We strolled happily in the park, just enjoying each other's company. The day was beautiful, the lake gleaming and not a cloud in the sky. The trees were waving listlessly in the breeze. But the breeze turned into a tornado, and a whirlpool formed in the sky I could feel him being sucked into it, tearing away from my grasp. I gripped tighter with both arms and tried tugging at him to get him back on the ground, but the whirlpool was too strong.

"Dominic!" I screamed. I was slowly losing my grasp on his arm, a little red from my hands. Over the roaring wind, he said to me,

"I'll be fine! Just let go! It'll work!"

"Stay!" I screeched. But the whirlpool sucked him into the endless void above.

I woke up with a start and a gutted feeling in my heart. I was in a cold sweat and tears were streaming down my face. I wiped them away, but they just kept coming. I rolled over and tapped Dominic lightly.

"Dominic…" I said lightly, "Dommie…" He finally rolled over lazily, eyes barely open.

"I had a bad dream." He smiled at my childishness. "What was it about?" I took a heavy breath and began to recite my dream.

"We were walking in this perfect park, but then there was like a whirlpool in the sky, and it was sucking you in- and just you, not me – and I was trying to hold on to you, I was holding really tight, I didn't want you to go, but you said it was all right and then I lost my grip. I was so scared and so sad. And you had gone away." I sighed. I felt better now that I had gotten that off my chest.

"Come here," he said, beckoning me closer. I scooted over, and he tenderly wiped away the reminder of my tears and kissed my forehead. He wrapped his arms around me and I buried my face in his chest.

"It's OK now," he said, and I believed him. Finally safe in his arms again, I went back to sleep, this time without nightmares.