I love you

One Shot for jumbled thoughts keep me up (previously VioletStarDreamer)

Normal P.O.V.

A young woman with mid-back, straight, raven black hair was fiddling nervously with her dress. The pretty twenty-two year old stared in the mirror, where a pair of chocolate-brown eyes with golden flecks met hers. She shakily sighed. At that point, the door opened and a twenty-two year old girl with white-blond, straight hair and big, ice-blue eyes entered the room. Looking at her best friend, she immediately started to cry.

''Gosh, Miyuru… you're so beautiful.'' She cried.

The mentioned girl also got teary eyes and walked over towards her best friend.

''Oh, Mamera… please don't cry.''

''I can't help it.'' She sobbed back.

Miyuru smiled and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her beautiful, white bridal dress had a corset with a heart shape. It was decorated with silver sparkles. Around her middle, the corset ended and it started to flow out into a long skirt that reached until her ankles and a piece that was extended on the back, so that it flowed over the ground when she walked. The bottom of the dress had a transparent upper layer with sparkles in it. She wore white heels with a soft fabric and white gloves that reached until her elbow. Her hair was pulled up in a nice bun, decorated with white flowers and diamonds. Out of her bun, her veil flowed. It was a white, transparent one.

''I can't believe I'm getting married today.'' Miyuru spoke.

''In a moment, you won't be Hase Miyuru anymore. It will be Kidou Miyuru then.'' Mamera replied.

''Yuuto… I can't believe that, after today, he's finally my husband. Who would've thought that?''

Miyuru started to smile, as the flashback filled her mind.

A fourteen-year-old girl sat silently on the beach, her mid-back, straight, raven black hair flows behind her in the wind. The slightly-tanned girl sat relaxed on a towel in her black bikini, her big, chocolate-brown eyes with golden flecks on it are focused on the sea. She takes in a deep breath and smiles. Exactly at that moment, something drops beside her and she lets out a startled sound. She let her breath escape as she realized that it was a soccer ball that had dropped beside her. She took it in her hands and slowly stood up. It didn't take long before a boy came her way. Miyuru gave the boy a puzzled look, as she took in his peculiar appearance. The boy was wearing some dark red, knee-length swim shorts, but what caught her eye were the goggles that he was wearing. His brown dreadlocks had been pulled back by an elastic. He slowed down, once he spotted Miyuru with the ball in her hands. The slightly-tanned girl smiled at the boy.

''I believe this is yours.'' She spoke, as she returned the ball towards him.

''Thanks.'' The boy replied.

''No prob.''

The boy looked around.

''Are you alone here?''

''No, a friend of mine is fetching some ice-cream. She'll be back soon.''

The boy smiled.

''I see. Well, it was nice meeting you. I gotta go now. Bye!''

''See ya.'' Miyuru replied.

Then, she watched the figure retrieve, making his way back to the big group that was waiting for him a lot of meters away. Apparently, the group was playing soccer. Miyuru smiled as she studied the group. As soon as the boy came back, the game continued. Miyuru looked fascinated at their plays. Especially the boy from earlier caught her attention.

''He's good.'' She whispered.

''Hai ~, I'm back!'' A soft, sweet voice was suddenly heard.

Miyuru looked up and smiled. In front of her stood her best friend, Ayasumi Mamera, in a white bikini. The white-blonde girl with big, innocent-looking, ice-blue eyes tilted her head to the side.

''Ehh? What were you doing?'' She asked, while she sat down on the towel too and handed Miyuru her chocolate ice-cream.

''Nothing, just watching some people play soccer.'' Miyuru replied, focusing her glance back on the group.

''Soccer? Sounds fun!'' Mamera cheered with her soft voice, while she took a small bite from her vanilla ice-cream.

''They're pretty good. Just watch.'' Miyuru said.

Mamera focused her glare on the group too and after a while, her eyes widened.

''Sugoi! They're really good!'' She said impressed.

''I wonder if they're from some sort of school.'' Miyuru wondered out loud. ''Somehow, they look familiar.''

Again, Mamera tilted her head to the side.

''Now that you say so, they indeed look familiar.''

''I just can't come up with the thought why.'' Miyuru added.

Mamera smiled.

''Maybe you'll think of it later.''

''Yeah…'' Miyuru replied.

Two weeks later

Miyuru and Mamera were walking side to side over the riverbank of Inazuma Town.

''Ehh, it's so pretty here!'' Mamera said impressed, talking with her usual soft voice.

''Indeed! I never thought such a small town could be so pretty.'' Miyuru added.

The two friends just recently moved to Inazuma Town, due to their fathers finding better jobs here.

''What's the school called, which we're going to attend tomorrow?'' Mamera asked.

''Raimon Junior High, if I was right.'' Miyuru replied.

''Ehh… sounds familiar.'' Mamera said.

Miyuru nodded.


The two continued chatting, until Miyuru suddenly pulled Mamera to a stop.

''Miyuru, what's wrong?'' Mamera asked.

''Look!'' Miyuru said shocked.

She pointed at some people, who were playing soccer at the riverbank. At first, Mamera didn't saw what Miyuru meant, but then, she saw it.

''Hey, those are the guys from the beach!'' Mamera said surprised.

''What are they doing here?'' Miyuru asked.

''I don't know…'' Mamera replied softly.

Miyuru grinned.

''Then let's find out.''

She grabbed Mamera's arm and dragged her along towards the group.

''H-Hey Miyuru, what are you doing? Stop!''

The slightly-tanned girl didn't listen and continued making her way towards the group, until she was clearly in eye sight. The goggled boy was the first one to notice her.

''Hey you.'' He said surprised.

Miyuru smiled.

''Hi again.'' She replied.

He made his way over to her.

''So we meet again.''

''So it seems.'' Miyuru replied with a smile.

The boy smiled.

''You two are not from Inazuma Town, are you?'' He asked.

''Not directly. We just moved here last week.'' Mamera replied.

''Well, welcome to Inazuma Town then.'' The goggled boy said with a smile.

At that point, a brown-haired boy with an orange headband joined the three teenagers.

