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Sitting off to the fair side of the training yard, the raven haired First had a perfect view of the group currently making use of the training yard. He could each time the line of 25 went down, paused, and then bounce back up like a line of springs.

He remembered doing this, and still for the life of him still couldn't understand WHY. I mean he knew why He did it, but why a bunch of new Cadets? Cocking his head he caught sight of a smaller group of 3rds and 2nds by the look of the dark blue and purple uniforms pointing and shaking their heads while another took down something a small book and gil exchanged hands.

Oh yah. That's why the Drill Sergeants did it. It had become an Unofficial SOLDIER betting pool to see how long the Greens would follow orders..even ones that didn't make sense at first.

A small shiver went up his spine and he smirked knowing who it was approaching his location without having to turn around. Cocking his head and flashing a smile the First wasn't surprised to catch a flash of gun metal silver hair, and looking further up a pair of green eyes the color of green Materia.

" Oh, Hey Seph. What's up?"

The silver General.. Demon of Wutai and Bane of President ShinRa's rosy white ass stood with a arched eyebrow as he looked between his laze-about Second in Command, and the group of cadets currently doing their best impressions of bouncy balls. " Why are you here, and not finishing your paperwork?"

The raven knowing he could have a little fun with his Best Friend and General, schooled his features into a serious expression and turned to look out back over the drill yard. " I'm watching the PENIS. "

Sharp green eyes blink once, unsure he had correctly heard his SiC. Zack was.. watching WHAT? " You're What?"

" I'm watching the PENIS." Zack kept his laughter to himself, his face and body still held in that completely stillness that meant he was dead serious. He even made sure to keep his mirth out of his voice making it sound flat and monotone.

Knowing that yes in fact he had heard the raven First correctly, the Silver General couldn't stop himself from sighing and reaching up, head slightly bowed to pinch the narrow bridge of his nose right between the eyes-already feeling the headache coming on.

Counting to himself slowly he had to remind himself that NO, he could not infact kick the puppy all the way back to their Office. " Zackary. "

Nonpaused the First continued, " Oh come on Seph- you and I both know this is total PENIS. " Shaking his head the First rolled up to his feet and dusted himself off, grinning a bit he clapped the man standing at his side on the shoulder before turning and linking his hands behind his head started to head back towards the Tower. " See yah Seph. Gotta go, and finish some paperwork."

Still rooted to the spot the General couldn't believe what had just happened, still lost in thought he almost missed the person walking up to him. " You know, he's completely right. " Blinking once the Silver General turned towards the voice, not surprised to see the Director of the Turks there. " This really is a PENIS."

Gaia.. not.. Tseng to. Not bothering to keep the look off his face he shot a long look at the Turk. " I fail to see how a group of cadets resembles…a phallus.

Turning to look up at the man beside him Tseng gave the General a long leveled look. How could this man have spent half his life in the Military and not pick up some of the slang? " General. Do you know what PENIS is?"

" The Male reproductive organ? " What else could a penis be?

Lips quirking up the Turk Director just shook his head and made to continue his walk, pausing however he gave a last look at the group of boys. Many having stopped-bent over trying to catch their breaths others still doing the in place bouncing that would later come in handy as a Soldier. Shaking his head once more he left the still confused General chuckling to himself. Someone would no doubt explain it later.

* Notes. PENIS = pointless exercise not involving Soldiers.