Meiko's Diary

Dear diary,

Today I kicked Kaito in the crotch. He then proceeded to run for his life, but tripped over Gumi, who was doing yoga, along the way. Gumi threw a weight at my head, and I was knocked unconscious. About fifteen minutes later, I was awoken by Haku and Teto leaning over me and repetitively poking my face. So I punched them. Kaito came back the moment after I punched them to seek his revenge, but got diarrhea in his pants at that very moment, due to him eating only ice cream. Neru was then walking and texting at the same time, and was going to try to simply jump over Kaito, who was sprawled out on the floor with diarrhea in his pants, but then failed and smashed into Len, who was peeling a banana. Rin then proceeded to run us all over with her Road Roller, while screaming: "IMPACTO!"

I had no idea what she was saying, as I don't speak Greek, and in that time I took trying to figure it out, got hit by road roller. Then Miku, who realized she wasn't in this fanfiction, jumped out of nowhere and landed on Kaito's head.

Bye, diary.

(A/N: This was fun to write, and was very random and senseless. Reviews are nice, but not needed. I'm making various Vocaloid diary's just to pass time. The joke with Meiko saying she didn't speak Greek was a joke. Impacto means impact in Spanish. Don't ask.)