Yeah, I'm going to try and get Ch 18 of OotB uploaded, it's just with school, work and the new house and all, it's a bit difficult to find the time to update. And sometimes, I just lose the motivation to think of new ideas for the ch after time. But here's an idea I came up with after reading a Pokémon one shot done by my good friend I'm My Own OC. Pokémon has always been one of my long lasting and undying hobbies, next to Star Wars and Ben 10. So bear with me, and let's get started. DISCLAIMER: I own nothing of Pokemon except for the concept of my OC and his Pokemon. All ownership goes to the legendary and fantastic creator of Pokémon himself, Satoshi Tajiri, whom is one of my idols, and whom like me, also had Asbergers growing up, which is maybe why I get into it so much.




Adam, a boy around the age of 18, sat comfortably in the black leather covered chair in his bedroom, his old vintage Cobalt blue DS shining brightly in his room around 10 o'clock at night. Two games are inserted in the video game system that is by product standards, very old. He had gotten in at the age of 12 when his family and he were visiting relatives on his mom's side in Mississippi. The story of how he got it itself was a very interesting on. Before purchasing it, he owned a flame red Game Boy Advanced SP which he got for Christmas around 2 years before... well, it reached its end. His Game Boy sat on the floor of a room in his aunt and uncle's house still on with a charger plugged into its back. On the bed above it was one of the many suitcases his family brought with them on vacation filled with essentials for the trip. For whatever reason, (I forget because it's been so long, I don't even remember why.) Adam rolled the black velvet case off the bed in search of something. (Now that I think back at it, maybe it was a toy I was looking for or something.) But unfortunately, the case fell to the floor, dead onto the system lying there unprotected by its crash to the ground. When he rolled it over, he was horrified to find its fragile screen cracked and broken beyond repair. His one method of entertainment was instantly shattered before him, cut down after only 2 years of being owned. He was distraught, upset and depressed, but then, an idea came to him. He knew that the next generation of Pokémon games, titled Diamond and Pearl, would be coming out on the DS system, which could ALSO play old Game Boy Advance titles as well. So, in a cleverly devised plan that exceeded his years, and a $150 loan from his parents, he purchased at a local Wal-Mart his first Nintendo DS system. It was a simple product compared to the later versions released, but he treated it with great care and love, careful not to have the same fate as his poor SP fall before it. And 6 years later, when Pokémon Black and White came out, it was still intact and usable as it was when the day it was purchased. But the system itself was no where even near as valuable as the games it sheltered over the years. Adam's all time favorite was his Pokémon Ruby version, his pride and joy whom he had owned the longest and unwiped out of ANY of the games he had previously played, close to 10 years. The two Pokémon inside it that he cherished the most were his Sceptile and Salamence, the two best Pokémon he raised in his time playing the games. Right now, he was playing his White Version, which was cool, considering it had a badass title mascot like Zekrom, the first ever Electric/Dragon combination. But no game could ever could compare to his old and grand Ruby Version. If ever were the world of Pokémon real, he would travel it with his two best guys. Sceptile, his Docile but strong Grass type starter whom he had an undying friendship with, at least with his Trainer inside the game in terms of Friendship levels, and Salamence, the reliable Dragon/Flying type that served as his mount for flying around the map of the game. He had raised him from a little Bagon he found in Meteor Falls, and since then had become a Pokémon who's strength would give even Sceptile a run for his money. He would imagine that those two, after being with each other for so long, would have a brotherly love for each other after battling along side one another against Team Magma, its leader Maxie, and the Hoenn Elite Four with the Champion Steven Stone serving as its leader. Right now on his White Version, he had just finished the main gameplay section, just recently beating the sinister Ghetsis, who manipulated his "son" N, King of Team Plasma, into making the Trainers of Unova release their Pokémon so that they could form a world of their own. N was very unaware that the real reason for doing this was so that Ghetsis would be the only person owning Pokémon and be able to rule the world with no resistance.

"Heh, I thought there was a catch to Team Plasma's motives." Adam thought to himself. "The reason N was fed sounded at least half noble, why would any evil team do that?"

Still, he couldn't help but feel bad for the poor young boy, being manipulated from birth only to be discarded when no longer needed. He wished that there was some way he could have been helped, but he was just of course a video game character. Adam also pondered if he would ever had been friends with characters like N or Ash Ketchum if they were real. Suddenly, just as Looker enters the home of Adam's mother and him, the DS system abruptly shuts down instantly with no explanation.

"Wah! What the hell!" Adam shouts out loud in a bit of anger. "I KNOW I charged this damn thing last night before going to bed!"

But then before he can say or do anything else, a sound resembling a crackle of lightning draws his attention up towards the ceiling of his room. Sure enough, small bolts of blue lightning-like electricity begin to dance in a circle around him.

"What the hell..." He utters in pure fear by what was going on.

Just then, his DS system begins to shake uncontrollably in his hands. The Ruby version inserted then snaps out from its cartridge and hovers in front of the scared young man. And then, just when Adam's thought things couldn't get any weirder, a bright and encasing blue beam of energy shoots out from the ceiling, covering his entire chair in a dazzling and blinding display of light before disappearing, with Adam gone from sight completely.

End of Prologue. So, how bout it for a start? I just loved detailing part of my history of my years playing Pokémon, it's like I'm chronicalling a timeline of my life of some sort. Hope that doesn't sound too narcissistic. Anyways, next Ch will show where I end up and who I meet. Be sure to review and subscribe, or not, your call. Peace out!