Title: Forever His

Author: pikachucranstongirl

Story Category: Criminal Minds

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: I do not own Criminal Minds, which is owned by the Mark Gordon Company. I just own Alexander Langston, Gabriella Chambers and Roxanne Hammond...I also don't own Nickelback's Far Away and a quote from Saturday's Warrior...

Inspired By: Nickelback's Far Away in a twisted reincarnation sense

Summary: He's always loved her as Alexander Langston and Spencer Reid. When it comes down to it, he will find her...because she was always meant to be his.

Characters: Alexander Langston(OMC)/Spencer Reid, Roxanne Hammond/Gabriella Chambers(OFC)

Pairings: Alexander Langston/Roxanne Hammond, Spencer Reid/Gabriella Chambers

Universe: AU with Canon ties...

Author's note: This takes place outside of both Chance (a unposted fic that I am co-authoring with childofdarkness1988) and Matters of The Heart. I wrote this because I was intrigued with the line 'I will find you, Julie' from Saturday's Warrior and this was the result of my mind trying to find a way to incorporate that. Read and Enjoy!

Chapter Zero:

The Promise

September 15, 1950

8:26 pm

Alexander Langston entered his girlfriend's apartment with a bag of groceries. Later, he'd remember that there was something off about the scene, but he couldn't place what it was. His girlfriend was laying there in the living room, blood on her lips."No! Roxanne..." He cradled his girlfriend in his arms, knowing that she may not have much more time to live.

"Alex...I'm sorry." Roxanne coughed. "The burglar came in intending to commit one crime and when I caught him in the act...he said he might as well kill me." Alex blinked in shock as he caressed her face. "I love you. I have always loved you, Alex."

"Shh. Save your strength, Roxi." Alex urged, although he knew that they had run out of time. Whatever time Roxanne had left was borrowed. "I love you too. Remember when I asked you out?"

"I asked you out, you silly little man."Alex smiled. That debate had been the cornerstone of their relationship for years. "Alex, before I pass on... I want you to promise me something."

"Anything, Roxi."

"Promise me that you'll move on, have kids and a wonderful life for me? I can't bear to know that you'll suffer if I leave you." Alex laughed bitterly.

"I...The woman I find next won't be the woman I love, Roxi. She won't be you." He bitterly answered. "If reincarnation exists...I will find you, Roxi, I swear it."

"I know you will, Alex, but promise me." She pressed as she stared at him. Alexander gulped. Promising her this wasn't easy, especially since he was losing her.

"I promise, Roxi." He finally replied with a heavy heart.

"And I promise that if we both get reincarnated, to wait for you." With that promise, Roxanne was gone. Alexander cried for a long time.

True to his promise to Roxi, Alex got married to Sarah James and they had four kids. Life weighed heavily on the once jolly man but there was one part of the promise he made to Roxanne that he never quite fulfilled. His life wasn't wonderful, it had stopped being that way the moment Roxanne's heart had stopped beating.

Suddenly he couldn't take it and committed suicide at age 45, leaving behind a wife and children who were broken without him.

Author's note: Sorry that this is so short. Death scenes are not my favorite in any sense of the word