[Disclaimer : I don't own Escaflowne, the characters or any of their names (blessed be Shoji Kawamori !) and I have no pretention to be a rapper, just doing this for fun. WARNING : Allen bashing ahead… :P]

Allen's Rap (1)

Dilandau stared at Allen down the hallway like he was waiting for him all along. Folken was behind him, the silver haired boy before him, now he was trapped.

"Ok whatcha want from me?" Allen said. He pointed his long finger at Dilandau.

The boy spat on the ground and laughed.

"Ya' think you can win?" he said with and evil grin.

"Course I will, cuz my verb's da best!" said the blonde Allen.

"We shall see that..." said the master Folken. "Let the game... begin!"

[rap beat starts being played in the background]

Allen: "Freestyle yeah!"

Dilandau: "In yo' - !"

Allen: "Yo- Yo- And I'm not the yo-yo y'know, just cuz the ladies pass me round their pillOW-

I been 'round the block and you know WHY, cuz I got the thang that makes' em WILD,

I got a sword like Sheherazade, and you know we're not talkin' blades, yeah

I got a sword bigger than my blondie BRAIN, and my bling bling ARMOR,

You know I'm da best cuz I can do it BETTER!"

Dilandau: "You say you got a sword, I got a stealth CAPE; I can f*** you all the way and you wouldn't esCAPE!

Transsexual with a gender bias I am so conFUSED, people round me think I gotta broken FUSE but it's no use, cuz you know my ISSUE

Is to know where my soldiers GO after the receive my FLOW!

I'm-a like them male or fem', TRAN' whatever, I even got a fling with that moleMAN... huh? yeah I was drunk that night, and, y'know how it is;.. even DornKIRK with me got a lickin'!

I got da best thang and I'm a KNOW how to use it YO! Pull your sword up your zipPER, Alseides kick ur Sheherazade's tin b*** to MexiCO,

And the chicks I pick up with this, man wow you never KNOW!"

Allen: "oh yeah? Well whatcha think, I scored with all them babes: Hito-mi, Eriya, NariYA

Millerna with da big ka-chings, and even her sisTA!

You lil' boy I lay you on the SIDE, come, come see what I can put inSIDE you and your brother!"

Dilandau: "Hey yo- You ARE my brother!"

Allen: "Oh..."

Folken: "Dilandau wins."

~to be continued~