Legacy of Pie

Len was innocently sitting at the kitchen table of the Vocaloid and UTAU household eating a slice of cherry pie, when Kaito and Gakupo jumped out of nowhere.

"Len, don't you know about the legacy of pie?" Kaito asked.

"No, what legacy?" Len asked, confused. Gakupo began to speak in a creepy and serious voice.

"The legacy of pie is a very important legacy. Think, Len. Take away the last letter of pie. Then add an O as the first letter. Add an A before the I. Now add an extra P alongside the other P."

Len thought for a moment. He thought very, very long and hard.


Kaito and Gakupo then burst into silent laughter, and disappeared under the table, while mysteriously saying simultaneously:


Len suddenly didn't want any more pie.