So a lot of people have been speculating that Aria has something to do with A, and this idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while. I think it would kind of romantic for Aria and Ezra to be the A team in a kind of psychotic way haha. In this story Mona wasn't A at all and later on you guys will find out why Ezria is A. (That is if you guys want me to continue this after reading.) And Ezra is still going to be working at Rosewood.

Anyways on to the chapter!

Ezra paced back and forth in his apartment downing the last bit of amber fluid residing in his glass. Aria was half an hour late and Ezra was starting to worry that this time they really did go too far. He ran a hair through his messy black curls as he always did in a stressful situation. A click at his front door caused him to spin around, relief washing over him as Aria stepped through the threshold.

He wrapped her petite frame into a tight hug before pulling back to look at her. He slowly lifted her black hood off of her head letting her chestnut hair cascade down her shoulders. He leaned in for a kiss as he ran his hands through her silky tresses.

"Did you do it?" He mumbled against her lips.

Aria broke away from the embrace and shot him a smile as she nodded.

"Good… I thought something might have happened," Ezra confessed.

"Just a little hold up getting all those A's back in the cereal box," She laughed. Seeing Ezra's weary expression she rolled her eyes. "I'm always careful Ez. They have no clue."

"I know," he mumbled. "I just don't know what I'd do if I lost you."

"Well you're not going to," Aria stated.

Aria unzipped her matching black jacket as well as discarding her gloves. She settled them in a pile next to Ezra's couch before grasping Ezra's hand. She pulled him silently toward his bed signaling she was exhausted.

"I told my parent's I was staying at Hanna's, so I can stay the night," she grinned.

Ezra smiled back as he shed his dress shirt and pants. Aria found one Ezra's old Hollis t-shirts and threw it on before sliding in between the cotton sheets of the bed. Ezra soon joined her after flicking off the lights and was immediately met with Aria's cuddling form. He pressed a soft kiss to her temple and ran his fingertips down her am letting sleep take him over.

Aria glanced at the flashing red numbers that read 1:23. She still hadn't been able to fall asleep her mind continuing to race with thoughts. Internally groaning she rubbed her eyes desperately wanting to rest. She peeled Ezra's heavy arm off her torso trying her best not to wake him up. She padded across the apartment eventually settling on top of the window seat. She stared out into the town of Rosewood, the flashing lights of the city providing a sense of comfort knowing she wasn't the only one up. Aria brought her hand to the cool glass letting it fog as her warm breath hit it. It was times like these when the hustle and bustle of a regular day couldn't distract her from her thoughts. Every day she constantly debated over whether she was doing the right thing she always however came to the conclusion that she was. A tear trickled down her cheek but she hastily wiped it away, not wanting any doubts to crowd her head.

"Aria," Ezra whispered his voice thick with sleep.

Aria turned to Ezra who was standing behind her a worried look gracing his face.

"Baby," he cooed enclosing her body in his tight grip. He rubbed his hand up and down her back whispering sweet nothings into her ear.

"Am I doing the right thing?" she breathed as more tears trickled from her watery eyes.

"Yes," he said. A part of him knew what they were doing was absolutely crazy but the other part of him knew it was necessary for his girlfriend's sake.


"Spencer, can I speak to you in the hallway for a moment about your essay," Ezra asked as he stood in front of his 1st period AP English class.

"Yeah, sure Mr. Fitz," she replied.

As the pair left the room, Aria got up to get a tissue "accidently" knocking Spencer's bag over. She quickly shuffled Spencer's things together making sure to not forget to add a small note marked with a red –A.

Ezra and Spencer walked into the room a few minutes later as Ezra told the class the rest of the period could be used as a study hall. He made eye contact with Aria who gave him a slight nod to which he returned a soft smile. Ezra sat down in his plush chair strategically taking out his phone. He quickly typed a message and waited for the Aria to receive it.

Aria reached for her purse knowing the text was coming and feigned a look of distress as she glanced at Emily.

"Is it from A?" Emily frantically whispered.

Aria nodded biting her lip, knowing it made her seem more anxious. She often worried the girls would see through her charade as she was never really concerned over A's threats. She knew though that if the girls saw she was the only one not being threatened they would get suspicious and that would be bad.

"A's trying to get me to break it off with Ezra again," she mouthed back.

Emily gave her an apologetic look before writing I'm sorry in her notebook and turning the page toward Aria.

Aria smiled back and gave a thankful nod before returning to her work.


Aria stared at Ezra through the window on the door to his classroom wondering how she had got so lucky. School hours were over and so she giddily waltzed into his room.

"Hey," he grinned.

"Hey," she laughed.

"Did they believe you," he asked as he stood up from his chair shutting the blinds to his classroom.

"I think so," Aria responded.

"Good," Ezra said as he pulled Aria towards him. He rested his hands on her hips tracing circles with his thumbs along her pelvis.

"With that text you wrote I'd almost say you were as good as me," she chuckled.

"You've taught me well." Ezra softly bit on her lip knowing it drove her crazy as he pressed their bodies closer together.

"I guess I have."

Ok so that's it for Chapter 1! I'm not really sure what I think of it and if I should continue it? Please review and tell what you think!