A lovely past

One Shot for InaZumaElle, aka Korosu Elle, my amazing friend!

Normal P.O.V.

A woman with waist-length, straight, dark red hair and big, brown eyes opened the door of a white-brick house with a red roof and flowers in front of the door. Once she opened the door, two girls, one with the age of six, the other nine, dashed inside.

''Obaa-san! Obaa-san! We're here!'' The girl from six shouted.

She had mid-back, bright red hair and big, brown eyes. Her hair was in a braid on her back and she was jumping on her spot. The girl from nine, with knee-length, brown hair and green eyes, rolled with her eyes.

''Natsuka, don't be so noisy!''

The small girl, named Natsuka, stuck out her tongue.

''Onee-chan is mean!''

The elder sister, Mitsuri, rolled another time with her eyes. At that point, an elderly-looking woman arrived.

''Well, well. You're already here.''

''Obaa-san!'' The two girls exclaimed, while they hugged their grandmother.

The woman who stood in the hallway, smiled.

''You're looking well, mother.''

The elder woman smiled at her child.

''Ranuka, pretty as ever.''

Ranuka smiled and walked towards her children.

''Be nice to your grandmother when I'm gone, all right?''


Ranuka kissed her mother and disappeared, leaving Natsuka and Mitsuri with their grandmother.

''Obaa-san, tell us a story!'' Natsuka cheered.

Their grandmother laughed.

''All right, all right. Follow me then.''

After the girls were installed on the couch with a glass of lemonade, their grandmother took place on the armchair in opposite of them and smiled.

''Obaa-san, where is Ojii-san?'' Mitsuri asked.

''Ojii-san is out. He'll be back in an hour.''

She leaned back in her armchair.

''Well well, what kind of story do you girls want to hear?''

''A romantic one!'' Mitsuri said.

''With a princess!'' Natsuka added.

Their grandmother laughed.

''There's a story I know, but it's without a princess. But the girl IS quite special.''

''Tell us! Tell us!'' The two sisters chimed.

Their grandmother laughed again.

''Okay, I'll tell. It's a story, involving around two people of 14 years old, many years ago.''

On a hot summer day, a group of soccer players were playing soccer by the riverbank. Three girls and an adult man sat on a bench and watched the boys play.

''Okay everyone, that's all.'' Coach Hibiki ordered.

The boys stopped and headed towards the managers, who handed out towels and water bottles.

''Good job, everyone!'' Endou said towards everybody with a smile.

''Endou, are you going to the steel tower plaza?'' Kazemaru asked the captain.

''Of course! A keeper can't train enough!'' Endou replied, while he flexed his muscled.

The group laughed.

''See you all tomorrow.''


''Until tomorrow!''

Once everybody was gone, Endou headed towards his beloved steel tower plaza. Once he got there, he gave a swing at his tire and got into position. Just as he was about to block the tire, a girl walked up the stairs and stopped in her tracks. Her straight, red hair that was just below her shoulder got blown back by the wind blast that came from Endou's catch and she closed her green eyes in protection.

''Wow, what a catch.'' She finally said, once she opened her eyes again.

Endou turned around and spotted the girl.

''Ah, gomen. Did you got bothered by it?''

''Just a little, but it doesn't matter.'' The girl replied.

Endou extended his hand.

''Hi, I'm Endou Mamoru.''

The girl shook his hand.

''Korosu Elle.'' She replied with a grin.

She was wearing a pair of denim shorts, a black T-shirt and some sneakers.

''Do you come here often?'' Elle asked.

''Every day.'' Endou replied, while he looked to the side and watched the view that he had from the plaza.

''It is a beautiful place.'' Elle said.

Endou nodded.

''I always practice here,'' Endou replied. ''Though I've never seen you here before.''

Elle smiled.

''I just moved here yesterday.''

''Ah, so you're new in Inazuma Town.''

The red-head nodded.

''Welcome to town! It's an amazing place!'' Endou said.

Elle smiled and watched the view.

''It's not very big, though.''

''Does a town need to be big to be nice?'' Endou asked.

Elle grinned.

''That's not what I meant.''

Endou smiled.

''So you play soccer?'' Elle started a new topic.

Endou nodded.

''I love soccer.''

Elle grinned.

''Me too.''

''You play soccer too?''

Elle nodded.

''Yes, though I'm not a goalkeeper.''

''You should come to our practice someday.'' Endou said.

Elle looked his way.

''Which team are you playing for?''


Elle's eyes widened.

''I've heard some good stories about that team. You've defeated Teikoku Gakuen!''

