A story for Im going crazy (Haruka x Kazemaru) [One-shot]

Normal P.O.V.

-On the soccer field. After school. Monday afternoon-

''Sugoi…'' A girl with waist-length, wavy, black hair, which she tied up using a red ribbon whispered.

She stood behind a tree and her brown eyes were pointed at the soccer field.

''Azumi Haruka, what the heck are you doing there?'' A girl asked the girl behind the tree.

Haruka shocked.

''Kino-san!'' She shouted.

Aki shook her head.

''What are you doing behind that tree?'' She asked Haruka.

Haruka blushed.

''N-Nothing.'' She lied.

Aki smiled.

''If you want to watch the soccer practice, you could just have asked me. Now it looks like you're spying on people.'' She said laughing.

Haruka laughed too.

''I guess I'm too shy to ask.'' She said to Aki.

Aki nodded.

''I know it's your first day here and everything is scary, but you don't have to be afraid of me. I'm your neighbor!'' She said.

Haruka nodded.

''Yeah… I'm sorry, Kino-san.'' She said.

Aki shook her head again.

''How many times do I have to tell you, you can call me Aki.'' She said laughing.

Haruka blushed.

''O-Ok, Aki-san.'' She said.

Aki laughed.

''Close enough. Well, are you coming with me or not?'' She asked Haruka.

''H-Hai, I'm coming.'' Haruka replied.

She left her tree and walked behind Aki to the soccer field. Everybody turned around to see who Aki brought along. It made Haruka really nervous.

''M-Maybe I shouldn't be here. I guess I'm leaving.'' Haruka said nervous.

''No, don't be silly. Everybody is just curious who you are. They've never seen you before, right?'' Aki said.

Haruka nodded.

''That's true.'' She replied.

Aki smiled. She let Haruka meet with Haruna, Fuyuka and coach Kudou.

''Nice to meet you, Azumi-san.'' Fuyuka and Haruna said.

Haruka smiled anime-style.

''Nice to meet you girls too.'' She replied.

Then, she sat down next to the three girls.

''So, do you practice everyday?'' Haruka asked the others.

They nodded.

''Being a manager is a tough job.'' Haruna said.

''But it sure is fun.'' Fuyuka replied smiling.

Haruka nodded understandable. She pointed her eyes on the field again and watched the actions of the boys. Her eyes rested on a boy with long, blue hair who was currently running very fast.

''Who's that?'' Haruka asked Aki.

''That's Kazemaru.'' Aki replied. ''He's most of the time a midfielder for the team. He's really fast.''

''I noticed.'' Haruka said impressed.

She followed his movements.

''Goenji!'' Kazemaru shouted.

He passed the ball towards a boy with platinum blond hair, who jumped into the air.

''Bakunetsu Screw!'' Goenji shouted.

The ball whizzed in Tachimukai's goal.

''Sugoi…'' Haruka whispered.

''Nice pass, Kazemaru.'' Goenji complimented Kazemaru.

''Nice goal.'' Kazemaru returned the compliment.

''Are you familiar with Hissatsu Techniques?'' Haruna asked Haruka.

Haruka nodded.

''Yes, I know about them.'' She replied.

''Really? And do you play soccer?'' Fuyuka asked curious.

Haruka nodded again.

''Yes, I used to play soccer. But my parents didn't allow me to play it. They want me to be a famous orchestra player. I play the piano and the violin.'' She explained.

''Sugoi.'' The girls replied.

''But since I've moved, my father told me I could play soccer again if I wanted to.'' Haruka said.

''That's amazing!'' Haruna said.

''Show us something!'' Fuyuka continued.

Haruka started laughing.

''N-No. I'm way too shy for that.'' She said.

''Oh, come on.'' The girls begged.

I sighted.

''Maybe later, okay? But not now. It's my first day!'' Haruka said.

