last of him. "Derek."

"How was that?"

"Good," Reid nodded dumbly. "Good," he gave an amused sigh, and added; "sticky hand."

Morgan grinned, panting slightly as he held his hand aloft. "Yeah."

Reid relaxed back, and lifted his legs deliberately, keeping them pulled back and himself exposed. "Go on."

"Keep going?" Morgan asked.

"Yeah. Your turn, Derek."

"Where do you want it, baby?" he asked, and lifted his hand to lick a taste of the man's semen from his fingers.

"Wherever you want. Things have got to start being about you too, Derek." His voice was soft, sated. "They've been about me all this time... you cum where you want."

"Gonna stay inside you, baby," he murmured, and put his sticky hand flat on Reid's flat stomach as he resumed thrusting.

"I'd hoped you might," Reid sighed.


"Yeah. I want to make you cum. My body will make you cum, Derek."

"Damn," Morgan growled, pressing down to keep Reid in place as he fucked him harder.

"It still feels good," Reid observed, "you moving inside me. Tingles. Sensitive. Fuck."

"God, baby." The words coming from his lover's mouth were sensual and wanton, and pushing him closer and closer to the edge.

"C'mon," Reid urged, squeezing his muscles. It was enough to send Morgan over the edge; his hips jutted, he growled, and he gripped Reid's leg harder as he came. It was the most satisfying orgasm of his life, within the man who had changed his life, who had trusted him with everything.

He slumped, shaking with the last quakes of his release. Below him Reid was smiling, a hand stroking his arm soothingly.

"That was amazing," he said. Morgan wiped his cum-covered hand on Reid's stomach, and it was his turn to laugh.

"Glad you enjoyed it." Morgan grinned, pulling out carefully and disposing of the condom.

"Kiss me," Spencer said as Morgan climbed back onto the bed. Morgan did, stroking Reid's hair out of his face. "Thank you for being so patient with me. For listening."

"Of course, baby," Morgan murmured, his lips brushing Reid's jaw. He rubbed his thumb over the opposite side, and tipped the man's face up to meet his gaze. "I love you."

Reid blinked a few times. "You do?"


"Thank god," Reid sighed, slumping back on the bed. "I love you too. I think I've been falling in love with you before I'd even seen you."

"What a cliché," Morgan said playfully.

"Don't care. As long as we stay together."

"We will. As long as you want to be with me," Morgan said.

"Forever, then."

Morgan leaned down and kissed Reid again, enjoying the sensation of his cooling naked body against him, and the way his fingers went to trace the lines of muscles on his abdomen. They were becoming acquainted with each other's bodies, and familiar with each other's manner and personalities, likes and needs.

"Okay," Morgan murmured, "forever."