"Hey Elliot, what's up?" Genesis asked as she just finished taking care of things inside the chicken coop.

"I came to warn you that there's going to be a snow storm tomorrow, so please don't go outside." Elliot said.

"Thanks for the warning." Genesis said. Elliot gave her a small smile before leaving. Genesis then leaded back to the coop to give her chickens extra feed along with casting a couple warming charms. She then headed to the barn to do the same thing.

After finishing her chores, Genesis headed back inside the house and started to make herself a nice hot cup of coffee when there was a knock at the door. Genesis gave out a confused glance and opened the door.

Vaughn was standing just outside in his usual cowboy outfit except he wore a thick brown jacket instead of his usual vest. Genesis silently stepped aside to let the man in and he did step in, his boot clinking against the wood of her floor.

Genesis then clothed the door behind him and poured another cup of coffee.

"So why are you here Vaughn?" Genesis asked as he handed him the hot cup.

Vaughn took it gratefully and gave a small smile at the green eyed girl. "I wanted to make sure that you're okay before the storm hits tomorrow."

"Really then. Is that why you're early this week?" Genesis asked.

Vaughn nodded. "My boss wanted me to come here a day early so I don't get caught up in the storm."

"That's probably a good idea." Genesis agreed. As the two talked, the wind outside was picking up. When Genesis looked out the window, she gasped. "Well...looks like you're not going to go back to Mirabelle's tonight. The blizzard started early."

Vaughn turned to look and widened his eyes. "I better call Mirabelle then."

"Go ahead." Genesis said.

Genesis lit the fireplace to help heat the house with a quick Incendio while Vaughn was busy on the phone.

After he was done, the lights suddenly went out.

"The blizzard must've cut the power." Vaughn muttered as he made his way to the couch Genesis was lounging in.

The two sat there in an awkward silence before Vaughn took a quick glance at Genesis, who looked back at him. Mesmerized by her emerald green eyes, Vaughn leaned closer, his eyes slowly shutting as he did so. Genesis too was leaning in, soon their lips connected in a chaste kiss. Vaughn felt like his heart was going to explode when their lips touched.

Genesis then raised her hand to cup his cheek, keeping Vaughn close as she slowly started to move her lips over his.

Vaughn gave a small moan at that, it felt like Genesis' lips were pulling his own closer. He then mimicked her actions and soon they were kissing much more passionately than before.

Genesis then was able to slip her tongue into Vaughn's mouth while his lips were parted over hers. Vaughn groaned when he felt her tongue exploring his mouth, occasionally rubbing her tongue against his own. He grew bolder the longer they kissed so he too slipped his own appendage into her mouth, tasting her sweet cavern that tasted faintly of the coffee she just drank.

Soon however, they had to come up for air. The two panted after they broke the kiss, only to jump into another one. Vaughn's heart burst in happiness as he kissed Genesis, wrapping his arms around her waist while she wrapped her arms around his neck. Vaughn groaned in delight when he felt her fingers run through his silver locks, nudging off his hat in the process.

Soon Vaughn leaned back and Genesis got on top of him, sitting on his lap. He started to kiss along her jaw then down her neck. Genesis in return nipped at his sensitive ears, he gave a soft moan when she licked a spot behind his ear.

Vaughn's small moan only encouraged Genesis to go farther so she grounded her herself down on him.

"Ahh!" Vaughn moaned, throwing his head back at the euphoric feeling.

Genesis smirked and did it again, creating a rhythm as she did so. Vaughn's face became flushed, he panted and moaned as she kept rubbing and grinding herself against him in the most sensual ways.

"G-Genesis! I-I don't think w-we should-" Vaughn started but was cut off when Genesis kissed him for a brief moment.

"You really need to learn to stop talking." Genesis said before diving into another kiss, successfully shutting Vaughn up before he could say something else.

Vaughn tried to recuperate by grinding back against her, successful in getting her to make the most arousing sounds. His pants became unbearably tight as he was barely hanging on to the little control he had left.

"Vaughn, I love you." Genesis whispered in a raspy moan.

Vaughn's control then snapped. He lifted the girl off of him and carried her to her bedroom, where he immediately laid her on the bed. He then took off all of his clothes except for his black boxers. Afterwards, he helped Genesis out of her own clothes except for her bra and underwear. When he was done he immediately got on top of her, hovering over her small form.

"I love you too Genesis." Vaughn said before he unclasped her bra.

Genesis shivered slightly at the cool air but gasped when she felt Vaughn kiss her breasts. He took the left nipple into his mouth while he massaged the other breast with his hand. She writhed under Vaughn's ministrations.