''Oi, Kidou. Dosta?''

''Nothing, just saying hi to some people I know.'' The boy, obviously named Kidou, replied.

''Ah, souka.'' The brown-haired boy said.

He turned towards the two girls.

''I'm Endou Mamoru. Nice to meet you.''

''Hase Miyuru, nice to meet you too.'' Miyuru introduced herself, while she shook his hand.

Mamera waved a small wave.

''Hi, I'm Ayasumi Mamera.''

Endou turned towards Kidou.

''So, you know these two?''

''Ah, I met Miyuru on the beach two weeks ago.''

''Oh, she was the girl who caught the ball for us?'' Endou asked out loud.

Miyuru smiled.

''Yep, that was me.''

Mamera looked curiously at her best friend. This was something she hadn't heard.

''Anyway, nice to see you again, Hase-san. But now, I have to return to practice.'' Kidou said.

''Sure thing. See you later?''

''Sure!'' Kidou replied.

Then, the goggled boy walked away, Endou trailing him. Mamera smiled at her best friend.

''Who's that?'' She asked.

Miyuru explained the story to Mamera.

''Ah, I see. Nice guy.'' Mamera said, at the end of it.

Miyuru smiled.

''… yeah.''

She looked one last time at the goggled boy, before turning around and pressing on.

One week later

Miyuru was making an evening stroll, when something suddenly caught her attention. A boy was practicing soccer by himself on the riverbank. At first, Miyuru couldn't catch a glimpse of the boy, but after she took a few steps in his direction, the street lights gave her a small glimpse of the person. Miyuru's eyes widened. It was Kidou!

''Kidou-kun!'' She shouted.

The boy stopped and look in her direction.

''Hase-san.'' The boy, with the voice of Kidou, replied.

Miyuru walked down the hill, towards the soccer player.

''Still practicing I see?'' She asked.

''Yeah, I'm working on some sort of technique.'' Kidou replied.

''Is it working?'' Miyuru asked.

''So far, it hasn't. But I won't give up.'' Kidou replied.

''Ganbatte.'' Miyuru smiled.

''Ah.'' Kidou replied.

Miyuru saw the ball and easily picked it up with her foot. She started to do some keep-ups.

''You're skilled.'' Kidou noticed.

''Haha, I've been playing soccer since I was a kid. My father taught me.''

''Now I'm curious. Can you play?'' Kidou asked.

''A little.'' Miyuru replied.

''Show me.'' Kidou said with a smirk.

''All right.'' Miyuru smirked back.

In one second, she dropped the ball on the ground and started dribbling. Kidou, not letting any seconds go to waste, immediately got into action to and started chasing her. He made a sliding and easily stole the ball from her. Miyuru pouted.

''No fair, you're way more experience than I am.'' She said.

Kidou smiled.

''But still, you're good for an amateur.''

''Thanks.'' Miyuru replied.

''Still, I think you need to practice more. There are a lot of things that you need to improve.''

Miyuru nodded.

''I know. Only, I don't have some fabulous soccer training, just like you.'' She replied.

Kidou smirked.

''I can teach you.''

''What?'' Miyuru replied, blinking a couple of times.

''I can teach you the skills of soccer.''

''Why would you do that?''

''Well… why not?''

''Good question.''

''So, will you allow me to teach you?''

''Oh well, it's not like there's some other soccer dude out here who will have the patience to train with me.'' Miyuru grinned.

Kidou smiled too.

''Great, so that's a promise. What about every Monday night and Wednesday night at eight p.m. here at the riverbank?''

''Sounds good to me.''

''Okay, so that's decided.''

Miyuru then glances at her watch.

''I better go, or my parents will get worried.''

''Don't forget, tomorrow's Wednesday. I expect you tomorrow evening here.''

''Sure thing!'' Miyuru replied.

Then, she waved at Kidou and turned around. On her way back home, she couldn't help but smile.

''Kidou, I'm looking forward to your trainings sessions.''

Two months later

Miyuru started to improve and before she knew it, she was almost equal to Kidou. In the past two months, the two grew really close together and practically spend almost every day together. With Miyuru attending Raimon Junior High now, she discovered the reason why Kidou and Endou looked so familiar. She discovered that Kidou was former captain of Teikoku Gakuen, the team Endou and his friends beat, and transferred towards Raimon to battle against Zeus Junior, for taking his own team down. Miyuru talked a lot with Kidou about his past, about Kageyama and about Teikoku Gakuen. She discovered that Otonashi Haruna, the manager of Raimon, is actually Kidou's younger sister and that the goggles he wears, were a gift from Kageyama to improve his game strategist skills.

''If you hate Kageyama so much, why do you still wear those goggles?'' Miyuru asked one day at Kidou, after they finished practice.

The two of them were laying in the grass of the riverbank hill, staring at the evening sky.

''In some way, I see Kageyama as a father figure. Even if I wanted to, I can't completely forget him. He is a part of me. I-I'm his creation.''

''Don't see yourself as a creating, Kidou. You're a human, just like me. And a special human that is. Don't think in technical terms. Just be you.''

Miyuru knew Kidou was smiling, even though she couldn't see him.

''Miyuru… always giving me advice. But never telling me anything about yourself.''

Miyuru fell silent a bit.

''I… don't have a lot to tell.''

''That's what you always say.

Miyuru sighed and feels relieved when Kidou dropped another subject.

''Hey, have you heard that Mamera and Gouenji started dating?''

''What?'' Miyuru exclaimed shocked.

''Yeah, I was quite shocked myself too when I found out.'' Kidou replied.

Miyuru smiled.

''I'm happy for them. I knew Mamera had a crush for the flame strikes, but she was so scared that the feelings wouldn't be mutual. I'm so happy that Gouenji loves her back.''

''Although I have to say that he's quite protective.''

Miyuru laughed.

''I feel like that's something that fits Gouenji. Once he trusts someone, he won't let them go.''

Kidou nodded too.

''He's a nice guy.''

''So are you.'' Miyuru replied.

Kidou looked her way and smiled.

