Title: Forever His

Author: pikachucranstongirl

Story Category: Criminal Minds

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: I do not own Criminal Minds, which is owned by the Mark Gordon Company. I just own Alexander Langston, Gabriella Chambers and Roxanne Hammond...I also don't own Nickelback's Far Away, N'Sync's Gonna Be Me, and a quote from Saturday's Warrior...so please don't sue

Inspired By: Nickelback's Far Away in a twisted reincarnation sense

Summary: He's always loved her as Alexander Langston and Spencer Reid. When it comes down to it, he will find her...because she was always meant to be his.

Characters: Alexander Langston(OMC)/Spencer Reid, Roxanne Hammond/Gabriella Chambers(OFC)

Pairings: Alexander Langston/Roxanne Hammond, Spencer Reid/Gabriella Chambers

Universe: AU with Canon ties...

Chapter 7:


"Mom!" Gabriella hugged her mother while Spencer watched. "It's good to see you." Spencer noticed that Rossi was there and wondered if the news involved Rossi in some way. Spencer knew that Gabby had always liked David Rossi, even though he was stuck in the position of her godfather. "What did you drag me over here for?"

"Well, Gabby...Gabriella Anne Chambers, what have I told you about lying to me?!" Spencer had told her that her mother would react to his presence in this way. "You do have a boyfriend."

"Mom, it wasn't fair for Rossi to rat me out," Gabby shot a look at Rossi that should have scathed the older man. "before I had a chance to tell you." Gabby finished lamely as her mother led them into her house. Spencer noticed that Gabby was just as uncomfortable as her mother.

"Your going out with Spencer Reid is better than you getting back together with one of your exes." Her mother commented as she sat beside Rossi. Spencer took his place beside Gabby, his arm protectively around her waist as a signal to her mother that he wouldn't tolerate her problems with Gabby. "But I didn't call you over to discuss your choices in men. The news I have is two – fold."

"Of course, Mom. Spencer and I have some news too." Gabby said, tucking a lock of blonde hair behind her ear. "What is it?"

"Gabrielle, in less than seven months, you're going to be a big sister." Spencer felt Gabby tense at Rossi giving her the news. "And I've asked your mother to marry me, so I would like your blessing since you are her daughter and her only living relative."

"Rossi, I wouldn't push her." Spencer tried to point out.

"You have got to be joking me. Mom, you should be having menopause now." Marcie looked at her daughter as she flinched. Gabby had always said what came to her mind and now she was saying it. "Not having another baby. This is something Spencer and I should be telling you!"

"...Gabrielle." Rossi murmured in warning.

"How far along?" Gabby asked. She had mixed feelings about becoming a big sister at 29, almost 30 years old. Spencer held her tighter in an effort to protect her.

"Three and a half months." Her mother answered. "I'd hoped that you would be happy about this, dear. You wanted a younger sibling after your dad..." Gabby closed her eyes, remembering the incident her mother had brought up.

"You have my blessing, Rossi, but I'm going to need time to adjust to this." Gabby finally remarked. "Adjusting to the idea that I'm going to be a big sister. I just got used to the idea today that Spencer and I would be trying to start a family in a year or two, maybe sooner depending how we feel about it." Her mother slightly tilted her head as she looked at Gabby.

"You're planning on making me a grandma?" Marcie asked.

"That's what we were discussing when you called." Spencer answered for Gabby. He took her hand in his. Gabby smiled at him. "And I would prefer we continue this discussion at home." With that comment, they left.

"You were uncomfortable." Spencer murmured once they'd settled on the couch. Gabriella tilted her face to look up at her boyfriend. He was looking straight at the tv, which was set to the Sci-fi channel. "Just in case you were wondering why I pulled you out at that minute."

"I never expected a little brother or sister now, though." She snickered. "I always assumed Mom didn't want more kids after me." Spencer tried to imagine Gabby in the older sister position while they were growing up and failed. She wasn't the older sister type, although she'd handled him quite well with the air of an older sister. "I'm happy for them, but Rossi better not get himself killed."

Spencer chuckled. "Being a profiler is dangerous, Gabs. I was relieved when you told Hotch that you had decided to remain with the police department." Gabriella leaned against his arm and sighed. Usually when she sighed, it wasn't good.

