Ismene's Story

Last night, I had a sister. Last night, I had a cousin and an aunt. I try to convince myself that nothing of consequence has taken place. But as I stand here at the edge of a ravine staring at the heavens and the bright shining moon, I remember all I have seen and all I have heard.

My dear sister Antigone, she always seemed so innocent. She always took care of our blind father Oedipus and she has done the same for our departed brother Polyneices. She buried him, knowing it was against the king, knowing that she would be put to death. She must have been blessed by Zeus himself to have such courage. She did what she deemed right and accepted the consequence without fear. Now that she is gone, I wish I could have buried our brother and died with her. As I have told others, I cannot live without her. When I heard the news of Haimon and Queen Eurydice, I realized that Antigone was just as important to them as to me.

Before coming here I wept alone in the palace for some time, longing for my father, mother, brothers and sister. Though I am the last of my family, I have nothing left in this world. I am alone here, cursed to watch my loved ones die because of a sin my father committed long ago. But I do not blame for this, I blame no one. The grief and sadness in my heart has replaced the anger

As I stand here, I know that I am one step away from happiness; the happiness of being with my family again. I have made my decision that will seal my fate. I choose to be happy once again. Father Oedipus, mother Iocaste, brothers Etocles and Polyneices, and dear sister Antigone; I choose to travel to the heavens and into your arms. I take off my silk scarf and place it behind me. Farewell Creon, though it will cause you great pain, I leave you forever.

I face the cliff and stare into the churning ravine beneath my feet. I close my eyes and step off. The fall seems to last so long before I finally strike the cold water. I don't bother to hold my breath as I am swept downstream. I feel water filling my lungs and see a bright light in my mind. Finally, as I leave this world, one word escapes my lips: "Antigone".