We were lost, yep lost. I mean you'd think it would be easy to find one stupid church, but no there are thousands of them in New york I mean you couldn't walk one block without coming face to face with a church!

"What do you mean you don't know where it is!" yep Patch was angry, but I guess you couldn't blame him I was the one who was supposed to know where Clary and the others lived. " Well I didn't really expect there to be like 2000 churches in one city!"

hey even though it was my fault didn't mean I couldn't be angry "Nora its New York city there are over a billion people that live here of course there are going to be a lot of churches!" hihi oops.

Patch and I kept driving around for who knows how long till finally he let out a frustrated sigh "this is hopeless Nora, we may as well get out and ask someo..." just as Patch was about to finish his sentence a giant black skeleton horse came streaking across the road and stopped right in front of the oldest church we have seen yet.

On the front of the church the words Instituti malus intrabit I translated it without even thinking "The institute:no evil shall enter" hmmm "I think we found it" I cheered. I returned my gaze to the institute just as a tall man in a long billowing black coat stepped off the horse, he turned his face towards us and I cringed in fear. His face was a chalky white color witch made all the big red scars show up even more, his left ear was missing and his piercing stare was made up of two icy bleu eyes. The mans long golden hair rippled in the non existing breeze as if there were thousands of lost souls trapped and trying to free themselves. This man terrified me even though I knew not to fear him I mean he was my uncle.

I through off my seat belt and tumbled out of the car, running to my uncle his face lit up in a smile. I reached him just as he opened his arms to greet me in a warm hug, he smelled of all the things I have missed since my father passed away.

"Nora my dear why aren't you with your mother?" he questioned while giving nervous glance at Patch. "Ya um well you see you remember how Valentine swore that he would kill every last Grey if it was one of the last things he did umm well he found out where I was, mom is safe cause she's not a Grey but I had to get out of there" I whispered into my uncles ear in hopes that Patch wouldn't hear but no such luck "YOU WERE GOING TO BE KILLED!" Patch exploded in rage "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME! I COULD OF DONE SOMETHING!" ok now I was angry "OH YA AND HOW COULD YOU HAVE DONE THAT MISTER GUARDIAN ANGEL?" I yelled back my voice bitter as unsweetened chocolate "ok ok brake it up you two!" my uncle intervened before I could pull out my dagger from my boot.

The doors to the institute creaked and groaned as my uncle ushered us inside where the rest of my friends were staying, but all I could concentrate was the one question buzzing through my mind: why does Patch care?

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