The Fall of the Lord

The Dursleys were happy to say that they were perfectly normal people, they were never involved in anything mysterious. They just had a baby named Dudley Dursley. Vernon was a very fat man who had almost no manners, while Aunt Petunia is somewhat fat and also had little to no manners. They would always buy stuff for Dudley, making him become spoiled. One day, after about a year, Vernon started to see men in cloaks appear all over Privet Drive. He became annoyed quickly, rushing through the road to his work. Meanwhile, a rat- I mean mouse was born. He was no ordinary mouse, in fact, he's part human, part mouse, part wizard, and finally, part Toon. His name is Tas The Toon Mouse, or Tas Toon Mouse. He had a so-so life. He went to a school for magical wizard creatures. There, he hadn't made any friends, everyone disliked him for some reason. He always thought that his enemy Frank The Toon Mouse, the popular guy, was the cause. He was also very, very young. 1 year old to be more precise, but, all of that stopped after he heard the Dark Lord Voldemort has mysteriously vanished. It also looks like Frank has been turning up less and less often at class.


I opened the door to my house and saw my relatives at the table in the dining room.

"Come here, Tas, the feast is about to begin!" My mom said. I quickly changed into my home clothes through a portal I pulled out of my pocket and took a chair. Everyone raised their cups, including me.

"Cheers for the fall of the Dark Lord!" My father shouted. We all clicked outr tea cups together and we started to eat. There were mashed potatoes, cheese, chicken, beef, cheese, and cheese!