Endou grinned.


''Wow, then you must be good.''

''It's not me that's good. It's everybody in the team. Together, we made it this far.''

Elle smiled.

''That's a nice thing to say.''

Then, she looked at her watch.

''I need to continue my walk. Otherwise, my parents will get worried.''

Endou nodded and smiled.

''Let's meet again soon.''

Elle grinned.

''Oh, that won't be a problem.''

The two said goodbye to each other and Elle disappeared.

''Wait, Obaa-san, you said that this would be a romantic story,'' Natsuka said with a pout. ''Where's the romance?''

Their grandmother laughed.

''Don't be so impatient. It will come. They've just met.''

''Then go on!'' Mitsuri cheered.

''All right, I'll continue.'' Her grandmother replied with a small laugh

After that meeting, the two spend almost every evening together at the steel tower plaza. In a short time, the two grew close and became good friends. In the following year, Endou joined Inazuma Japan and the two had to face the problem that they couldn't see each other for a long time. So Elle made the decision to join Inazuma Japan on their tour through Japan and added herself up as a manager. One day, Elle was cooking and Endou was checking up on her.

''Elle, what are you making?''

''Rice balls.'' She replied.

''Yum! I didn't know you could cook.'' Endou said impressed.

Elle grinned.

''There's a lot that you don't know, Endou.''

''I thought we had no secrets for each other.'' Endou pouted.

Elle laughed and gave him a push.

''Silly, you know everything about me. It's not much of a problem if you know if I'm an amazing cook or not, right?''

Endou laughed too.

''Of course not.''

Then, his tone got a bit more serious.

''I'm glad that we don't keep secrets from each other, Elle.''

Elle blinked a bit by hearing something serious out of Endou's mouth. She wasn't quite used to that.

''O-Of course. I'll tell you everything.''

''I'm glad.'' Endou replied.

Then, he left and Elle kept staring at his back. Somehow, seeing a more serious side of Endou left her a bit speechless. But then, she managed to smile.

''Endou, you baka.''

''Obaa-san, that's friendship! Not romance…'' Mitsuri pouted.

Their grandmother laughed.

''My oh my, you two are impatient girls. Did your mother taught you that?''

The two sisters blushed.

''Girls, I want to show you that there has to be some friendship first, before love can emerge.'' Their grandmother said, a bit more serious now.

The girls nodded.

''Gomen, Obaa-san.'' They both said.

Their grandmother ruffled both their hairs.

''Don't mind it. Well, do you two want another drink?''

She wanted to stand up from her chair, but her two kids quickly spoke.

''No! Please go on with the story.'' Natsuka.

''Yeah, please go on!'' Mitsuri added.

Their grandmother laughed.

''Okay, I get it. Well, then I shall continue.''

She sat back again and looked at her grandchildren with a smile.

During the Inazuma Japan journey, the two grew closer, but after the tournament, things started to change. When they had both reached an age of 16, Endou was a well-known soccer player all over the world. There was a continuous spotlight on his life and Elle was pushed slightly to the side. The young woman was hurt by the fact that Endou seemed to forget her a bit and decided for herself to take some distance from her close friend. Endou, noticing this, thought Elle was jealous and decided to confront her.

''Elle, what's going on?'' Endou asked her friend, once she walked away when Endou was giving some giggling girls an autograph.

Elle turned around, sweeping her mid-back, red hair behind her.

''What's going on, you ask?'' She replied irritated.

''Yes, what's going on?'' Endou asked again, also a tone of seriousness in his voice.

''You know perfectly well what's going on, Mamoru,'' Elle replied serious. ''Since the Inazuma Japan tournament, nothing has been the same anymore. We hardly spend time together. All that you have time for is giving autographs, taking pictures and give press conferences. Where are our together-spend moments?''

Endou groaned.

''Come on, Elle. You know perfectly well that I can't help it. I like to make other people happy. And if they want to take a picture with me or an autograph, then I'll give that.''

''If you say that you want to make people happy, why haven't you tried to make me happy, lately?''

Endou frowned.

''Seriously, Elle? You know I have a busy schedule. Are you going to blame me for that now?''

Elle groaned.

''We're friends, for god sake. Lately, we seem strangers to each other. We hardly see each other once a week. And all because of all those attention you're getting.''

''To me, it seems like you're a bit jealous.'' Endou said serious.

Elle's eyes widened.

''Jealous? Me? That's ridiculous! I just want my best friend back!''

She took a few steps closer to Endou and stared him firmly in the eyes.