The girls pouted. Haruka smiled and continued watching the game. Her eyes rested on Kazemaru again. After a while, Kazemaru noticed the new girl was looking at him. He turned his glare towards Haruka and winked. Haruka immediately started to blush.

''Did you girls saw that?'' Haruka asked Fuyuka and Aki.

They both nodded.

''Looks like Kazemaru noticed you.'' Aki said with a grin.

''What's that supposed to mean?'' Haruka asked suspicious.

''Oh, nothing.'' Aki replied.

She started to giggle with the other girls. Haruka sighted. Then, a ball rolled in front of her feet.

''Hey, can you play it back please?'' Kazemaru asked.

Haruka smiled. She stood up and started to dribble forward with the ball. Is this a good idea? She passed some midfielders. Too bad, you already begun with it.

''Na-Nane yo?'' Goenji asked, while he observed Haruka.

Haruka stopped in front of Endou's goal. Endou clapped in his hands.

''All right, bring it.'' He said with a grin.

Haruka smiled and jumped in mid-air. She kicked the ball with her heel.

''Moonlight Sonata!'' She shouts.

''Nane?'' Toramaru shouted.

''A Hissatsu Technique?'' Kidou continued.

''This is looking interesting.'' Goenji said with a smile.

Endou tried to catch the ball, but was unable to catch it. It whizzed into the goal. Haruka smiled happily.

''Jeej!'' She squealed.

The others couldn't say a word. They only could look impressed at her.

''Wow, that was… amazing.'' Endou said.

''Thanks.'' Haruka replied.

''What's your name?'' Endou asked.

''I'm Azumi Haruka.'' Haruka said.

''Azumi-san, right? That was an amazing shot.'' Kazemaru said to Haruka, while he walked towards her and Endou.

''Arigato.'' She replied with a blush to him.

Somehow, she felt attracted by him.

''You look like a shy girl. Who would have thought you could play soccer that well.'' Kazemaru continued.

Haruka's blush increased.

''Well, thank you.'' She replied.

She quickly ran back to her spot next to the managers. Haruka saw coach Kudou standing next to Fuyuka with a smile.

''That was quite impressive.'' He said to Haruka.

''Thanks.'' Haruka replied shy.

''Would you like to become a part of the team?'' Coach Kudou asked.

''Me? A part of the team?'' Haruka asked full of disbelieve.

Coach Kudou nodded.

''Yeah, you would fit in nice.'' He said.

Haruka thought about it for a little while.

''Hmmm… okay.'' She said with a smile.

''Yay!'' The three girls on the bench shouted.

Haruka blushed.

''I don't understand. One, I'm not a good player and two, I don't have soccer stuff.'' She said.

Coach Kudou smiled.

''Don't worry. You're getting everything you need from me.'' He said.

He handed her a soccer outfit.

''By looking at your movement, I guess you're a midfielder.'' Coach Kudou said.

''Y-Yeah, that's right.'' Haruka replied.

''Do you know more Hissatsu Techniques?'' Fuyuka asked.

Haruka nodded.

''Yeah, but I'll show you them on the field later.'' She said.

The managers smiled.

''Here is your outfit and everything else you need. I expect you tomorrow after school here.'' Coach Kudou said.

He handed Haruka her stuff.

''Arigato!'' Haruka said with sparkling eyes.

She let her fingers glide over her new uniform.

''For now, you can go home if you want to.'' Coach Kudou said.

Haruka nodded.

''Hai, there's a lot of stuff I need to do.'' She said.

''We understand.'' Aki replied.

''Well, see you all tomorrow!'' Haruka said, while she putted her new outfit into her bag.

''See you tomorrow!'' The girls replied.

Then, Haruka walked away from the field and headed home.

''Me? A part of the soccer team already? And that on the first day here!'' Haruka said excited to herself.

She squealed with her eyes closed. Then, she saw her house coming up in front of her, right next to Aki's. I walked on the path that led to the front door and entered my house.

''Oka-san, Oto-san, I'm home!'' I shouted.

