I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters that are apart of the series. I own my OC Iris Lily Potter. If any of the characters or OOC I am sorry. I am writing this story just for fun so I hope you enjoy.

Name: Iris Lily Potter

House: Slytherin

Age: Same as Harry

Appearance: Raven black hair with silvery-green eyes

Relatives: Harry (twins)

Personality: She is stubborn but knows when to back down. She's smart and can comprehend things fast. She tries to see the good in people, even when no one else can. She is loyal to her friends even though they turn their backs on her. She can also be a true Slytherin when she has to be and she's also a Parsaltongue.

Likes: Animals, reading, learning new things, potions, her brother and friends.

Dislikes: Pansy, Voldermort and anyone that hurts her brother and friends.

Bio: Voldermort killed Harry and her parents when they were one and tried to kill them. They survived the curse with just a scar, on the forehead for Harry and on her left wrist. They were sent to live with their muggle aunt and uncle which they hate them and treat them badly.

Wand: Ebony and mahogany with phoenix feather, 11 ½ inches.

Pets: Barn Owl named Athena and a gray and white fox with a light blue right eye and a brown left eye named Apollo.

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