What the heck
(chapter 4 of FBTW)

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Chloe POV

So all I have to do is figure out how I'll tell aunt Lauren and kit about these kids, should I just walk up to them and say "Hey! How ya doing, well I'd like to tell you that we found some random kids on the street, and one turns out to be a necromancer like me, oh and wait they all have a set of wings!" ha, no, no, no, I don't think so. How about I go and introduce them first? Yeah that's a good start, that's exactly what I'll do, oh wait no max would be the one who would introduce themselves, and then I'll ask if they could stay with us...after that I'll tell kit that max is a necromancer. See there's the perfect plan, I knew I could do it, go Chloe, go Chloe, It's your birthday, wait no I'm not going to celebrate, at least not until after kit agrees, so, here we go. I walked into the hotel room to see kit and aunt Lauren, ok got over the plan again so I'm just gonna go and say it "Hey Kit, can these kids stay with us for a while?" I asked
"Can these kids stay with us for a while...please?"I asked
"and Who and Were are these kids?"he asked
"Well...those kids are right outside, and one of them is a necromancer...like me." Kit's eyes widened and he let max and her flock in, Max introduced everyone, and then Kit asked were they we're from, at that they all stiffened.


So I introduced everyone, and everything was going fine, that is, until the guy named Kit asked us were we were from, instantly we all stiffened, should I tell him about the wings? Well Chloe, Derek, Simon, and Tori already know about the wings, and it's the wing thing is bound to be known about anyway, so what the heck, I'm gonna tell them anyway, because in order for him to know where we are from, he's gonna need to know about the wings anyway. "Well...we were born and raised for most of our life in a lab in death valley called the school, or in other words, Itex, there we were put through horrible test for our agility, stamina, strength, and etc." I sighed and continued "We escaped from the school, and we've been hunted down by erasers, and when i say eraser, I'm not talking about those pink, and harmless school supplies, I'm talking blood thirsty frikin killing machines that are lupine Hybrids, that don't stop till the jobs done, butI found my mom, and ironically she's a veterinarian" "wait what do you mean ironically? and lupine Hybrids?" Kit asked. And I guess here is the part where I show the wings "Oh, Max can I show him, Please" Angel asked, I thought about it for a moment, and then decided she could "Sure go on ahead" and with that her wings snapped out, and Kit and Chloe's aunt stared at angel wide eyed "Do you all have wings?" Chloe's aunt asked, I nodded, but then I smelled smoke, and you know what smoke means "GAZZY! IGGY!" I yelled "Max! We don't know what happened we were just talking about explosions and then the curtains got set on fire" Oh my god! I swear these kids are pyromaniacs, gosh, and to make matters worse, and might I add worser than they just were, Angel and Nudge shot bolts from there hands, then smoke was everywhere, I thought of water, we're the H-E double hokey sticks is water, just then, as if on que, everything that could produce water burst, and you know what they burst with? WATER! What the H-E double hokey sticks is going freaking on! I just want everyone to stop, just slow down and stop, and you know what happened, I don't have to give any clues cuz I bet you already know what happened, so while everything stopped, I got the kids and sat them down on the bed do I could stop all of this chaos, and lucky for me Dylan has been on the bed for a while now, then I made time start again, then Derek asked "what the heck just happened?" and let me tell you, for once, I have no idea

Derek POV

OK, these kids smell different, and not just because of the bird DNA, but I mean supernatural different, but max, she was more than an avian American, and she smelt supernatural, but she smelt different from the others, like she has more to her, like she's combined with something.

Kit's POV

Oh no, these are the kids, the kids that the Edison group have been after for so long, and Max, she's a very powerful supernatural, although she doesn't know it, plus that school she was talking about works for the Edison group, oh no, wait, she's project M.C.S (Multiple combining of supernaturals) experiment #25346, I just pray the Edison group doesn't find her, for if they do, the world will be in chaos.

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