''Welcome home.'' My mother replied to me.

She was sitting down at the kitchen table. Her father looked strict.

''Where have you been, young lady? I thought your school finished an our ago.'' He said.

Haruka blushed a bit.

''Well, I visited the soccer practice at my school and guess what, I'm a member of the soccer team.'' She said.

Her mother looked happy, but m father seemed to have some struggles with it.

''Hmmm… all right. Well, I told you that I allowed it, as long as your orchestra plays don't suffer underneath it.'' Haruka's father said.

Haruka nodded.

''Hai, I'll start practicing right away.'' She said, while she made a little bow towards her parents.

Then, she left the kitchen and walked towards her bedroom. She picked up her violin from it's standard and opened her music sheet book.

''Let's see… A little Beethoven maybe?'' She said.

She laid her chin on her violin and started to play. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sound that her violin bonded her with. After an hour, Haruka walked downstairs again for dinner.

''What are we eating today for dinner?'' She asked her mother.

''Noodles.'' She replied.

''Yay, I love noodles.'' Haruka said.

She washed her hands and sat down at the kitchen table.

''Don't forget to play the piano after dinner.'' Haruka's father reminded her.

''Hai, I won't forget.'' Haruka replied.

Then, her mother putted a scale full of noodles in front of her.

''Itadakimasu!'' Haruka said.

Then, she started to eat her noodles.

''Delicious.'' She said.

Her mother smiled.

''I'm glad to hear that, honey.'' She replied to Haruka.

After Haruka finished her noodles, she waited for her parents to be ready. Then, she did the dishes and walked towards the living room. She led her hand stroke over the piano. Then, she sat down on the piano chair and laid her fingers on the keys. Her feet found the pedal.

''Mozart…'' Haruka mumbled, while she looked at the music sheets in her piano book.

She started to play the first notes and practiced for an hour.

''That's enough.'' Haruka said after the hour finished.

She stood up and went to see her parents.

''I'm taking a shower and go to bed.'' Haruka announced.

Her parents nodded.

''Sleep well, dear.'' Her mother said.

''Don't forget that you have the big showcase from your orchestra tomorrow.'' My father reminded her.

Haruka smiled.

''How could I forget? We've been practicing for months.'' She said.

Her father smiled.

''Well, good luck. We'll meet you tomorrow evening by the concert building.'' He said.

Haruka nodded.

''Well, good night.'' She said.

Then, she walked up the stairs, took a shower, pulled on her pajamas and brushed her teeth. She looked into the mirror and smiled. Then, she went back to her room and turned off the light.

''Good night.'' She whispered, while she crawled in her bed.

Haruka closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Kazemaru's P.O.V.

-The next day. School yard-

''Ohayo, Kazemaru-san.'' Everybody greeted me when I entered the school yard.

''Ohayo, minna.'' I replied to them.

I walked towards my friends and started talking about soccer and what we're going to do today.

''I have to come along with my parents who visit a big orchestra in the concert building this evening.'' I said with a sight.

''Oh, come on. That's not so bad.'' Haruna said.

''But I don't like orchestra music. And I have to wear a tuxedo.'' I mumbled.

''Kawaii.'' Aki said. ''I'm coming too. There's a friend who plays in the orchestra.''

Everybody smiled and talked further. Then, I saw Haruka enter the school yard.

''Ohayo, Azumi-san.'' I said to her.

''Ohayo, Kazemaru-san.'' She replied to me.

I smiled.

''And? Ready for soccer practice today?'' I asked her.

She nodded.

''Yes, I'm really excited!'' She replied.

I smiled.

''That's good. I'm curious to see how you'll play in the team.'' I said.

She blushed a bit.

''Let's hope I'm doing well.'' She said a bit nervous.

''After what we saw from you yesterday, we're sure it's going to be all right.'' I said.

Haruka smiled.

''Arigato.'' She replied.

