"I don't know how making me get out is going to help me at all Santana."

"This isn't just for you but for all of us" She pulls open a door ushering the shorter girl inside. Confusion clouds her face at the Latinos words but upon entering the establishment the answer is provided. Sitting around the table she is met with the entire glee club plus a few surprising faces.

"Rach!" A tall blond comes flying across the room and wraps her in a huge bone crushing hug. "I knew Sanny could do it!" She sends a beaming smile at her girlfriend. "Now we can get started!"

That seemed to break the unseen tension in the room and soon she was being welcomed with gentler hugs and words of greeting. What still had her shocked the most was the tall short haired blonde at the end of the table. "Sss..Sue?" she shakes her head slightly wondering if she was dreaming all this. "What are you doing here?" she glances around at a few others as well noticing Matt and Lauren are also part of the group.

"I'd not want to take any credit from B here." she gives a small smile.. Wait a minute? Sue smiling? She gives herself a mental head shake and turns her attention back to the beaming bouncing blonde.

"Britt? You planned this?"

She nods quickly " Yup! Sanny was feeling sad" she frowns at this point for a second. " because of what today is and Kurt said you were same so I thought what about everyone else. But then he said you weren't listening and doing bad things so Sanny said she'd get you and she did!"

Rachel felt the tears rebuilding in her eyes as she looked around the table and realized she wasn't alone. Each one of them had been touched and effected by Quinn in their own ways. She felt comforting arms wrap gently around her and looked up to see Finn. She had hardly talked to him since it happened and this caused her to tense slightly. She was unsure where they stood with everything that had happened.

"It's ok Rach, a lot happened back then. Some of it probably faster than it should have, I know I keep thinking of it all. Loosing Quinn made all of us do what she had been trying to get us to do all along. To just stop and think things through." With that she collapsed into his arms giving him a hug in thanks.

As the evening progressed Rachel began to feel more like herself as the drinking from the morning worked its way out of her system. Feeling inspired by everyone around her she stood and waited for their attention. "It wouldn't be me if I didn't have some sort of speech planned out" she was met with chuckles and smiles "but describing Quinn is almost an impossibility... She was simply Quinn. She will be missed by us all but as Santana told me earlier, she would want us to strive for our best". She raised her glass and was joined in a toast by everyone for 'Quinn and future'

6 years later

Rachel sat watching the stage ringing her hands slightly and tapping her foot. Why is it more nerve wracking being in the audience she wondered. She hasn't had a case of stage fright in years but sitting down here was bringing back all the memories. She touched the small tattoo on her wrist taking peace and calm from it. Written within a star was LQF, an idea that she had no idea would be as large as it had.


Everyone had decided to take over Mike and Tina's place this year. After that first gathering it became an annual event to get together and talk of old times.

"Noah, I have a question for you. As you know I like to do the utmost research in anything I do. But for this I am at a loss as to what to look for"

"Well little Jew I will do my best to help in your search, what can I do?"

"I want to get a tattoo, something special for Quinn"

Puck nods his understanding and as they talk about ideas soon everyone else present had joined in and it turned into a group decision. The next day they all headed out and got matching tattoos although Rachel was the only one with the star.

End Flashback

Smiling at the memory with a little grimace at getting the actual tattoo she slips into her peaceful place. Feeling a hand grip her shoulder she gives herself a mental shake then looks over with a smile at Kurt as he touches his own before returning her attention to the stage waiting for the answer. This is for Quinn, everything is for her she repeats to herself. No matter what happens I have done my best and that's all I can hope for.

"And this year for Broadway best actress the award goes to..."

Thanks again Moment-4-Life for the inspiration for this story!