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She's Never Too Young

Chapter 1: Jealousy and Heart Broken

By: LeeArt

Fred had never admitted to anyone that he had a crush on Hermione, not even to his own twin George but somehow his twin knew him best. The seventh year Gryffindor had a big ego for he did not dare to admit that to anyone because all his friends includes his own twin dated someone around their age and had a remarkable personality which is obviously shown. Unlike Hermione, the famous bossy, bushy haired know-it-all bookworm, Fred did not think that Hermione have a great personality just like them and he told everyone that she is too young for him and not even his type to match with, and did not aware that his words had hurt her feeling.

Unknown to Fred, Hermione had developed a crush on the famous prankster but she did not dare to admit or to tell him because she knows how different she is from him. The differences in their personalities had Hermione to think twice or more and then in the she end up keeping everything to herself. Hermione had heard from Fred himself how he told everyone that she is too young and not his type of girl. Hermione took everything with a broken heart and realizes that it is useless to chase after someone who did not want her.

Things are not easy for her, with Umbridge and her minions who are bound to catch anyone who break rules and the D.A. that is being held secretly, Hermione use the excuse of being busy with her study and helping Harry to deal with the problem he had had put Hermione into a situation where she is trying everything to be able to get away from Fred. Unknown to her, Fred had been jealous to see her spending more time with Harry and Ron and even Ginny but then he did not come out with an effort to speak with her and tries to make her jealous by dating different girls from time to time. Fred did not aware that his attitude had pissed Harry, Ron, Ginny and even George and the four of them felt pity for Hermione who trying so hard to get away from Fred because what he did had sadden her and hurt her feeling and they had no idea what is Fred's true motive of trying to make her jealous or sad.

Fred had dated many girls while in Hogwarts, some of them are about his age but there are a few who are slightly younger than himself, and he even dated a couple of girls who are younger than Hermione. While Hermione did not date any boys while in school and choose to pay her attention to her study for she wants to get an excellent results for her OWLs and at the same time worried about Harry.

As time goes by, the twins left Hogwarts with their remarkable exit and Hermione's feeling towards Fred is crushed. Her best friends, Harry, Ron and Ginny knew about Hermione's feeling for Fred but promised her that they will not tell anyone about it though they want to knock some sense into Hermione and told her to be a true Gryffindor but they know how stubborn she can be. She did not want to be embarrassed nor had her heart broken if he rejects her. Hermione know that she is sad but she had to face the fact that he did not have any feeling for her and she had to carry on and trying hard to do anything just to ignore her feeling for the famous prankster and from time to time her crush on Fred begin to fade away slowly but still there's a little feeling that still left in her heart.


Fred and George had finally opened the joke shop that they had been planned for years, despite protest from their mother. They are now the owners of the famous Weasley's Wizard Wheezes and stay at the flat above the joke shop and hardly go back to The Burrow except for certain occasion or to attend Sunday lunch in which Mrs Weasley had forced them to. The Golden Trio had grown and Hermione is now no longer had that famous bushy hair and she is slowly becoming an attractive and beautiful young woman that had catches attention from various young men and boys. Though her feeling for Fred is no longer there but there's a small feeling in her heart that still wanting him.

When the Golden Trio along with Ginny and Mrs Weasley goes to Diagon Alley to get their school supplies, they were invited to visit the shop and Fred was surprise to see the changes in Hermione. His crush towards her still lingers but his ego is too strong and therefore he chooses not to admit about his feeling towards her and still held to his belief that she is too young for him though George, Harry, Ron and Ginny know that he used to date a couple of girls who are younger than Hermione. And because of that they choose to ignore him though they were pretty angry with him for hurting Hermione's feeling.

"Fred, oi Freddie…" George tried to get his twin's attention as the Golden Trio move around looking at the various products around the shop. Fred couldn't take his eyes off Hermione who is currently looking at the WonderWitch product along with Ginny. George is getting frustrated with his twin for being such a coward and really want to knock some sense into his head, but knowing that it will get nowhere because Fred's ego is lot bigger that he can put The Burrow in it.