''And what makes you think that?''

''I don't know. Just the way you act. You're just… you.''

''Well, who else should I be?''

''I don't know. But you're quite fascinating.''

Kidou smiled.

''Well, thank you. You're a nice girl too, Hase-san.''

Miyuru smiled back.


Then, the two turned their gaze back at the sky.

''You know, Kidou?'' Miyuru asked, not taking her eyes off the sky.


''I'm glad that we've met.'' Miyuru spoke, a smile forming on her lips.

''Yeah… me too.''

Two years later. End of summer. Age Kidou and Miyuru: 16

It was Sunday and the Inazuma Japan members were spending the day at the beach, together with the managers, Mamera and Miyuru. Miyuru sat on a towel underneath a parasol, watching Mamera and Gouenji play in the water. Gouenji was constantly spattering water on Mamera, who would squeal and give him a playful push. A smile formed on Miyuru's lips. Then, the smile faded and a sigh escaped her lips. Kidou, who was sitting next to her, frowned.

''What's the matter?'' He asked.

Miyuru, who has been having a crush on the goggled boy for a while now, quickly blushed.

''Oh, nothing.''

''Miyuru, you can tell me.''

''Yuuto-kun, it's nothing.''

Kidou shrugged.

''All right, if you say so.''

He turned his back towards Miyuru, clearly a bit hurt and started chatting again with Yunako. Yunako was the younger sister of Midorikawa and the pretty greenette was a well-willed girl in the eyes of boys. Many people had a crush on her. She was a model and currently in Japan for a few weeks. Saika, the younger sister of Hiroto, was her best friend and also came along to the beach. Currently, she was catching up with her elder brother and just sat in between Midorikawa, her boyfriend, and her brother. Miyuru had no problems with Saika. She was a sweetheart and always ready to help everyone. But something about Yunako pissed her off. Maybe it was the fact that she was spending a lot of time with Kidou and that the two were pretty close. When that thought went through Miyuru's head, a pang of hurt shot through her body. Immediately, she wanted to go home. She grabbed her beach bag, stood up, folded her towel, put it in her bag and turned around.

''I'm going home.'' She simply announced.

The group frowned.

''Miyuru, now already?'' Endou asked.

''What's wrong?'' Kazemaru added.

''Nothing, I… just want to go home.'' Miyuru replied.

Mamera, who had noticed that something was off, was now on her way out of the water.

''Miyuru, dosta? Why are you packing up? Don't tell me you're going home.''

''Sorry, Mamera, but I just don't feel well.''

Mamera pouted.



Miyuru quickly turned around and just caught Kidou and Yunako in her eye corner, Kidou staring at her with a frown and Yunako trying to get his attention again. That thought made Miyuru growl from the inside and she quickly walk away. When she was almost off the beach, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

''Miyuru…'' She heard Kidou say softly.

She turned around.

''What?'' She snapped back.

Kidou rose an eye brow.

''What's with the attitude?''

Miyuru sighed. Kidou, of course, couldn't know what was pissing her off. It wasn't his fault.

''I-I… never mind.''

She turned her head away.

''Come on, Miyuru. Since when did we start keeping secrets from each other?''

Hearing that, Miyuru felt a lump forming in her throat.

''Yuuto… just let me be.''

Kidou removed his hand from her shoulder.

''All right, if you want to be stubborn, that's your own choice. But don't come crying towards me when it all goes wrong.''

Miyuru growled.

''Jerk.'' She hissed.

Then, she turned around and quickly walked away.

''Don't blame me for your own mistakes.'' She could Kidou hear, before she finally was out of his vocal reach.

That's when the tears started to fall.

''Baka!'' She scolded Kidou. ''Baka! Baka! Baka!''

Then, she started blaming herself too.

''Why aren't you as gorgeous as Yunako? Why aren't you a model? Why aren't you prettier, better, sweeter?''

She bald her fist in frustration and hit them on the nearest object in reach. It was a brick wall. The pain flashed through her knuckles and she flinched.

''Stupid me. Stupid Yuuto-kun. I hate you!'' She shouted towards nobody in particular.

She slowed her walking pace and sat down on a bench, now further into the city. She folded her hands in her lap and stared silently at them. Thoughts of Kidou and Yunako flashed through her head and she flinched. Kidou and Yunako playing in the water, Kidou and Yunako eating ice-cream together, Kidou and Yunako holding hands, Kidou and Yunako kissing... A panicked feeling rushed through Miyuru's veins and new tears welled up.

''Yuuto, baka… can't you see that I love you?'

Two weeks later

Ever since that day on the beach, Miyuru has been doing her best avoiding Kidou. The goggled boy, obviously, didn't have a clue what was going on with his friend. Mamera, who knew her best friend like nobody else, also saw the struggle.

''Miyuru, slow down.'' Mamera panted, when Miyuru abruptly left the school building once the final bell had rang.

The Inazuma members gathered slowly in the hallway of Inazuma High and talked about their upcoming match. Normally, Mamera and Miyuru would join them in their talk, but since two weeks, Miyuru did her best to get home as fast as possible.

''Miyuru, wait!'' Mamera tried again, as she noticed that Miyuru wasn't responding.

The black-haired girl turned around.

''What?'' She asked.

''What's up with you lately? You haven't been the same.''

Miyuru's lips formed a thin line.

''I'm perfectly fine.'' She replied.

''Don't lie to me, Miyuru. I know you. I can clearly see that you're not fine.''

''Why does it even bother you? Go back to your own perfect life with Gouenji.''

Miyuru saw hurt flash through Mamera's eyes and immediately, she regretted her words.

''Mamera… I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it-''

But before Miyuru could finish her sentence, Mamera had already dashed off in tears. Miyuru slapped herself.

''Good job, Miyuru. Great friend you are.''

Again, she walked towards a brick wall and slammed her fist against it. She was doing that a lot lately. Wounds had started forming on her knuckles and it would bleed every time. Now was no exception. Miyuru also felt tears prick in her eyes as she thought about how she had hurt her friend.

