26. Stars

Before: One of Tsuna's elementary teachers tried to explain to Tsuna that the sun was a star and that only distance made the night's stars shine less in the sky than the sun, but Tsuna couldn't see how those little lights could compare to the large sun that warmed him every day.

After: Tsuna waved reluctantly at his dad as the man left, but with a quick glance at his tutor, Tsuna realized that his mother wasn't entirely wrong when she said that Iemitsu had gone off to become a star.

27. Foreign

Before: From time to time, Tsuna had seen them wandering around the streets, speaking strange sounds and talking too loud and moving differently from everyone else, and the small brunette would continue to watch them with a confused frustration.

After: Fuuta took Tsuna's hand and chattered on and on about Lambo and I-pin, sometimes slipping into Italian in his excitement, and taking steps that almost bounced as the young boy hung off Tsuna's hand, and Tsuna pretended to understand everything Fuuta was telling the young mafia boss because Tsuna almost could.

28. Breaking the Rules

Before: Most people in Namimori Middle wouldn't dream of skipping class or being late on a daily basis for fear of attracting the attention of Namimori's most feared citizen, but Tsuna didn't worry about the head prefect; he fell way below Hibari's radar.

After: Nursing the huge bump on his head, Tsuna wished that Hibari would pick on some other group that was breaking the rules because no matter which of Tsuna's friends was causing the trouble Tsuna was always the one that ended up on the wrong end of Hibari's wrath.

29. Under the Rain

Before: On his eighth birthday, Tsuna lay on the muddy ground where the bullies had left him; his arm, leg, and side hurt, and he would be late for his mom's birthday cake.

After: The rain splattered on the window, and Tsuna stared at the water pour down the glass until Lambo and I-pin ran in to his room and dragged him downstairs to show him the surprises they made for him.

30. Sorrow

Before: The sobs coming from the next room made Tsuna drag himself out of bed and quietly make his way to his mother's room, where she waited with a tight embrace and rivers of tears for the man that she insisted Tsuna call father.

After: Tsuna idly considered just this once defying the demon known as his tutor and taking the consequences because he didn't want to write to that man, but he gave the idea no further thought because it had been months since sobs had sounded through the wall.

31. Flowers

Before: Tsuna had brought his mother three squished white flowers to make her smile, but he fell and crushed them before she could see them.

After: Carefully, Tsuna snuck into the house with a single flower wrapped in plastic for his mom's party, but he tripped over the bottom step and nearly fell on the flower if not for Reborn's kick to his stomach.

32. Night

Before: Gasping, Tsuna opened his eyes wide and took in all the dark could tell him, lifting his hands up to check that his hands were both visible and not red.

After: Rubbing the back of his head, Tsuna half-heartedly glared at his tutor, because the kick had hurt, but he couldn't remember the dream-nightmare-he had been having.

33. Expectations

Before: Tsuna didn't swing, didn't stretch out to catch the ball, didn't strain to get to first base, and the other students on his team didn't bother with those things either; Tsuna's team always lost.

After: Heads knocked together, arms created a circle, four voices called as one, and the cry reverberated through Tsuna as they walked away revealing six faces that didn't show any doubt that Tsuna could and would win.

34. Childhood

Before: The other kids ran around the park, climbing anything within reach, but Tsuna stayed beside his mother no matter what Nana tried; Nana didn't understand that Tsuna wasn't going out where he would end up hurt and alone.

After: Bianchi knew her little brother had no true childhood, too busy trying to impress his father and then running away, so the way Hayato's eyes lit up with enjoyment of the Vongola snowball fights and beach parties and festivals made sense, but the similar gleam that appeared in Tsuna's eyes once the young Vongola allowed himself to have fun and stop worrying over details didn't.

35. Hold My Hand

Before: Tentatively, Tsuna reached out to take Kenta's hand like the teacher said, because Kenta didn't have a buddy too, but Kenta looked scared to take Tsuna's hand, so Tsuna pulled it back.

After: The anguish, pain, reflected in her eyes had Tsuna reaching out and grabbing Uni before he could fully form the thought, because he couldn't leave her alone.

36. Precious Treasure

Before: When the teacher called Sawada Tsunayoshi up to show what he had brought, she wasn't very surprised to see a little boy with red-rimmed eyes come up with nothing but new scratches and dirt all over him, but what could she expect from such a clumsy, forgetful child?