''Because lately, the Endou Mamoru that I've been seeing isn't my best friend. That is a attention-seeking player.''

And with that, she turned around and walked away, but Endou grabbed her wrist. Once Elle turned around, she was a bit taken aback by the anger and fierceness in Endou's eyes. It's something she had never seen before.

''God damn, cut out the crap, Elle. How selfish can you be! You have no idea how hard this all is for me. Call me selfish, call me attention-seeking, call me a player, that's fine by me. If that's how you see things, then I won't stop you from leaving my side. I'm trying very hard to make some time for us in my schedule. If the only thing that you can do is blaming me, then fine. Leave!'' He shouted.

In a second, he let go of Elle's wrist and turned around. With a few steps, he left her behind and the red-head stared at her friend with widened eyes. A hollow feeling appeared in her stomach and her heart began to ache.

''No…'' She whispered.

The first tears started to fall and just as that happened, dark clouds filled the sky and rain poured down.

''Oh great, amazing.'' Elle shouted sarcastic.

She walked towards a small wall and kicked her foot with all her power against it. Pain shot through her ankle, but she didn't care.

''DAMN IT!'' She shouted.

Then, she crouched down, while new tears started to fall.


''That's really sad.'' Mitsuri said softly.

''It is.'' Her grandmother replied.

''How could that boy Endou leave her behind like that?'' Natsuka asked upset.

''It's hard when you're famous and somebody expects you to stay the same. It takes some negotiating and acceptation.'' Her grandmother replied serious.

''Is it going to be all right between them?'' Mitsuri asked.

''Listen and you'll hear.''

Months passed by and the two teenagers became 17. Endou hadn't seen Elle in all those months and he started to miss her. The conversations they had. The way she grinned. The way how she was so boy-ish. The way how she always said the truth, no matter what. The way how she stayed normal and sober during all the media attention.

''Elle… how are you now?''

Miles away, somewhere in Japan was a red-head with mid-back hair and sparkling, green eyes.

''Korosu-san, everything all right?'' A classmate asked.

''Yes, Rina-chan. I'm fine.'' She replied with a sigh.

Then, she went back to staring out of the window. Three months after she saw Endou for the last time, she moved away from Inazuma Town. Now, she was living in a city called Fukuoka and was in her second year of high school. She never had the chance to tell Endou about it, though. She had to admit that she missed him a lot. His fighting spirit, his bright smile, his soccer talent, his keeper practices on the steel tower plaza, his orange headband. Just everything. Elle closed her eyes.

''Endou… where are you now? Are you still thinking about me? About our friendship?''

Once Elle came home from her school, her mother greeted her with a envelope.

''This came by mail in the morning. It's addressed to you.''

Elle raised her eyebrows and looked at the handwriting. It was familiar to her. She opened the envelope and took out the letter.

Hi Elle!

How have you been? It's been so long since we've last seen each other. I've heard from Oto-san that you live in Fukuoka now. I'm there next week. Maybe we should hang out! Please contact me!

Love, Fuyuka

Elle smiled. It would be nice to see Fuyuka again after two years. So when next week came, Elle waited for Fuyuka at the train station and hugged the purple-haired girl once she arrived.

''Elle, it's been so long! Look at your hair! It has grown so much!'' The 17-year-old Fuyuka said with a smile.

''Hi Fuyuka, you look well too!'' Elle replied.

The two of them went to the park to take a stroll.

''So, how have you been?'' Elle asked.

''Oh, I've been doing great. I'm in second year of high-school and take nursery classes. It's super fun! Raimon High is a lovely school! Almost all the old Raimon members are attending it.''

Elle smiled.

''Must be fun.''

Fuyuka nodded.

''Yeah, although Mamoru-kun seems a bit depressed lately.''

Elle frowned.


''Yeah, nobody knows what's wrong with him and he never talks about it. He's still very famous though. Together with Gouenji, Fubuki and Kazemaru, Endou is quite the 'hot-shot' on school. Though he is the only one who refuses to date anyone.''

Elle frowned again.

''Weird… but not my concern.''

''What happened between you two anyway?'' Fuyuka asked.

Elle immediately turned a bit sad.

''That's… something of the past. I don't like to think about it.

''Oh, I'm very sorry.'' Fuyuka quickly says.

''No, it's okay. Well, shall we fetch some ice-cream?''

''Sounds good!''

The week passed by really soon and Elle said goodbye to Fuyuka, who headed back towards Inazuma Town.

''Promise me to stay in touch!''

''I will!''


''See ya!''

Then, Fuyuka's train departed. The first day back to school, Endou saw Fuyuka walking excitedly towards the others.