''I got to find her.'' She said to herself.

She dashed through the streets of Inazuma Town, straight towards Mamera's favorite park. She knew she would be there. When she reached the entrance gate, she saw Mamera sitting on a bench, staring silently at the pond in front of her.

''Mamera.'' Miyuru said.

Mamera's eyes shot up when she heard Miyuru's voice.


In a couple steps, Miyuru had reached her best friend and immediately wrapped her arms around her.

''Mamera, I'm so sorry. I feel horrible. I didn't mean to be so rude. Please forgive me.''


Miyuru heard the white-blonde girl sob again.

''Of course I'll forgive you.'' She heard smothered.

''Thank you… thank you so much.'' Miyuru replied.

She felt how Mamera hugged her back. After Mamera had calmed down, the two sat down on the bench again.

''Miyuru, please… tell me what's going on. I'm getting worried.''

Miyuru took a deep breath and decided to tell everything. During the story, Mamera's eyes widened.

''No way, you're in love with Kidou-san?''

''But he doesn't love me back. He's in love with Yunako.''

''He is? Have you asked him that?''

''No… but it's obvious.''

''I just think they're good friends. Nothing more.''

''Mamera, look at how pretty Yunako is. She's almost flawless.''

''You are too. Don't compare yourself to a make-up bimbo. You're amazing, Miyuru!''

Miyuru smiled a small smile.


''Why don't you face Kidou-san and tell him how you truly feel?''

''I can't…''

''Why not?''

''I don't have the guts to do it. Besides, I know for sure that he'll reject me.''

''Miyuru! Don't talk so badly about yourself! I mean it!''

Miyuru had never heard Mamera talk so fierce in her life before.

''Mamera…'' She slowly said.

Then she sighed again.

''I think I'm not ready to confront Yuuto-kun yet.'''

Mamera smiled.

''That's okay. Just gain all the strength you need.''

Miyuru smiled too and hugged her best friend.

''Thanks, Mamera.''

''No problem.''

The two smiled at each other and grabbed each other's hand, squeezing it tightly.

A couple of weeks later. Beginning of Autumn. Age Kidou and Miyuru: 17

Rumor has it that Kidou and Yunako are dating. Ever since Miyuru caught words of it, she was speechless and depressed. Kidou and her had stopped hanging out together long ago and she was missing the time they used to spend together. Mamera tried to get Miyuru out of her depression, but with no success. Today was no different. Miyuru, Mamera and Gouenji were sitting at a canteen table in the cafeteria. Miyuru was playing with her rice, leaning her head on one of her hands. Her glance stood sad. Mamera looked worried.

''Miyuru…'' She softly said.

''It's weird to see you her this.'' Gouenji said to his girlfriend.

''I don't like it too.'' Mamera replied softly.

Gouenji, recently, heard about Miyuru's situation and love for Kidou too.

''Hase-san, we don't know if the rumors are actually true.'' Gouenji said to Miyuru.

''I don't care anymore. I decided to give up on Yuuto-kun.''

Mamera's eyes widened.

''What?! Give up on him?''

''Yes. It's better. I don't want to be hurt anymore.''

''Hase-san…'' Gouenji said softly.

Then, Miyuru abruptly shove her bento away from her.

''I'm not hungry anymore.''

In a couple of steps, she was out of the cafeteria. Mamera shot a worried glance at her back and then looked sad at Gouenji.

''Shuuya…'' She said with a trembling voice.

Gouenji wrapped his arms around her and kissed her hair.

''Don't worry.''

In the meantime, Miyuru was making her way towards her locker in frustration, but met Kidou and Yunako on the way. What she then saw, shocked her to the very pit of her stomach. She saw the two talking, Yunako winding a strand of hair around her finger with a sexy smile and then, suddenly, she bend forward and kissed Kidou. Miyuru immediately turned around and ran away from the scene in tears. On her way, she bumped into Kazemaru.

''Hey, Hase-san!'' He greeted her.

Then, he saw that she was crying. Immediately, his glare softened.

''Hey, are you okay?''

''Sorry.'' Miyuru only brought out and then, she dashed further.

Kazemaru frowned and looked at her retrieving figure. Then, he walked on towards his locked and saw Kidou and Yunako, Kidou fiercely pushing the greenette off him.

''Wow, Yunako, what the hell do you think you're doing?''

''Can't you see? I like you.'' Yunako replied offended.

''I'm sorry, Yunako. But I think my heart belongs to someone else.''

Hurt flashed through Yunako's eyes and she dashed away quickly. Kazemaru made his way over to the goggled boy.

''Wow, didn't expect that.'' Kazemaru said.

''What?'' Kidou replied.

''You rejecting Yunako. We were all pretty convinced the two of you liked each other.''

''Well, I don't.''

''Was it true what you said? Do you love someone else?''

The question made Kidou flinch a little.

''I'm not sure, Kazemaru. But I want to find out. I wanted to find out for a long time now. It's been way too long without her.''

Kazemaru's eyes widened.

''Are you talking about Hase-san?'' He asked shocked.

Kidou fell silent.

''I have to go to class.'' He simply stated.

Then, he walked away, leaving a confused Kazemaru behind.

Two weeks later

Miyuru was a mess. Having to see that scene, she was barely sleeping at night. She also lost her appetite and looked scary pale and tired. Mamera and a lot of others were extremely worried.

''Miyuru… go home. You don't look like you feel well.'' Mamera said softly.

''I don't want to go home.'' Miyuru replied.

''But you look so tired.'' Mamera said.

''Who cares?'' Miyuru snapped back.

Mamera immediately shut her mouth. Again, the two friends were in the cafeteria, but now without Gouenji. The Inazuma Japan members were having a special meeting during lunchtime, so the two friends were alone. So were Saika and Yunako. It wasn't a secret that Yunako loathed Miyuru, and the other way around. But nobody had expected what would happen next. Yunako was passing the table of Mamera and Miyuru with a tray of food and some orange juice in a glass. She swept her tray to the left on purpose and the orange juice spilled all over Miyuru's shirt.