Getting no response, George smack at the back of his head and this had his attention. "What?" Fred asked as he gritted his teeth and held his head as he glared at his twin who looked annoyed at him.

"Just go there and admit that you likes her, instead of looking at her with that glint in your eyes but held strongly to your bloody ego and lie to everyone that you did not have any feeling towards her whatsoever," George whispered harshly and then took his leave to serve customers who are looking at the Skiving Snackbox, leaving the irritated Fred who still glaring at him and then turned his attention to the beautiful witch who is now joining her two best friends with Ginny following from behind.

"I did not have any feeling for her and besides she is way too young for me," Fred thought to himself as he turned away and walks towards a customer who is busy choosing a Patented Daydream Charms and see that the Golden Trio along with Ginny had left the shop.

The Second Wizarding War was a hard time for everyone, Harry, Hermione and Ron are on the run and they had been living out there for months now, Fred and George are busy with their shop and also Potterwatch, and despite being worried about her Fred still did not want to admit that he had slowly fell for her. Hermione had become a beautiful young woman and Fred saw it during Bill's wedding and he did not want to admit that he is jealous to see her hanging with Harry and Ron and he just told them that Hermione is like a sister to him and nothing more. To prove his point he had invited his current girlfriend who he had been dated for a couple of time to the wedding and there he pointed that he is in love with the woman who had been wrapping her arms on Fred almost all the time.

Weeks later after the Golden Trio had left, Fred broke up with his girlfriend as he did not really interested in her and this had angered George for he had enough of Fred's attitude.

"You know what, one day you'll be sorry for what you did and by that time there's nothing that you can do about it," George spoke harshly after Fred had broken up with his new girlfriend whom he had dated few weeks ago. George felt pity for the girl who had developed a huge crush on Fred and in the end she was dumped by him for his feeling for Hermione is still there and yet he still did not want to admit it to anyone though both George and Ginny had threaten to hex him for not being honest to himself.

"This is my own problem, Forge, so let me deal with it," Fred exclaimed as he pushed his twin out of his way and go down to the shop. Fred is really pissed because George seems to interfere too often in his love life. He did not realize that George is sad to see him torturing himself because of his ego.

Finally the war had occurred and the members of the Order had rushed to Hogwarts to join the battle against Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Fred and George arrived along with the rest of the Weasley and Fred is surprise to see Hermione along with Harry and Ron in Hogwarts. The battle occurred in every corner in Hogwarts and every members of the Order is battling against the Death Eaters and in the end victory is on their side for Harry had managed to destroy Voldemort for good. The Order had lost some of their members, namely Tonk and Lupin and some of the D.A. members were killed as well, and Colin Creevey is one of them.

After the war had ended, Hermione went to Australia to retrieve her parents and returned their memory back and then she continued with her final year in Hogwarts. Fred still had that crush on her and along with his ego. But Hermione had giving up on him and she know that she had no chance to be with him and pay her attention to her final year while Fred is busy chasing girl after girl just to make her jealous but still did not want to admit about his true feeling to her.

Fred is sure of himself that Hermione will stay in the Wizarding world after she finish her school and predict that she will find a job in the Ministry. But what happen next had Fred had the shock of his life. Hermione is moving away from England right after she finished her final year in Hogwarts.


Right before Hermione left England the news about her decision had created sparks among the Weasley and Harry. Mrs Weasley and Ginny had demand an answer from Hermione of why she choose to live far away from them. Ron is furious and so is Harry but somehow The-Boy-Who-Lived understand that this is her choice and they had no right to stop her and for that he support her decision. Fred and George just sit there quietly and watch everything in front of them. George is sad about it but Fred is still in shocking state. This is not supposed to happen. After a few explanations the Weasley finally understand that she wants to continue her study onto higher level and she wants to take this opportunity to give herself a new chance of life and try to live into different culture. But none of them except Harry, Ron and Ginny know and aware that Hermione choose this decision to stay away from Fred. The three of them are very angry with him that Ginny had almost gave out and hex him but was refrained by Harry and Ron and reminded her about their promises to Hermione long ago. Hermione know that this is the only choice she had to make herself happy and find the one man that will love her and she will not going to be bother by Fred and his 'parade of girlfriends'.

