The Final Destination: Heaven or Hell

Here it is: my long-awaited sequel to "Links of Blood"! I have a feeling that this fic is probably going to be one of my favorites to write, since FD2 is one of my favorite of the Final Destination movies, and I can really flex my creative muscles now thanks to hearing the opinions of the reviews from "Links of Blood".

Disclaimer: I do not own Final Destination. I do own my OC characters, though. For added effect, listen to this song mashup on YouTube: "Falling Away in the Wind" by Kansas and Korn.

Chapter 1: Trailer

The first time, a survivor fell and met his new fate.

Alex Browning is shown shrouded in a black tattered robe in the forest brandishing his scythe.

"We survived, but he'll be back."

"Then we'll be ready," Clear Rivers says. "Even if it means facing our final destination."

A year later... it begins again.

"Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Flight 180 explosion."

A young teenage girl named Kimberly is riding in her car with her friends, when she passes a log truck, a car with a boy smashing two trucks together, and a bus of students shouting "Pileup!"

"So, I'm supposed to believe that you saw a pileup happen where you were?"

"All I know is... I had a vision."

Kimberly is then shown allying with Clear and there are scenes of Alex unleashing the power of Death on various survivors of the pileup. One such scene also features Kimberly visiting Bludworth's old office, and finding notes that he wrote about Sam Lawton. Another features the aftermath of Nora Carpenter watching her son get flattened by a giant glass windowpane, and another has Alex and Clear conversing with each other in a secluded area.

"Well, there'a an answer for everything, I suppose."

Kimberly is then seen driving her car down into the lake waters, as Officer Thomas Burke tries frantically to rescue her.

"In the end, no-one can escape Death-"


"And it just might be your turn to die." a man on a TV interview says as Kimberly is watching the screen fade out.

What will you believe in? Coming soon...