''Oops, I'm sorry.'' Yunako said on a fake, innocent tone, while grinning like mad.

Then, she walked on. Mamera expected an outburst of Miyuru and stood steady if her friend was planning to attack the greenette, but instead, Miyuru stayed silent and just stared at her wet clothes.

''Miyuru…?'' Mamera asked softly.

Then, Miyuru stood up and dashed away.

''Miyuru!'' Mamera shouted.

Her friend didn't listen and dashed away, off the school grounds, towards her house. In five minutes time, she had reached her front door, unlocked the door, ran inside and locked it behind her. Luckily for her, her parents were both at work, so she was alone, together with her kitten, Tiger. Once the door was closed, Miyuru let herself slide against it towards the ground, while she covered her face with her hands and sobbed. She sobbed and sobbed, letting all the held-in emotions from the last time flow out of her. She mostly cried about Kidou. How much she missed him. The time they used to spend together. The way how he only knew how to make her feel truly alive. The way how his dark red eyes, which anybody had rarely seen, had looked so lovely to her.

''Yuuto-kun… I miss you.'' Miyuru sobbed.

Then, knocks were heard on the door.

''Miyuru, open up.'' A demanding voice sounded.

Miyuru's eyes widened in shock and she immediately stopped sobbing. That voice belonged to none other than Kidou Yuuto.

''Miyuru, I know you're there. Please, open up.'' His voice sounded again.

Miyuru slowly rose up from the ground, almost paralyzed, doing everything automatically. She slowly turned around and unlocked the door. Immediately, the door burst open and Kidou stepped inside, forcing Miyuru backwards in her hallway. Kidou closed the door behind him and looked at Miyuru, still panting from the long run he made. Miyuru took him in, his panting breath with his strong jaw line, goggles and dreadlocks. His body had grown very muscled over the years and many, many girls admired him, Yunako the most of all.

''Y-Yuuto, what are you doing here?'' Miyuru stammered.

Kidou didn't answer. Instead, he took a step forward and wrapped his arms around the confused girl. Miyuru had just enough sense to push him away.

''What do you think you're doing? You've ignored me for so long and now you think you can just burst into my house and hug me? You expect me to accept that?''

Kidou finally seemed to realize what exactly he was doing.

''Miyuru… of course you're right. But I just… had to see you.''

''But why?'' Miyuru asked confused.

''I saw what happened. What Yunako did to you.''

''So? Like you care.''

''Of course I care.'' Kidou shouted furious, taking Miyuru aback.

Miyuru shook her head.

''You think that I, 'of course', would understand?'' She snapped back.

Kidou held a hand through his hair.

''Look, I know that lately, things between us haven't been the same-''

''That doesn't even come close.''

''Okay, we've grown very distant. But believe me when I say that I don't know why.''

Miyuru looked to the ground.

''Because it's better this way.''

''How can this be better? Since the day that we've grown distant, I've never felt so happy as those times I spend with you.''

Somehow, this caused Miyuru to blush.

''You're lying.''

''Absolutely not.''

''You are! I've seen you smile thousands of times around Yunako-san.''

Kidou opened his mouth, but then closed it again.

''Why do you mention her specifically?'' He asked.

Miyuru turned even more red.

''Does it matter? Just admit it!''

''I know that it looked a lot like me and Yunako were very close, but actually, I tried to replace my pain with her. You leaving me was hurting me so much, that I was seeking for some sort of distraction. And I found it in Yunako. I know that it wasn't fair to treat her like that, but she indeed was a good friend. But I wanted nothing more than that.''

''Of course. And it also was very normal when you two were making out in the hallways two weeks ago.''

Kidou's eyes widened.

''You… saw that?''

''Yeah, so don't deny it. I've seen it with my very own eyes.''

''Believe me, she kissed me. I never even wanted it.''

''Of course, Kidou.'' Miyuru replied sarcastically.

''Miyuru, believe me. I don't love her. I… love someone else.''

Those words made Miyuru flinch.

''…out.'' She finally said.

''Huh?'' Kidou replied.

''I SAID OUT! OUT OF MY HOUSE!'' Miyuru shouted.

She gave Kidou a firm push and rushed to the door to open it.

''Miyuru, wait, I-''

''NO! GET OUT!'' Miyuru kept shouting.

She pushed Kidou once again and once he was outside, she closed the door. She heard Kidou banging on the door.

''Miyuru, please… open the door.''

Miyuru didn't move and sobbed silently. The banging went on for another quarter and then, it became silent. She heard retrieving footsteps and knew Kidou was walking away.

''Yuuto-kun… I'm sorry.'' She whispered.

Three days later

Miyuru had become ill and spend most of her time in bed. Her mother said that it was just a cold, but Miyuru knew that it also had something to do with Kidou. The thought of him loving someone else made her want to collapse. Her parents were both at work and Miyuru was laying under an extra blanket in her bed, coughing every now and then. She spend most of the time reading magazines and watching TV in her bed, but it didn't drive the sad thoughts away. Around afternoon, the doorbell rang and Miyuru slowly made her way downstairs in her bathrobe.

''Miyuru, it's me!'' She heard the cheery voice of Mamera.

Miyuru smiled and opened the door.

''Hey.'' She said croaky.

She saw Mamera visibly flinch, when her friend took in her appearance.

''Miyuru! Gosh, you look like a mess.''

''Thanks, you look lovely too.'' Miyuru replied.

She grinned and Mamera blushed.

''S-Sorry, I didn't mean it like that.'' The blonde girl apologized.

Miyuru smiled.

''Hey, I was joking. And besides, I know I look like a mess.''

She opened the door further for Mamera and the innocent girl stepped inside.

''So how are you?'' She asked.

''OK, I guess.'' Miyuru replied.

The two went to the living room and sat down on the couch.

''Kidou-san has been asking where you've been.'' Mamera suddenly said.

Miyuru's eyes widened.

''He did?''

''Yeah, he asked Shuuya-kun about it, thinking he would've heard it from me.''


''Shuuya-kun told him you're sick.''


Mamera stared at Miyuru for a while.

