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Note: Okay, so we're also going with theatre4life, where they have to go on-set and interrupt a scene, pissing everyone else off.

"Oh wow," Kevin laughed.

Chris snapped his head over in his direction. "You just Tweeted that, didn't you?"

"Does the fact that 'THEY KISSED' is trending yet again say anything?"

"Screw you," Chris narrowed his eyes, making a note to get revenge on Kevin later.

"Don't mess with those CrissColfer fans," Lea warned him. "They're…vicious."

"Tumblr still gives me nightmares," Chris shuddered. "And don't get me started on all the fan-fiction people write about me and Darren!"

"The M-rated ones are the scariest," Darren agreed.

There was an awkward pause. "So, um, Chris, are you going to ask someone something now?" Heather asked.

Chord coughed something that sounded vaguely like "Mark", and Chris took the hint.

"Mark," he breathed. "Truth or dare?"

"In the style of Noah Puckerman, I'm gonna have to go with dare."

"Excellent," Chris put on a 'Kurt Hummel' face, devious and cunning. "I dare you to do the following: you will hold hands with me, run on set with me, interrupt Jane and Matt's scene, telling them all that you and I are madly in love. Kissing me is optional."

"Christopher Paul Colfer," Mark grinned widely. "You are a true badass. Let's do this!"

"Oh my God," Lea grabbed Dianna's hand. "He's really going to do this!"

"This is so going on Twitter," Kevin's thumbs moved over his keypad.

"You're obsessed with Twitter," Naya rolled her eyes. She reached for Kevin's phone, trying to grab it and take it away.

"My baby!" Kevin quickly shoved it in his pants pocket.

"Is this normal?" Sam looked around incredulously.

"Sadly, yes," Dianna murmured.

"Come on, Marky," Chris reached for Mark's hand, pulling him to his feet.

"This is going to be so much fun," Mark laughed. He and Chris ran to where "Sue Sylvester's" office was and listened outside the door; sure enough, Jane and Matt were shooting a scene together as "Sue and Will".

"One…two…three," Chris whispered, and they ran in together, holding hands and skipping around the room.

"What the hell?" Matt looked thoroughly confused.

"We just had to tell you," Chris said breathlessly, a natural actor.

"Tell us what?" Jane looked amused.

"We're in love," Mark brought Chris's hand to his lips, kissing it smoothly.

"…you're in love," Matt repeated.

"Madly, passionately!" Chris declared. "Mark and Chris, forever!"

"Congratulations," Jane smirked. She'd been around long enough to know exactly what was going on. "Invite me to the wedding, okay?"

"We will," Chris said. "It shouldn't be too long. We just can't wait any longer!"

"It was only a matter of time," Mark leaned down to peck Chris on the lips. "Well, we're sorry for interrupting your scene. We just had to tell someone, and since Matt is kind of like our on-set dad, he had to be the first to know."

"Thank you?" Matt still appeared confused.

"Bye!" Chris waved cheerily, tugging Mark behind him. They managed to wait until they got down the hall back to the greenroom before laughing hysterically.

"Oh man, that was awesome!" Mark crowed.

"Can't stop laughing…sides hurt…" Chris groaned.

"Dude, that rocked," Mark high-fived the younger man. "And thanks, you just gave me a brilliant idea for what to dare someone to do later."

Matt turned to Jane. "What the hell was that all about?"

"Truth or dare," she smiled knowingly. "The kids play it all the time."

"Are you sure? They seemed serious."

"Trust me. They've done this before, to me and Dot. Not Chris and Mark, but I do recall Kevin and Chord did pretty much the same thing. It's just something they do when they're bored. It's harmless," she reassured him.

"I'll yell at them later," Ian Brennan, who was directing that episode, rolled his eyes.

"Did you do it?" Lea practically bounced as they ran back.

"Yep," Mark's eyes shone. "Matt totally fell for it!"

"Best night ever," Chris added.

"And thanks to Chris here, I know just what to do next," Mark smiled deviously.

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