She sure is cute… I shook my head. What am I thinking…

''Kazemaru-san? Something wrong?'' Haruka asked at me.

I shook my head.

''No, no… just a little thought.'' I replied.

She smiled anime-style at me.

''Hihi, was it a nice thought?'' She asked me.

I started to blush.

''Yes, it was…'' I replied.

Then, the school bell rang.

''Well, let's go inside.'' Haruka said.

I still blushed a bit.

''H-Hai.'' I replied.

She grabbed my hand and dragged me into the school with a laugh. I turned red again.

''A-Azumi-san!'' I said.

Haruka laughed again. I smiled and actually didn't want to be let go. Just a little longer…

Haruka's P.O.V.

-Time skip. After school. Soccer field-

Everybody walked towards the dressing rooms. I had a dressing room for my own, because of the fact that I was a girl. Aki came along and helped me with the stuff.

''Are you nervous for this evening's concert?'' She asked me.

I nodded.

''Yeah… I don't know if my violin skills are that good.'' I replied.

Aki smiled at me.

''Don't worry. I'm sure that you'll play beautifully.'' She said to me.

I smiled at her.

''Arigato, Aki-san.'' I replied to her.

Aki smiled anime-style. When I finished changing, I walked outside the dressing room along with Aki.

''Show them what you've got!'' Aki said with a wink.

''A-Arigato.'' I replied.

I entered the field and felt I was really nervous. Don't worry. Just play like you did yesterday.

''Azumi-san, are you ready?'' I heard Endou' voice from behind me.

I turned around and gave him a thumbs up. Then, the practice match started. I stood on the right side of the middle field. I saw Hiroto coming closer. I decided to make a slide and luckily, I stole the ball from him. I smiled, but then I started to panic a bit. I was on the ball now, but I knew nobody's name, except for…

''Kazemaru-san!'' I shouted, while I kicked the ball towards him.

He ran forward and kicked the ball to the platinum blond boy.

''Goenji!'' He shouted.

''Ah!'' Goenji replied.

He took the ball and looked at Fubuki, who was running beside him. They smiled. They ran next to each other and suddenly, came together.

''Crossfire!'' They shouted in union, while they kicked the ball at the same time.

It whizzed toward Tachimukai.

''Maou The Hand!'' He shouted, while he stopped the ball.

''Sugoi, Tachimukai!'' Goenji and Fubuki praised him.

Tachimukai blushed a bit.

''A-Arigato, guys.'' He said.

Then, he threw the ball back in the field. The game went on like that. I ran as fast as I could and managed to steal the ball a few times. After a while, Haruna blew her whistle and told us that practice was over. I was exhausted.

''Good training, minna.'' Coach Kudou said.

''Hai!'' Everybody replied.

We fetched our water bottles and drank some water.

''I'm glad we have you in the team now.'' Kazemaru said to me.

I blushed.

''A-Arigato. That's really sweet.'' I replied.

He winked at me. Then, he left the field. I watched his back.

''Bye, Kazemaru-san.'' I whispered.

Kazemaru's .P.O.V.

When I entered my house, my parents were already waiting for me.

''Ichirouta, take a shower. You're tux is already lying on your bed.'' My mother said to me.

She wore a long, violet dress with silver heels underneath it. She wore a pearl necklace and pearl earrings. My father wore his black suit with a dark blue tie and Italian shoes. I sighted.

''Hai, mom.'' I replied.

Then, I walked up the stairs, took a shower and walked inside my room. I saw the tux lying on my bed, waiting to be worn. I sighted again. I pulled it on and fixed my hair a bit, so it would look nice. I only couldn't manage to tie my ribbon the right way, so I walked downstairs to ask my mom.

''Hey mom, can you…''

''Ichirouta, you look so handsome!'' My mother squealed.

I sweat dropped.

''Yeah… uhmm. Can you fix my ribbon?'' I asked her.

She tied it the right way for me and I looked at my dad. He winked at me.