''You miss him, don't you?'' She asked.

Miyuru stared at her hands.

''… yes.''

''He misses you too! Why don't you two try to become close again.''

''Because… because…'' Miyuru stammered.

She didn't want to say the sentence she had to say.

''Because Yuuto-kun is in love with somebody else. And I can't stand that fact.''

Mamera grabbed the hand of her best friend.

''I know it's hard, sweetie. But isn't it a wonderful thought already that you and Yuuto-kun can be friends again?''

''It is. It's just that I'm scared that I'll push our friendship too hard. Because I want it to be more than that…''

''I see.'' Mamera said softly.

Miyuru looked away.

''I should just forget about him. He's been non-stop in my mind ever since we've met. I need to go on with my life.''

''Or maybe you shouldn't. Maybe you and Kidou-san are meant to be and that's why you can't get him out of your mind.''

Miyuru stared shocked at Mamera.

''That sounds ridiculous.''

''Or you just don't want to see the truth.'' Mamera stated firmly.


Miyuru fell silent. She knew perfectly well that Mamera was stating the truth. She just didn't want to see that she wasn't able to give up on Kidou.

''Mamera, I don't want to get heartbroken, or lose Yuuto-kun as a friend. He's so precious to me.''

''I know, sweetie. But just hanging out with him will cheer you up. I know that for sure.'' Mamera replied.

Miyuru smiled.

''Thanks, Mamera.''


The two friends hugged each other.

''Seriously, what do I have to do without you?'' Miyuru grinned.

''Ehmm… find a new best friend?'' Mamera replied.

''I can't. I only want you.''

''And I only want you too.''

One week later

Miyuru had recovered from her cold, and had started going to school again. Everybody was glad to see her back. Miyuru had been on the lookout for Kidou, but she hadn't spotted him yet. One Wednesday evening, Miyuru was taking a stroll. The sun had begun setting and the sky was orange-pink colored. Even the clouds looked pastel pink. Miyuru smiled and turned around the block, when she spotted someone familiar in the distance. Her heart started pumping and blood rushed to her cheeks.

''Miyuru!'' Kidou said surprised.

''Y-Yuuto-kun…'' Miyuru replied.

''So, you've recovered from your cold?'' Kidou asked.

Miyuru nodded.


Kidou smiled.

''That's good to hear. You look well, Miyuru.''

Miyuru blushed.


Then, a question popped up in her head.

''Why haven't you been at school lately?''

Kidou's mouth formed a thin line.

''I'm helping father with some important business deals. It's important for my future, since I will inherit the Kidou Financial Group.''

''I see…'' Miyuru said soft.

''What? Have you missed me then?'' Kidou grinned.

Miyuru turned red.

''WHAT?! B-Baka!'' She murmured.

Kidou grinned. But then, his grin turned into a sweet smile.

''Because I've missed you.''

''So I've heard.'' Miyuru replied.

''Rumors will always spread.'' Kidou joked.

Then, he took a step closer to Miyuru.

''I've really missed you, Miyuru…'' He said softly.

There was some sort of huskiness in his voice. Something that made shivers go down Miyuru's spine. Kidou placed one hand behind her head and intertwined his fingers with her hair. Miyuru was bright red and didn't know what to say.

''Y-Yuuto-kun, what are you doing?''

Kidou came closer and closer and before Miyuru knew it, she felt his lips press onto hers. Her eyes widened fully and her heart almost pounced out of her chest. Kidou pressed her closer to him, deepening the kiss, but still not making it a French Kiss. Then, abruptly, he let go.

''See you later.'' He said husky, staring at the ground and then, he walked passed her.

Miyuru blinked a couple of times and tried to realize what just happened.

''B-Bye…'' She managed to bring out, long after Kidou had walked away.

Her eyes were still widened and she had no intentions to move anymore.

''He kissed me… Yuuto just kissed me…''

The next day

''He did WHAT?!'' Mamera exclaimed.

Miyuru had just told her what happened yesterday and the small blond girl was jumping on her chair from excitement.

''You're not kidding, are you? Oh gosh, this is so amazing!''

Miyuru still didn't know what to think about it. Her best friend and secret crush had kissed her. And not just a normal kiss that friends gave each other sometimes. No, it was definitely more than that.

''I knew it! He likes you! Oh, Miyuru! You got to see now that you two belong together!'' Mamera went on.

''Mamera, I don't know why he did it. Maybe he's messing with me. Maybe it was just something random and now, he's regretting it.''

Mamera's smile immediately disappeared and an angry expression came in place for it.

''Miyuru, I can't believe you're saying this. That boy is freaking in love with you!''

''We don't know for sure.'' Miyuru replied.

''DIDN'T HE PROOF IT YESTERDAY?!'' Mamera shouted out.

Miyuru turned red.

''Come on, Miyuru. Now is the time to let him know that you love him too. If you wait too long, you'll lose him again.''

Those words made Miyuru's eyes widened.

''I don't want to lose him.'' She said softly.

''Well, then tell him your feelings.''

''But I'm so scared that I'll get rejected.''

Mamera groaned and rolled with her eyes.

''Seriously, Miyuru… sometimes I don't know what to say anymore.''

Miyuru sighed and held a hand through her hair.

''Okay, different subject please.'' She demanded.

Mamera sighed, but listened.

''Fine. But believe me, I'm not done with this yet.''

The next day

It was Friday and Inazuma High was playing a soccer match against Nara High. People had been talking about it all week and it was supposed to be the most important match of the season. Inazuma High and Nara High were currently both on the first place in the tournament. This would be the last match. Whoever would win this match, would win the entire tournament. It wasn't a surprise to Miyuru that the stands were loaded that afternoon after school. Luckily, since Mamera and her were good friends with the soccer players, they had been given very good seats. From the eight benches that were there, they were on the fourth from up and right in the middle, so they had a good look on the entire field.

''I'm so excited!'' Mamera cheered.

''Me too.'' Miyuru replied happy.

They both had been looking forward to this match. They both knew it was going to be spectacular. Inazuma High, better known as Inazuma Japan, was already warming up on their side of the field.

