AN: If I owned harry potter I would not be writing fan fiction or have to steal my mother's computer plus I'd be totally rich XD.

In a place between worlds that no mortal knows about there was a girl. This girl was Bored! Now this girl may look like a normal teenage girl with all the red and blue streaks running through her midnight black, her long black jeans high heeled boots and slogan shirt which said 'for a minute there you bored me to death and he punched me' but she wasn't and if the girl coming in cackling and carrying some books was indicating at anything then things were about to get considerably less boring.

In one world a bespectacled boy shivered before getting into bed, little did he know that all his carefully laid plans and manipulations were about to come to light and nobody would expect what would be happening the next day otherwise they'd be waiting for the shit to hit the fan.

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