This is a story I wrote in grade 6 so don't criticize to much

After Patch stormed out I fell down on my knees crying and felt my heart shatter into a million pieces. I laid there for who knows how long and I probably wouldn't have moved if it weren't for my cell phone going off. I looked at the number in surprise, these people haven't called me science my dad was killed, these people were shadow hunters like I used to be before I quit. They must be really desperate to call an ex-hunter.

'Hello?' I answered 'Nora Grey? This is your old partner Clary Fray. I know you quit and I'm not allowed to call you but I had to warn you, he found out where you are, the man that killed your father, and he's going to hunt you down to kill you if you don't get out of your town! Come to my house in New York you will be safe there." Clary said in a rush. "Wait they found me! How am I supposed to get to New York, I have absolutely NO money and No car?' I yelled "How about that guardian angel of a boyfriend you got yourself there?" She demanded. Well that hots a nerve, great now all I can think of is Patch, no bad Nora. "Um we sorta broke up this morning" I whispered, "Well call him or your dead, anyway he has to understand its part of his duty to help ANY shadow hunter in need, even the ex hunters" she said rather harshly, "He doesn't know what I am though!" I yelled back, "Wait why didn't you tell him?", "Cause he keeps secrets from me so I'm gonna keep secrets from him! There ya happy!" I yelled back again, jeez all this yelling is tiring, "I guess I'll call him" I said defeated then just hung up without hearing her answer.

After I'd hung up I ran up stairs and changed into my shadow hunter gear then threw all the stuff I would need into my backpack and scribbled down a quick note to my mom briefly telling her what happened. When I grabbed my phone my hands started to punch in Patch's number without even thinking.

Part of me was hoping that he wouldn't answer but of course on the fourth ring he picked up. "What do you want Nora?" wow he sounded mad, oh well "On behalf of the deal made between the shadow hunters and the guardians, I request your help" there was a choking sound on the other side before there was a replay, "what did you say?" "Oh you heard me, listen I wouldn't call if I didn't really need your help" I lied "I will explain everything on the way to the airport" I said in my best busyness voice. After bout two minutes of hard thinking he replied... "I'm on my way" and in a smaller voice to quiet I almost didn't hear it "I love you"

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