''Shuuya-kun!'' Mamera shouted, when she spotted her boyfriend.

Gouenji had to be the most popular boy of school and lots and lots of girl were crushing on him, so Mamera could praise herself lucky. She already had told him beforehand what her seat was and Gouenji had promised her that he would blow her a kiss when he would score. Miyuru had spotted Kidou too. He stopped wearing his cape at the age of sixteen, but had never get rid of the goggles. But Miyuru didn't mind. They were a part of Kidou. Besides, she knew what was hiding behind them. The most gorgeous eyes she had ever seen. Since the kiss, Kidou and her had not talked or even looked at each other. So it was weird to see him on the field like this. Unlike Mamera, she hadn't told Kidou her seat number. She just wanted to admire him silently and definitely didn't want things to be awkward. Nara High and Inazuma High were getting ready for the kick-off and the match started. The match was spectacular right from the beginning and Gouenji managed to make the first goal. As promised, he turned towards Mamera and blew her a kiss. All the girls around Mamera and Miyuru started to squeal and faint, thinking that kiss was meant for them. But Mamera smiled, knowing who it was for and blew a kiss back to him. Because of the air kiss, Kidou had followed Gouenji's movements and had spotted Mamera and Miyuru on the stands. Miyuru's eyes widened when her eyes met Kidou's. She immediately looked away, a pink color forming on her cheeks.

''He looked at you.'' Mamera teased her.

''Oh, shut up.'' Miyuru murmured back, which made Mamera only giggle even more.

The match went on and it was a close call. Nara High managed to score a point too and during break time, the score was 1-1.

''Oh, I'm so nervous. They have to win.'' Mamera pleaded.

Miyuru nodded.

''They will. They're strong enough.''

After break time, the match went on and Inazuma High was doing its best again to bring the ball up. Whenever Kidou did something good or made a special move, many girls would squeal and shout his name. Miyuru, however, stayed silent and just looked away. Those squealing girls made her a bit sad and she felt how she was slowly turning depressed.

''Miyuru, dosta?'' Mamera asked.

''N-Nothing. I'm fine.'' Miyuru replied.

Mamera frowned.

''Is it the girls?'' She immediately came to the point.

Miyuru sighed.

''Could be.''

''I knew it.''

She stared at Miyuru.

''Don't worry about them. Kidou hasn't even kissed one of them. He only wants you.''

Those words made a warm feeling go through Miyuru's stomach. She blushed and quickly looked back to the field. It was the exact point when Nara High made another goal. The score was now 1-2. Miyuru bit her lip.

''Come on, guys.'' She whispered.

The match went on and luckily, Gouenji managed to tie the score, with the help of Hiroto.

''YEAH! COME ON, GUYS!'' Mamera shouted.

She almost went wild and Miyuru was surprised to see such a hyper side of the normally shy teenager. She was happy for her. The time slowly ticked away and there were only two minutes left. If none of the teams would score, they would have to take penalty's.

''Come on, guys.'' Miyuru whispered.

''You can do it!'' Mamera shouted.

Only one minute left. Miyuru saw how the ball got intercepted by Kazemaru and how he started dashing forward.

''Come on, Kazemaru!'' Mamera shouted.

''Ike!'' Miyuru added.

Kazemaru passed the ball to Midorikawa, who immediately passed it towards Gouenji. Only, Gouenji got blocked by two defenders of Nara High, so he had to pass the ball towards someone else. Only twenty seconds left. Hiroto was blocked too, so Gouenji only had the choice to pass it towards somebody else. And that's when it happened. Kidou shot forward with enormous speed. Gouenji noticed the goggled boy and made a high pass. Kidou jumped up in the air and took the ball on his chest. Miyuru's breath stocked in her throat.

''Ike, Kidou-san!'' Mamera shouted.

Miyuru could only watch at the scene in front of her. Kidou moved with so much flexibility and speed. It truly fascinated her. He jumped up in the air together with Gouenji and together, they performed a Hissatsu technique, called Dark Flames. The ball whizzed into the goal and then, time was up. At first, Mamera and Miyuru were stunned, then they both began to shout like crazy.

''We won! We freaking won!'' Miyuru shouted.

''I know!'' Mamera shouted back, just as excited.

The two friends hugged each other, while they started to jump on their spot. Gouenji and Kidou got lifted into the air by their teammates and all the fans of Inazuma High went wild.

''I can't believe they've won the tournament!'' Mamera said shocked.

''I'm so happy for them.'' Miyuru replied.

Suddenly, rain started pouring from the skies, but nobody cared. Everybody danced happily in the raindrops and didn't care about getting soaked. Miyuru's clothes were sticking on her skin, but she didn't care. She could only smile and laugh with Mamera, who was drenched too. Then, the unthinkable happened. When Kidou and Gouenji got put back on the ground again, Kidou suddenly started making his way over to the stands. The girls started to scream and yell, but Miyuru stood frozen on her spot. Kidou came her way! She watched him with big eyes, as he jumped over the small iron fence that separated the stands from the field and made his way up the stairs. All the girls went wild now and suddenly, Mamera started grinning like mad.

''Good luck.'' She whispered.

''What do you mean?'' Miyuru asked, but then, it all happened.

Kidou had made his way over to her and was panting, while teardrops ran down over his face. The overall look, made him look really hot. Miyuru didn't had time to think, because, before she knew it, Kidou smashed his lips onto hers. Once again, her eyes widened fully. But now, she decided not to fight it anymore. She loved Kidou. So she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed back. She felt how Kidou froze by her sudden reaction and she felt how his grip on her neck tightened. Before they both knew it, Miyuru had jumped up and folded her arms around his waist, while Kidou lifted her up. The kiss quickly went from innocent to passionate, both battling for dominance. All the emotion they both had held in came out in a heated battle. Kidou's kiss was soft and sweet, while it also felt rough and passionate. Miyuru had never experienced a kiss so amazing. She totally went up in the moment and didn't hear all the people around her, who were gasping, yelling in excitement or clapping. She only felt Kidou and the love between him and her. When they let go, Miyuru opened her mouth.