''Watch out for the girls, Ichi. You have to slam them away from you with that tux.'' He said teasingly to me.

I sighted.

''No, not you too…'' I said.

''My my, don't make such a big fuss about it. You look amazing.'' My mother said.

I decided to shut my mouth. We ate dinner and then we stepped into my father's car.

''Well, there we go.'' He said.

''Jeej.'' I said sarcastic, while I looked outside the window.

Then we drove away.

Haruka's P.O.V.

I stood backstage in the concert building, trying to control my breath. I sighted deep.

''Don't worry, Haruka. It'll be fine.'' Gayumi, my orchestra friend said.

I smiled at her.

''Thanks, Gayumi. I'm just really nervous.'' I said to her.

She smiled.

''I'm scared too.'' She said. ''I have a flute solo!''

I smiled at her.

''Good luck. I know it's going to be fine.'' I said to her.

''And you're gonna shine too.'' She said to me.

We hugged each other.

''By the way, you look stunning!'' Gayumi said to me.

I wore a long, white strapless dress with white pumps. I also wore a diamond necklace, diamond earrings and a white hair hand in my hair, which I wore loose for one time. I wore foundation, lipgloss, eyeliner and mascara. The pink blush on my cheeks wasn't from the make-up. That was because I was nervous.

''Thanks, Gayumi. You look nice too.'' I said to her.

Gayumi wore a half-long, red, strapless dress with black pumps and golden earrings and a golden necklace.

''Arigato.'' She replied to me.

''Minna, three minutes.'' Our leader said.

We both sighted and went to our seats in the orchestra behind the curtains.

''Good luck!'' Gayumi said quick to me.

''You too!'' I replied to her.

Then, I sat down at my chair with my violin ready.

''Minna, take your positions!'' Our leader said.

I laid my chin on my violin and then, the curtain opened. I looked into the concert hall and it was entirely filled with people. Women in chique dresses and men in tuxedo's. I took a deep breath and started the performance, which was going to take two hours. Everything went flawless and as the minutes went by, I started to smile and relax more and more. After the last part, everybody in the hall stood up and clapped. I smiled, stood up and bowed, along with the other musicians. Then, the curtains closed again. Gayumi and I ran toward each other.

''Oh my gosh, that was so awesome!'' She shouted.

''I know!'' I replied back, full of adrenaline.

''You all did a great job!'' Our leader said.

We all smiled, got roses and left the stage. When we entered the canteen, I already saw Aki standing by my parents.

''Great job, Haruka-san!'' Aki said to me.

''Arigato!'' I said, while I smiled.

She handed me a white flower. I bowed. Then, I looked at my parents.

''And?'' I asked nervous.

They smiled proud.

''It was lovely.'' My mother said.

''Not one mistake from you.'' My father said.

''Arigato!'' I replied happy, while I made a bow.

I looked around and saw that everybody was having a good time. Then, I saw the balcony outside.

''I think I'm gonna get some air.'' I excused myself against my parents and Aki.

They nodded and smiled. I walked on the balcony. Luckily, I was alone. I stared over the little garden that laid behind the concert building.

''Sugoi…'' I whispered.

''Azumi-san?'' I heard behind me.

I turned around and saw Kazemaru standing. I looked totally surprised.

''Kazemaru-san! What are you doing here?'' I asked him.

Kazemaru smiled.

''My parents dragged me along. But now I'm happy that I came.'' He said to me.

I felt butterflies in my stomach.

''I didn't knew you could play the violin.'' He said to me.

I smiled at him.

''I almost play it for eight years now.'' I told him.

''Wow, that's long.'' He said.

He went standing next to me and we gazed over the garden.

''Azumi-san?'' I heard besides me.

I turned my head into his direction.

''Nane?'' I asked.

Then, I felt his lips on mine. I looked shocked. Oh my gosh, he's kissing me! Then, I closed my eyes, relaxed and returned the kiss. This is how a perfect evening has to end.

~ End of Story~