19-year old Hermione left England and move to America less than a week later and had stayed there for years. And during that time lots of things had happen.

Six years later

Ginny is busy helping her mother in the kitchen, she and Harry had been married for three years and now she is heavily pregnant with her first child. Ron had been married to Luna two years ago and they had a baby boy by the name of Lycon who is almost a year old. George had been married to a girl named Sofia four years ago and had a twins daughters who are going to be three years old soon. And Fred, he is still holding to his old attitude which pissed them off and Mrs Weasley even wonder if Fred did not want a steady relationship with any girls that he had met. Since Hermione had left England six years ago, he hardly went on a date but since living on their own George had complained that once in a while he will bring different girl back home whom he met at a bar for a night and he dated some of them that hardly lasted than three months. And right now he is dating a former Ravenclaw student by the name of Chloe who is in the same year as Ginny when she was a student in Hogwarts. They had been dating for almost two months but yet did not have a steady relationship and none of them wanted to encourage Fred to stay loyal to this one because Ginny and Luna are not very friendly towards Chloe and they knew that both Fred and Chloe dated just to get benefits from one another and George could sense that Fred did not have any feeling for Chloe at all.

It is almost Christmas and it's been six years since they last saw Hermione. There's no news of her whatsoever and Harry, Ron and Ginny are very sad and they had blamed Fred for this. Fred on the other hand pointed out that he is not at fault here and it is Hermione's own decision to move away from England.

As Ginny is helping her mother preparing dinner, a tiny barn owl tap the window and Ginny and Mrs Weasley look at each other as they had no idea whose owl is it as Mrs Weasley open the window to let the tiny owl to enter. As the window opened the tiny barn owl flew inside in a speed because of the cold weather outside and in its leg is a letter. Ginny and her mother looked at each other and then to the tiny owl as the owl offers the letter to them, it is written to Ginny as she takes it by surprise and wonder who is writing to her.

After she took the letter, the tiny owl flew away in a fast speed, leaving the mother and daughter to almost have a shock. Ginny then turned her attention to the letter in her hand and wondering from whom the letter is.

As she tears the envelope Harry, Ron and Luna walk into the kitchen and surprise to see Ginny being serious with a letter in her hand.

"What is it, love?" Harry asked his wife as Ginny takes the letter out from the envelope.

"I don't know, I'm about to find out," Ginny responded as she begins to read the letter.

As Ginny read the letter, her expression changed and she did not know whether to be happy or angry or to laugh or cry. Harry watched his wife in panic and so does the rest who had been watching her with slight panic.

"Ginny, love, what's going on, what is written in the letter, who wrote it?" One question after another came from Harry as he saw his wife who is now trying to calm herself down but her effort failed her.

"Ginny, stop," Ron spoke loudly as he was worried of his only and currently pregnant sister. This got Ginny's attention as she looked at them with a smile in her face and a tear of happiness slide on her cheek.

"It's Hermione, she's back. Hermione's coming back for Christmas," Ginny cried happily.

So, here you go. Actually I was planning to make a one-shot but somehow it is too long so I've divided into two chapters. This is my first Hermione/Fred so please don't be hard on me. I love reading Hermione/Fred pairing and I prefer them to be a couple rather than Hermione/Ron, if only I had the power to change the time and tell J.K. Rowling to pair Hermione with Fred instead of Ron hahaha. But I too love to write something different so please don't hate me for this one. Well then folks, please enjoy.