''Minna, I went to Fukuoka this weekend. Guess who I met there!'' She said cheerful.

''Santa Claus.'' Midorikawa joked.

Fuyuka slapped the back of his head.

''No, you silly. Think again. It's someone we all know.''

''An old friend?'' Aki asked.

''Yes!'' Fuyuka replied.

''Now we're curious.'' Fubuki said with a smile.

''I've visited Korosu-san!''

With a jerk, Endou looked at Fuyuka.

''You met Elle?'' He asked shocked.

Fuyuka nodded.

''Yeah, she seems to do fine. Although, she said she misses Inazuma Town.''

''Good to hear she's doing fine.'' Haruna said with a smile.

Endou, although, couldn't listen to what the others said anymore.

''Elle is in Fukuoka…'' He muttered to himself.

''She promised to stay in touch, so I'll bet we'll hear from her soon. Maybe she even wants to come over someday.''

Endou did caught that. The idea of seeing Elle again made something stir inside of him. And yes indeed, it didn't take long before Elle visited Inazuma Town. Staying in the Inazuma Hotel, she shared a bedroom on her own. Her parents stayed back in Fukuoka, because they still had business to do. Elle would only stay for the weekend though. So, when she arrived Friday evening, the first thing she did, after she dropped her luggage in her hotel room, was going towards the steel tower plaza. Once Elle got there, memories flowed back through her mind. Endou and her chatting all evening on the bench, Endou practicing with the tire, Elle laughing when the tire hit him and after, grabbing the first-aid kit to treat his wounds. She missed those times. With a sad glare, she let her hand slide over the bars of the fence around the plaza. She noticed something wet on her cheeks and discovered in shock that it were tears.

''Baka, why are you crying?'' She scolded herself.

She plopped down on the bench and stared over Inazuma Town, admiring the view in silence while tears still dripped down. That, until a familiar voice interrupted her train of thoughts.

''Elle… is that you?'' She heard shocked.

With a jerk, she turned her head around and saw none other than her friend, Endou Mamoru. His eyes were widened and he stood frozen on his spot.

''It is you… You came to Inazuma Town.''

Elle stood up, not sure what to say.

''Mamoru… hi.'' She finally said.

''Elle, it's been so long since I last saw you. How've you been?''

''I've been doing well, I guess.'' Elle replied, while she looked away.

She didn't want Endou to see that she had been crying. And besides, she was telling a lie.

''Elle… I can't believe you're here.''

''Well… it's true. Here I am.'' Elle replied awkward.

Endou shook his head and smiled.

''Why are you here?'' He asked.

''I wanted to go back to Inazuma Town. Take in the past. Recall good memories…''

Elle's voice faded a bit at the end.

''Memories, huh? Back in the old days.''

''Things have changed a lot, haven't they?'' Elle asked, while she faced Endou.

''They have.'' He replied, looking away.

''How are you doing, Mamoru?''

Endou bit his lip. He could tell the truth, or he could lie. But looking at Elle, he knew that it was best to speak the truth.

''Honestly, Elle, I haven't been doing well. I admit that I've been dating lots of girls and that I've had a lot of attention since you're gone. But nobody could make me feel happy and myself the way that you did. Around you, I can be the old Endou Mamoru. I can be who I want to be.''

''Why did you change, Mamoru? You didn't had to. I could've stopped you. But you never listened.''

''I was blind, Elle. Blinded by fame. I never saw what I already had.''

''You still have it.'' Elle said, a small smile forming on her lips.

''Still have… you?'' Endou slowly brought out.

Elle nodded. Then she looked away, admiring the view once again.

''I've missed you, Mamoru. Since you've been out of my life, I've never been the same. You were the one that made me feel real. I wanted to be around you again. To see your smile. To feel your arms. I just wanted you.''


Before she knew it, Elle felt two arms wrapped around her waist from behind. Endou laid his chin on Elle's left shoulder and pulled her close, while taking in her scent.

''Oh god, how much I've missed this.'' Endou murmured in her shoulder.

A blush crept up Elle's cheeks. Normally, she would've pushed him away, but now she found herself frozen on her spot.

''Mamoru… what are you doing?''

''Hugging you, isn't that obvious?''

Elle smiled.

''It feels… unnatural. But also very pleasant.''

''I'm glad. I'm just glad to have you back.''

''But you know that I'll leave Sunday evening. Then I'll go back to Fukuoka. I'll go back to my old life.''

Immediately, Endou let go of Elle.


Elle looked shocked from the fierceness in his voice.