''Just shut up and let me kiss you.'' He grinned back.

Immediately, they kissed again. After that kiss, they both connected their foreheads and panted.

''Damn it, Miyuru, I love you.'' Kidou said.

''I love you too.'' Miyuru replied.

Immediately, Kidou grabbed her by her waist again and planted another kiss on her lips.

''Get a room you two.'' Mamera grinned.

That's when Miyuru finally started to realize that she was in the middle of the stands, in a very full stadium. She immediately turned pink and stopped kissing.

''Oh gosh…'' She murmured.

Kidou laughed and stroke her hair.

''I don't care about the others. I only care about you.'' He whispered.

Miyuru smiled and hugged him tightly.

''I'll never let you go.'' She whispered.

One year later. Age Kidou and Miyuru: 18

Since that day, Miyuru and Kidou were inseparable again. The two spend every free minute they had together and their love was still as bright as that day in the stadium. Miyuru had trusted her body to Kidou and made him the first person in her life to make love to. It had been so special and romantic, with candles everywhere and Kidou being very caring. She knew that she had found the love of her life and that their love would last forever. Mamera, in the mean time, was still together with Gouenji and also, those two were still as bright and passionate about each other as before. Things were going fine. Kidou, Gouenji, Miyuru and Mamera all graduated from Inazuma High and started living with the four of them in a student apartment, being financed by the Kidou Financial Group. Life was finally about to begin. Kidou started to work in the Kidou Financial Group, Mamera wanted to study Dutch, Gouenji would study medics and Miyuru focused on Chinese.

Three years later. Age Kidou and Miyuru: 21

Kidou and Miyuru were now living together for two years now, having bought a small house in Inazuma Town, with a view on the riverbank. Miyuru was making a lot of progress with her study and Kidou was now the head of the Kidou Financial Group. He had a busy job, but Miyuru could cope with it. One day, when it was evening, Miyuru was home, while Kidou just left for working at the Kidou Financial Group. After waving Kidou goodbye, Miyuru walked towards the fridge to grab her favorite soda, but she then saw that there was a post-it note on it. With a frown, she grabbed the soda bottle and took off the post-it note.

'Come to the steel tower plaza'

Miyuru frowned. This was Kidou's handwriting. She decided to head towards the steel tower plaza anyway. Curiously, she grabbed her coat and headed out, on her way towards the steel tower. When she arrived at the steel tower plaza, her mouth fell open. There were small candles everywhere, burning dimly, giving the place a romantic appearance. In the middle of the plaza, there was a giant heart, made out of rose petals. Before Miyuru could open her mouth, somebody grabbed her hand from behind and spun her around. She looked straight into the un-goggled eyes of Kidou. Their deep crimson red color had a hypnotizing effect on Miyuru.

''Yuuto-kun, what is this?'' She asked surprised.

''Shh…'' Kidou shushed her.

He guided her into the heart. What he then did, surprised Miyuru in all ways. Kidou went onto one knee, grabbing something out of his pocket. He held the small, black box up towards Miyuru with his right hand, while he grabbed Miyuru's right hand with his left.

''My sweet, sweet Miyuru. We've been through a lot of things together, some things pleasant and some things not. But in the end, we found each other back and I know one thing: That I never ever want to let you go anymore. You belong to me. You're the light of my life. Sweet Miyuru, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?''

Miyuru's mouth slowly opened. Then, she started to cry out of happiness.

''Yes! Oh, Yuuto, yes!'' She said, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him close.

Kidou was beaming from all sides and slowly slid the thin, silver ring around Miyuru's right ring finger. Then, Miyuru hugged him again and kissed him passionately.

''I love you.'' Miyuru whispered.

''I love you too.'' Kidou replied.

Miyuru smiled, as all the flashbacks came to an end in her head. Mamera smiled.

''Recalling the good days?'' She asked.

Miyuru nodded.

''A lot has happened.'' She replied.

Mamera nodded.

''But I'm glad to see that things have worked out between you two. For Christ's sake, you're getting married!''

The two friends screamed excited.

''You know that you're next, huh?'' Miyuru grinned at her friend.

Mamera blushed and stared at the silver engagement ring around her right ring finger.

''I know.'' She replied.

Then, she focused back on Miyuru.

''But it's your day now! Are you nervous?''

''What do you think? I'm shaking like mad!'' Miyuru replied.

Mamera laughed.

''Don't worry, you'll be fine. This day is supposed to be the best day of your life!''

Miyuru smiled. It should be. Because today, exactly eight years ago, she met Kidou for the first time. She straightened her shoulders and smiled at Mamera.

''Ready to go?'' The blonde girl asked.

''Ready.'' Miyuru replied.

She turned around in her bridal dress, leaving her dressing room. This was her day. This was her time. This was the moment she would tell Kidou that she would stay with him forever. And that's how it always had to be.

~ The End~

Author Note:

WOWWOWWOWWOW! This story was so freaking long! 29 pages in Word! And that for a one-shot. But it's not just a simple one-shot. It's a one-shot for the most amazing sis in the world. Shout out to my sweet little sister, whom I can't live without. She's my light, my best friend and my soul mate. Rachel, this one's for you! I love you so so so so much. We'll stay friends forever! For all the other people, thank you for reading this one-shot. Once again, I have to apologize for my long absence. (Gosh, this is almost becoming a regular thing. I'm ashamed…) Sorry, sorry, sorry. Life is so hectic. Why are there only 24 hours in a day? I NEED MORE! Sigh, oh well. I hope you all enjoyed the story. =) I really enjoyed writing it. I can happily announce that I started writing further on the story: Inazuma Eleven Rewritten. Also, I will finish Inazuma Games soon enough. Be patient, it will come. Just have faith in me. I love you guys. Always did, always will. Also, a big shout out to InaZumaElle and Princess of Flames for staying in touch with me in these tough times. Thank you, guys! And sorry for being so silent to you two lately. Lots of love! ~ xoxo Mamera