Every word that was dipped in venom

For every tie that was broken.

For every tear that wasn't shed.

For every moment that was left unspoken.

For every touch that I shuddered at.

For every time I ran.

For every bond that was lost.

Sometimes I wished that they would try to understand.

For every time I tried to make it rite

For every time I failed.

For every glare you shot in my direction.

For every time I shuddered at connection.

I felt lost and alone.

For every moment that I was with you.

For every second you were there.

For every minute you understood me.

I could really tell you cared.

For every hour you let me vent.

For every day you just let me mope.

For every week you let me fall.

You never failed to help me back up.

For every year you let me be me.

I felt even closer than before.

For the past decade you were there.

And I couldn't ask for anything more.