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Note: This is (mostly) a prompt-based story. I'll start it off, but I'm going to ask you, the readers, to prompt me via review of what you want to see happen next. I will ask you to stick to Glee actors and actresses, not Glee characters, and try to keep it at least PG, PG-13 (no R-rated/M-rated prompts, please). When you prompt me, be sure to put which people you want involved and be specific on whether it's a truth or a dare. Questions? Feel free to send me a PM.

Synopsis: The Glee cast gets bored late one night on set and decide to play a game of Truth or Dare. Hilarity and some surprising events occur.

"I'm so bored," Mark complained.

"Bored? There's never a boring day on Glee," Chris joked.

"I'm kind of bored, too," Chord admitted.

"I mean, we have nothing to do until Jane and Matt are done with their scenes," Mark pointed out. "And then I think Matt and Jayma have a scene. We're not needed for at least an hour or two."

"Let's play Truth or Dare," Lea blurted out.

"Oh, no," Damian groaned. "The last time I played that was on the set of The Glee Project, and, well…"

"Oh, this sounds interesting," Darren raised his triangular eyebrows in curiosity.

"It was nothing," Damian blushed.

"Actually, I remember that night," Sam Larsen spoke up.

"Never speak of that again," Damian threatened lightly.

"Do tell us," Chris was slightly amused by this conversation.

"No, thanks," Damian said quietly.

"You don't have to," Dianna assured him. "But I'll admit, it would be fun to play Truth or Dare. I mean, we all did that at some point in high school, and we're practically in high school right now."

"Truth or Dare, Truth or Dare," Lea chanted.

"All in favor?" Mark asked. All hands except Damian and Chris shot up. "Outvoted, you two," Mark grinned wickedly.

"This is going on Twitter," Kevin whipped out his phone.

"This is so much fun!" Lea squealed. "Okay, so we should set some ground rules."

"Agreed," Jenna piped up. "Let's try to keep it PG-13, guys."

"Aw man," Cory pouted. "You're no fun."

Naya glared at him. "And nothing lethal." She shot a particular glance over at Mark.

"Or illegal," Heather seconded the look to Mark.

"Girls suck the fun out of everything," Mark groaned. "Fine, fine. Nothing dangerous or illegal or sexual."

"Kissing is fine, though," Chord nodded in agreement. "And underwear."

"Let's do it!" Cory pumped his first in excitement.

Send me your prompts, guys! Of course, I have a few of my own that I may use from time to time. Otherwise, it's totally up to you!