Simon tucked River into her small bunk on the space ship Serenity.

He whispered softly "The shot I gave you will help you to sleep."

River replied confusingly "I slept a long time didn't I?"

He said quietly "Just for a little while and then we'll find a place we'll find a safe place."

River reached up with her right hand and gently caressed his face.

She wore a unconvincing look but her eyes calmed once her hand made contact with his face.

It was as if she had to touch him to make sure he was real.

River replied uncertainly "I didn't think you'd come for me."

Simon said with strained adoration "Well you're a dummy I made you a promise didn't I?"

River smiled.

The siblings hugged relieved to be reunited after nearly three years apart.

River whispered happily "I'm glad you came for me, I love you."

Simon whispered back affectionately "I love you, rest now my qīn'ài de tián méi-mei."

Mandarin Translations

qīn'ài de tián méi mei- Dear sweet little sister.