''I don't want you to go back. You need to stay. I can't say goodbye again. I need you, Elle.''


Elle looked away.

''That's just how the things are. We don't have a choice. We both have different life's now. We have to go on without each other.''

''Don't tell me that you can bare that thought.'' Endou asked stirn.

''I-I… don't know. I have to…''

''You don't! You can decide your own life. A life with me. Stay, Elle.''

''Mamoru… I can't. My parents, school, my friends in Fukuoka… I can't just drop it all for you.''

Endou groaned and held a hand through his hair.

''Damn it, Elle. Do you have any idea what you do to me?''

Elle looked surprised.

''What… are you talking about?''

In three steps, Endou reached her and grabbed her shoulders.

''All this time, I've been waiting for one person. One thing in my life. I've been waiting for you, Elle. You're not just my friend. You're way more than that. You're the light of my life. Without you, I just don't want to live anymore.''

Elle's eyes widened and she took a step back.

''No… Mamoru. Please don't say those things. It's only making things harder.''

''I don't care! Please tell me, Elle. Straight in my face. Are you going to abandon me after this weekend? Are you going back to Fukuoka and forget about me? Are you going to build a new life with me left out of it?''

Elle felt new tears burning in her eyes.



''I have to go.''

With one jerk, Elle turned around and started to walk away in a rapid pace. But then, she felt how somebody grabbed her waist. How somebody spun her around. And how somebody smashed his lips onto hers. It took three seconds for her to realize what was going on. And after those three seconds, Endou let go off her.

''Elle, don't go.'' He just said.


In a split second, Elle had wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips against his. Endou responded quickly by opening his mouth and burying his right hand in her neck, while his left still clenched her waist. Elle's hands roamed through Endou's hair and Endou easily lift her up, while Elle wrapped her legs around his waist. And to complete the image, raindrops started to fall out of the sky, giving the scene a Notebook feeling. The two of them couldn't let go anymore. All the emotions from the past time came out and were showed in the intensity of their kiss. Heated kisses, slow kisses, romantic kisses, they all came. It didn't take long for the two friends to find Elle's hotel room and things got steamy. After their love-making, Endou brushed a strand out of Elle's hair and pressed a kiss on her forehead.

''Elle, stay with me. Forever. I'll give everything up for you. Just please, stay.''


Elle leaned forward in the bed and kissed him softly.

''I'll stay. That's a promise.''

''Kyaa! They kissed!'' Natsuka cheered.

''That was so sweet!'' Mitsuri said dreamily.

Their grandmother smiled.

''It is a special story.'' She replied.

''One day, I want to have a romance like that.'' Natsuka dreamed out loud.

''I hope so too, darling.'' Her grandmother replied.

At that point, the door opened again and Ranuka stepped inside, followed by an elderly-looking man.

''Ah, look. Your mother and Ojii-san are home.'' The grandmother said.

''Ojii-san!'' The two girls shouted, while they hugged their grandfather.

''You two get bigger every time I see you two.'' He joked.

''Did you had a fun time at grandmother's place?'' Ranuka asked her kids.

''Hai! Obaa-san told us such a romantic story!'' Mitsuri said with a smile.

''It was so sweet!'' Natsuka added.

Ranuka smiled.

''That sounds interesting. Well, are you two girls ready to go?''

The two sisters pouted.

''Awwhh, can't we stay a little bit longer?''

''I still have other things to do. Some other time, okay?'' Ranuka replied.

The girls still pouted, but said goodbye to their grandparents.

''Obaa-san, Ojii-san, goodbye! And we'll see you soon.''

''Bye, sweet children.'' Their grandfather replied.

''See you soon.'' Their grandmother added.

Ranuka, Natsuka and Mitsuri waved goodbye to the old couple and left the house. The older man sat down on the chair next to his wife and smiled.

''What story did you tell?'' He asked.

''Our story.'' She replied.

The elder man smiled and leaned forward to kiss his wife.

''I'm happy you stayed.'' He said.

''Me too.''

And with that, Elle and Endou shared another kiss, letting their passion and memories of their lifetimes flow through their heads. Because when it's true love, you can grow old together.

~ The End ~

Author Note:

Gosh, I had so much fun writing this one-shot. It turned out to be a quite long one. But I loved the past-present moments. Elle, I hope you're happy with it. I know that Korosu Elle is very OOC, but I loved the plot so much, that I hope you won't mind it that much. Also, Endou was very OOC, but I liked that character change. Minna, I hope you enjoyed it! Lots of love! xoxo Mamera