Author's note: Since the last installment, I wrote a lot of rules that caused me to nearly laugh myself silly when I wrote them…

Also, the reference in the last set to a different fanbase was to X-Men.

Finally, what would all of you guys say to a High-School AU of Sorts? I'd like to heait opinions.

Alright, here I go. Enough shameless self-promotion.

-Whoever used the holodeck to create a 21st century stripclub, don't. Just don't.*
-I don't care if Riker wants in, just say no.*

-Don't dress up as a Borg for Halloween. Picard almost killed the last guy to do that. The guy before that...eh, that's classified.*

-Replacing Spot with a "Webkinz" doll is dumb. So, once again, just don't.*

-No whoopie cushions on the bridge.**

-No Chinese finger toys on the bridge.**

-Nothing other than what is absolutely necessary on the bridge

-When using the holodeck always ALWAYS use safety protocols!***

-As much as you love that hologram, you cannot use the transporters to take them off the holodeck. We're not even sure that works anyway.***

-Yes, Data has an off switch. No, he will not tell you where it is.***
-Although he will note that the crude rumors flying around are false.***

-Whoever started the betting pool on when and if Commander Riker and Counselor Troi wil get back together is advised to disband it immediately.***

-Same goes for the one about the captain and Dr. Crusher, if you value your life.***

-"He doesn't get mad about it!" is no excuse to play pranks on Data.***

-Stop disabling the security mechanisms on the door to Data's quarters. Spot has escaped three times and, more importantly, fangirls have gotten in nine times.***

-Commander Riker's pickup lines are to be used by commander Riker only

-Starfleet command isn't evil, Just a little misguided sometimes

-Stop offering Picard ANY hair-care products.

-Alright, which of you decided it would be cute to boycott the transporter?

-'lunkhead' is not something you call the captain.

-You cannot start a "Bring your parent to work day"

-You cannot borrow captain Picard for said "Bring your parent to work day". Hopefully, he already knows what you do anyway.

Author's note: Rules marked with a * are attributed to Suggestions. Rules with a ** are attributed to Spacecadet777. Rules with a *** are attributed to hermione-of-Vulcan. As always, I value whatever suggestions you may have and beg you to keep 'em coming. You guys do not know how much you're helping this fic!