I have had this idea for a while. I actually wrote it last year in September.

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I did it for you

I watched as Horton and Gertrude played with the young Elephant Bird. Who am I you might ask I'm Mayzie the Bird. The pretty bird in the jungle with the best tail. Right now I am hidden up in the tree as I watched my child with his adoptive parents The other Jungle animal have all called me selfish for giving up my child. Even my old friends who go by the name of The Bird Girls had joined it. It had gotten even worse when they found out that I believe that want I did was right. As the Sour Kangaroo had put it 'Every child deserved it mother'

They had it all wrong. I didn't regret giving up my child. Like Sour Kangaroo said Every child deserves it's mother but I child shouldn't have a mother that can't care for the child probably.

Horton was a much better parent then I could ever have been.

When I saw Horton at the circus I realised that.

* Flashback*

Why Mayzie, it's Horton! Remember? Its me!" Horton yelled at me. He was still up in the tree ands his eye till up when he saw me. "I've sat on your egg now for fifty-one weeks! I've sat here while people have paid to take peeks! I've sat here through lightning and hail storms and snow! Won't you take back your egg?"

"Gee. I really don't know..." I told him.

I walked around Horton's tree and began to sing "Oh, wow, it's really late! And gee, I've got a date!" I nodded towards Jose( the pool boy I had meet), who smiled "And lots of places to be. But it's so great to see you! Look at you! Who would ever guess? Look at you! Such a big success... And it's all thanks to me! Amazing Horton! That egg-sitting circus sensation! Amazing Horton! Even I'm impressed! Amazing Horton! While I was off taking vacation. You made your fortune. Up on Mayzie's nest..."

I turned to face Horton for the first time "I may be, unreliable, fancy free, irresponsible, crazy me, always eager to fly. But seeing you gives me true delight just this once I've done something right."

Horton picked up the egg to pass it back to me "The egg is all yours!" I told him as I push the egg back to him "No, don't thank me, I'll cry! Good luck when it hatches. Good luck... and goodbye" I sang. I turned on my heel and quickly ran out of the circus before I could change my mind.

"Why did you do that" someone yelled from behind me. I turned to see Jose walking towards me. "He doesn't want your child. it making him miserable"

"I know" I informed him.

"Then why" Jose asked.

"You heard what he said" She told Jose. "He sat on that egg for fifty-one weeks. I left the egg after two days. No child shouldn't have me as it's parent. I am the worst parent ever I can't even take care of my self let alone a child. The child should have a parent like Horton."

"End of Flashback*

I watched the Elephant Bird held the cover carefully in his small hands. I knew that I really had, finally, done something right!

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