Independence Day Alternate Ending

The alien fighters were everywhere but the human fighters were having an easier time with them due to their loss of shields. The President was on course to fire on their main weapon his two escorts were to the port and starboard of him. They provided extra cover for the president's fighter. He was trying for a lock when his port escort exploded in flames. "Mr. President whatever you're going to do, do it quickly!" said the other.

The President tried again for a lock on the main weapon being lowered and aimed at the Area 51 facility. Then his last escort exploded when he was hit by laser fire. It's now or never he thought. Looking behind him he saw flashes of green and broke hard right, then leveled out and resumed his course toward the weapon. Looking behind him one last time he saw the alien fighter come in behind him. He was just about to brake left this time when the alien ship exploded from a missile hit. Over the radio he heard a war cry "Yahhhhoooooo! You're all clear Mr. President now let's blow this thing and go home!"

He had a solid tone so he announced his missile launch, "Eagle one, Fox 2!" and pressed down on the thumb trigger. The Sidewinder missile dropped from its rail and fired its rocket. The President broke hard and lit his afterburners but kept an eye on the missile on radar. The missile flew on, avoided several attempts to shoot it down and impacted the main gun of the alien saucer.

At first it didn't look like it was enough then the ship started to explode from the inside. "All aircraft, this is Eagle one, get out from under this thing it's gonna blow!"

In small and large groups all remaining fighters flew out from underneath the city destroyer as it exploded. "Great shot Mr. President that was one in a million."

Back in the command center the entire base was in a celebration mode. "Get on the line to every squadron around the world and tell'em how to bring these guys down." ordered the General. The staff rushed to carry the order via Morse codeā€¦