When he peeled off her panties however, Genesis immediately snapped her legs shut. Vaughn looked at her with confused eyes before understanding dawned him.

"Don't worry Genesis, there is nothing to be embarrassed about." Vaughn said.

Genesis shook her head stubbornly. "No! I look ugly!"

Vaughn sighed before giving Genesis a deep loving kiss. "You are the most beautiful person to me, there is no one that can compare. Don't be afraid to show me your body Genesis, because I will only worship it."

Genesis blushed fully when Vaughn said that, it sounded so poetic and romantic. Using a little legilimency, she could tell that he meat every word. She then nodded and allowed Vaughn to spread her legs. He immediately buried his face between her thighs, using his fingers to spread her lower lips apart before he started give her entrance small soft licks.

"Ahh! Ohh...mnnnn...so good!" Genesis moaned as she gripped Vaughn's silver hair, loving the feel of Vaughn's tongue.

Vaughn licked and sucked on Genesis' clit as he slipped a finger inside her. Her moans were sweet music to his ears. He soon added another finger before getting to the third.

"Ahh! Ah! I'm c-cumming!" Genesis gasped.

Vaughn decided to finished her off by thrusting his tongue all the way inside her as far as it could go and swirled it around. Genesis practically screamed at the pleasure and came hard.

She laid panting as Vaughn slipped his boxers off, ready to enter her when she flipped him over so that she was on top. Genesis smirked at Vaughn and nudged his large erection.

She kissed around his neck, collarbone, and down his chest, leaving love bites here and there.

Vaughn groaned when Genesis finally reached his aching erection. He gasped slightly when she immediately took the head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it before pushing the tip of it into the slit. Vaughn's hands flew to Genesis' hair as she started to engulf him into her mouth bit by bit.

Vaughn gave a shuddering sigh as Genesis managed to fit his entire length into her mouth. She then gave a hard suck as she started to bob her head and down, taking his sacs into her soft hands and massaged them gently.

"Ahhh...mnn...ngghh...G-Genesis...haaa...ahhh..." Vaughn panted and moaned as she sucked him off. Vaughn didn't know that it would feel this good, to have Genesis go down on him that is. He just wouldn't wait when they actually got to the main part. Imagining himself buried within Genesis made him even more aroused than before if that was possible. "G-Genesis...I-I'm cumming!"

Genesis sucked harder in response and jumped slightly when a slightly salty and bitter substance filled her mouth, but she swallowed it all the same. Vaughn gave out a long groan as he came in several spurts and moaned slightly as Genesis swallowed his cum and cleaned him with her tongue.

After a short recovery, Vaughn became hard again and switched their positions once more. Vaughn then positioned himself at Genesis' entrance, waiting for the signal to continue. After a second he widened his eyes, he had forgotten about protection.

Genesis seemed to have read his mind and nodded. "I'm on the pill, so it's okay."

Vaughn sighed in relief. "A-Are you a virgin?"

Genesis nodded. She never did go all the way with Cedric, but they were close. "Are you?"

Vaughn nodded in response.

"This will hurt...but I will make it as quick as possible." Vaughn said.

Genesis nodded and wrapped her arm's around Vaughn's neck and gave him a deep kiss, signalling that it was okay to start.

Vaughn then gave a quick thrust and broke her innocence in one swift movement, making Genesis cringe at the slight pain she felt. This was nothing compared to the many other things she had been through, like fighting the basilisk in second year for example. Vaughn groaned at the feeling of being inside her, he had had many fantasies of it but it could never compare to the real thing. Vaughn willed himself to stay still until she adjusted, but it was hard when she was so soft and warm around him. Her walls were squeezing him at random intervals and he felt like it was melting. Willing himself not to cum there and then, he gave her face several chaste kisses in order to distract her from the pain.

After a few moments, Genesis moved her hips a little, signalling that it was okay for him to move. Vaughn let out a breath he didn't even know he held and started to move. He started out gentle and slow before steadily picking up the pace. His eyes nearly rolled back from the pleasure he felt.

"Ahh! Ahh! Ah! Mnnn~!" Genesis moaned when the pain and the feeling of the uncomfortable stretch was gone.

"Genesis...you feel so good!" Vaughn moaned as he started to move faster, grunting with every thrust.

"Nghhh...mnnn...ahhh...hahhh...Faster! Harder! Ahhhh~ Vaughn!" Genesis cried out in pleasure, high on the ecstasy Vaughn gave her.

