The Chaos Twins

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Percy POV

I am running away from home. I may only be three but I was tired of my mom only paying attention to my twin brother, Matthew. I would play with the water in my cup and get in trouble but, when my brother Matthew did it, he got praised. I packed my bag, put a note on my pillow for my mom , and I left the house.

Harry POV

I am only be three but I am running away for home. I had enough of my parents fawning over my twin brother, Raymond because they thought he was the boy who lived. I was. I remembered the night perfectly. I got a lightning bolt scar on my head from the curse while Raymond got hit with falling debris on the hand making the letters LV. Everyone except me thought it stand for Lord Voldemort. I did magic to try to get their attention but all the did was give Raymond the credit. I finished packing my stuff, put a note on my pillow for my parents, and left the house.

This is my first fanfic. I have part of the story written out for fast updates.

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