The Final Destination: Heaven or Hell

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Chapter 13: Isabelle's Husband

As Kimberly, Officer Burke, Clear and the rest of the survivors decided upon making contact with Isabelle, they traced back her address in hopes of meeting with her. During the evening, in a part of the neighborhood far off from where Kimberly lived with her father, they approached the door to what they assumed was Isabelle Hudson's house.

"Well, here goes nothing," Burke muttered under his breath as he rapped his knuckle against the metal surface of the door before it swung open, and a person's hand was restraining an angry German Shepard that was barking fiercely at the visitors. Kimberly mentally cursed at herself as her body seized up in surprise and the owner glowered disapprovingly at the three.

"What is it? Who the fuck are you three?"

Clearing his throat, Thomas Burke rummaged through his pockets pulling out his badge. "Officer Thomas Burke; I'm here to ask you a couple questions about your wife Isabelle."

With a disgruntled sigh, the owner shooed the dog away from the door and stepped out onto the doorsteps.

"You are Marcus Hudson, am I correct?" Officer Burke continued.

"Maybe," he responded. "What's all this about?"

"Your wife, Isabella. Was she here recently?" Burke asked.

"No. I happen to be busy right now, so..." Marcus replied, ready to close the front door, only for Clear to block the door with her foot.

"Where is she? If you won't tell us, then we'll just have to search your house ourselves." Kimberly demanded.

"Fat chance, you're gonna need a warrant for that. Believe me, I'm a lawyer."

"So what, you wife beater? You went and killed her?" Clear snarked, as Burke groaned at the lack of cooperativeness Marcus was giving them.

"We can either do this here, or back at the station, so which is it going to be?" Burke declared.

"Fine," Marcus said in defeat, finally confessing. "We had a fight, and she left me."

"Over what, dare I ask?" Burke asked, as a prostitute walked down the stairs and moved past Marcus towards the kitchen.

"Take a guess. And she didn't even leave any way of contacting her either, so don't bother asking me that."

"Marcus, are you coming or not?" his date called out from the other room as he was ready to close the door on the group, when he told them one last thing.

"Tell her that kid she's having ain't even mine."

"Lucky her," Kimberly remarked as he gave a sarcastic smirk and slammed the door shut. "So now what do we do?"

"Well, we'll just have to search back at the station, if we're going to have any luck." Burke said as they climbed back into the police car and drove back to Burke's office to research for themselves wherever their only hope for surviving against Death could've ended up.

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