Vaughn groaned when he heard her moan his name, he followed Genesis' command happily. Genesis then wrapped her legs around Vaughn's waist, which made him go deeper into her.

After a few more hard thrusts, Genesis finally came. "Vaughn!"

Genesis' contracting walls were too much and Vaughn came as well, giving out a long throaty moan as he did so. He gave a couple more thrusts before pulling out of her, collapsing at her side.

"You better be my boyfriend after this." Genesis mumbled into his side. Vaughn chuckled.

"Of course." Vaughn agreed, feeling extremely happy. He soon grabbed Genesis and sat her on his stomach as he was propped up by some pillows. "Now...ready for round 2?"

Genesis woke up the next morning feeling a bit sore, they had spent nearly the whole night making love to each other in several different positions. She blushed at the memory but felt extremely happy.

Genesis at the moment was snuggled into Vaughn's chest, which was surprisingly bare of all hair except for the thin and barely visible silver treasure trail below his belly button. Vaughn had his arms around Genesis as he slept. Genesis could still hear the wind blow harshly outside so she decided to just cuddle with Vaughn all day today.

Vaughn then suddenly shifted and opened his eyes sleepily. He blushed when he remembered last night's events before he turned to look at his new girlfriend who was snuggling into his chest happily.

Vaughn chuckled and ran his fingers through Genesis' hair, making her look at up him with her gorgeous green eyes. "That was certainly an interesting way to start a relationship but I can't say that I minded."

Genesis giggled and kissed Vaughn's chest. "I enjoyed it too."

Vaughn smirked lazily and kissed the top of her head. "Yeah, last night was amazing, and so are you."

Genesis blushed and hit his chest lightly, making Vaughn laugh before he smiled at her.

"Your smile is beautiful, you should smile more. I love seeing you smile." Genesis said sincerely.

Now it was Vaughn's turn to blush. "No one...No one has ever said that to me before...thank you."

Genesis smiled at him. "Your welcome. Now then, I'm a but sore so I'm going to take a hot shower. You're more than welcome to join me."

After that, Genesis headed towards her bathroom, stepping over the various articles of clothing that littered the floor. When Vaughn finally registered the sentence in his head, he quickly got out of bed and scrambled after her.

Genesis sighed happily as she cooked Vaughn and herself brunch, omelette rice. She was wearing only her bathrobes with nothing but her underwear and bra underneath. Vaughn was currently in the living room restarting the fire in the fireplace by adding more wood.

Genesis jumped slightly however when she felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist. Genesis giggled slightly as she felt lips kiss their way up her neck.

"Looks good." Vaughn said from behind her, giving her cheek and neck some feathery kisses. Vaughn too was wearing a bathrobe. Genesis turned to him and gave him a short kiss on the lips before she turned back to her cooking. She then served the fried rice onto two plates before placing a omelette onto each one. She set the two dishes onto the table along with a bottle of ketchup.

"Delicious." Vaughn said as he took a bite.

"Thank you." Genesis said, smiling.

Luce suddenly came in, he had been sleeping in a mall room that he called his own. He sat at Genesis' feet and looked up at her.

"Sorry Luce, I'll feed you right now." Genesis before getting up. She went to Luce's room and opened up the small storage room. Inside was specially charmed to keep anything inside fresh, including raw meat. So Genesis levitated a dead ferret from the hook it was hanging on and dropped it onto the ground where Luce immediately tore into it. She then closed and locked the door before leaving. The room would vanish any leftovers and messes that Luce would make after he was done.

When Genesis came back, she washed her hands before digging into her meal again, noticing that Vaughn was already done.

"What were you doing?" Vaughn asked.

"Feeding Luce, he usually hunts for himself but occasionally on days like this I feed him." Genesis said with a shrug.

"What do you feed him?" Vaughn asked.

"Rabbits, gophers, weasels, ferrets, rats, groundhogs, or any other small animals." Genesis replied. "I'm not proud of it but that's just the way it goes."

Vaughn nodded in understanding. Luce was a wolf after all, he needed to eat meat, it was in his nature and blood.

"So, since we're stuck here for the whole day, what do you want to do? The power is back on thankfully so we can just relax all day if you want." Genesis suggest as she finished her omelette rice and set the dishes into the dishwasher.

Vaughn smirked slightly and picked Genesis up and sat her on his lap on the couch in the living room. "I can think of a few things we can do..."

Genesis smirked back at him. "Really now?" Genesis asked before Vaughn kissed her full on the lips.

"Yes." Vaughn said between kisses.