"Spencer…there's something that I have to tell you. When I was fifteen, I…I was raped by my second boyfriend. From that, I ended up pregnant but lost the baby when I was six weeks along."

"That's why your mother was surprised by the news. I thought that something was off when your mother asked that question. Gabs, I am so sorry." Spencer apologized. Gabriella shook her head. It hadn't been his fault. It had been her body's choice to reject the baby.

"It's not your fault. My body naturally terminated the pregnancy just a few weeks after I had found out." She pointed out.

"Did he know?" Spencer wanted to ask her if the bastard had wanted her to carry the baby to term but held his silence. "Did you want it?" She looked up at him again, embarrassed.

"I wanted the baby, yes. My mothering instinct had already kicked in." She admitted. Spencer wondered if her attachment to their child would kick in that early. "But I was too young to have a child. Sometimes I still blame myself." Spencer knew that mothers blamed themselves when their bodies terminated a pregnancy or the pregnancy ended in a still-birth.

'It is not her fault. She wasn't ready, her body wasn't ready at that age!' Spencer thought angrily to himself. "It's not your fault, Gabs." he murmured before kissing her gently. "You were just 15 years old. Even if you were to do all that you could during that pregnancy to carry it to term...there would have been problems." He told her.

"I know." She softly murmured. "I didn't tell him."

"So what was the chief's reaction to your coming back?" He asked in order to change the subject.

"He understood that he wasn't getting rid of me that easily. What about you?" She asked as she tilted her head back to look up at him again.

"Well, it's your choice." Reid shrugged. "I'll admit that it would make me happier if you were more careful..." He trailed off.

"Oh and almost losing you to anthrax wasn't that big of a deal then, Reid?" She huffed, using his last name. Spencer rolled his eyes. Why he even tried to reason with her, he'd never know or understand but at least he had figured where the cure was when he was working the case.

"What about you getting shot in both your leg and stomach?!" he exploded. "That could have killed you." He heard her sigh, get up and head towards her bedroom. Her door loudly slammed after she entered her room. "Brilliant, Spencer, just brilliant." He muttered to himself. He got up and walked to her bedroom door, knocking. "Gabs, I..."

"Go to bed, Spencer. I don't want to talk to you for the rest of the night." Gabby snapped through the door.

"Gabby...I guess we'd both be devastated if the other died. I didn't mean it the way it sounded, please. I only want to keep you out of harm's way." The door opened and Gabby stared up at him. "It's something I promised Rossi."

"Amusing how you think keeping me out of harm's way means making me promise that I'll be careful." She commented.

"I'd retire from the Bureau if I thought that could keep you out of harm's way." She shook her head, even more amused with her boyfriend. "Really, I'm sorry, Gabs." She stood on tiptoe and kissed him. He pulled away and started heading toward the guest room that had become his in the few months that they'd started dating but Gabby grabbed his arm. "What?"

"You're not sleeping in that room." She replied. He frowned at her.

"I thought that I'd sleep on the couch, since I'm apparently in the doghouse." He muttered. She cleared her throat and rolled her eyes.

"You're sleeping with me, Pretty Boy." Really, she should know better than to provoke Spencer now. It was fine when they were kids, but now... He turned to her, eyes narrowed.

"I'm going to throttle Morgan for saying that nickname in front of you, Gabs." She smiled in amusement as she remembered Spencer green lighting it for when they were alone. "What is so funny?!" Spencer demanded.

"Don't forget to throttle yourself when you're done with Morgan." That's when Spencer remembered that he had okayed the nickname when they were alone. He smiled warmly at her. "What?"

"Just thinking." he replied mildly. Spencer liked when she called him Pretty Boy. It sounded better coming from her than Morgan. With the older profiler, it had become a joke but with Gabby, it actually sounded like an endearment. "I'm not going to allow you to call me that in front of our children, you know."

"I know." This time Gabby was smiling. "Are you coming?" she asked.

"Yes, just give me a hour. I'm going to write my mother." Gabby nodded and headed back into her room. Spencer spent the next hour writing his mother. He hadn't told her about Gabby coming back into his life yet and he would omit the part of the anthrax that had nearly killed him, but when he was finished, he was satisfied with the letter and the news it contained. Hopefully, Diana would be having one of her good days when she received it.

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