After: "Boss, aren't you worried that the thieves might have stolen something important?" asked Chrome as the teams raked through the wreckage that had been the Vongola Decimo's office, and she blushed when Tsuna replied that what he treasured had escaped.

37. Eyes

Before: Tsuna didn't like meeting people's eyes because Tsuna didn't want to see what was there.

After: When asked his favorite color, Tsuna never knew what to say because somewhere along the line many colors had become favorites: light hazel, deep green, lime green, jade green, steel gray, bright grey, deep indigo, dark purple and bright red, amber, dark brown, warm brown, and even jet black, so Tsuna was glad that people generally didn't get to ask that question before one of his guardians interrupted.

38. Abandoned

Before: The cat meowed pitifully as the man left it in the cage and then looked pleadingly at Tsuna, but when Tsuna opened the cage and picked it up, it bit and scratched and ran the minute Tsuna let it go, straight into a car's path; Tsuna went home and cleaned the cuts and scratches and tried not to think about how he could have held on harder.

After: After five minutes in Gokudera's apartment, Tsuna started figuring out how he could convince his self-proclaimed right hand man to move into the Sawada's spare bedroom despite Bianchi's presence because Tsuna wasn't taking no for an answer.

39. Dreams

Before: "So you want to be a robot?" asked the teacher in a way that let Tsuna know he had done something wrong, but since Mama said it was bad, Tsuna didn't lie.

After: Reborn could have said a lot about his no-good student, but one thing the hitman would never admit he valued in the boy was the simplicity of his student's dreams, dreams to protect his family (though Tsuna would never call them that) and to enjoy their happiness no matter what the cost.

40. Rated

Before: The students of class 5-B whispered and reassured themselves that no matter how bad they did they would not take the unwanted position of last in the class ranking since that place was reserved for Dame-Tsuna and Dame-Tsuna alone.

After: Fuuta smiled as he recorded the ranking for best big brothers ever and placed Tsuna at the top.

41. Teamwork

Before: The ball flew up in the air, and Tsuna tried to catch it, but he had thrown it too far so the ball landed and rolled away from the game's only player.

After: "It's me, tenth. My spy work is done, so I'll return to your side," said Gokudera, his hands full of dynamite and entirely too serious for a snowball fight, and Tsuna didn't understand why the bomber insisted on switching over to the losing side.

42. Standing Still

Before: Tsuna stood frozen before the ferocious, barking Chihuahua, unable to move until his mother chased the yapping dog out of the backyard.

After: At first, Tsuna's firm stance hid the shaking shoulders and terrified expression from Kyoko's notice, but once Kyoko saw them, she knew he wouldn't move.

43. Dying

Before: Marima's words echoed through Tsuna's head as the ten year old wrapped his blanket around his head tighter, because Tsuna didn't want to die, even if it would make the world better for everyone else.

After: With one last smile for his two best friends, Tsuna walked into the meeting with Byakuran and prepared to face the worst case scenario.

44. Two Roads

Before: Skipping the last three periods, Tsuna walked down the two streets to his house slowly so he wouldn't have to explain to his mother why he was coming home so early.

After: Gokudera and Yamamoto had longer strides, so Tsuna subtly had trouble keeping up some times, but he never asked them to slow down because he knew they were already walking slower than normal.

45. Illusion

Before: When people weren't making fun of Tsuna, they pretended he wasn't there until he really wasn't.

After: For a man who didn't have any mist flames, Mukuro thought the Vongola Decimo did an excellent job of hiding in plain sight.

46. Family

Before: "You can't play with us," said the one of the two boys, "because this is for brothers and you don't have one because no one wants to be Dame-Tsuna's brother."

After: Sometimes, Dino was jealous of Tsuna's sun guardian because Tsuna actually called the Sasagawa boy "big brother."

47. Creation

Before: Sighing, the judge gave the lopsided stick house a score of 4 without listening to the Sawada boy's explanation of how it had a basement and secret passageways and rooms underground full of toys.

After: Reborn expected Tsuna to get lost in the complicated base the boy's future self had built, but surprisingly Tsuna had no trouble navigating it.

48. Tears

Before: Strange, for a boy who blubbered so often when he was little, Nana couldn't remember the last time Tsuna cried.

After: Yamamoto wanted to ask Tsuna where the small brunette learned to cry without tears.

49. Stripes

Before: Of all the insults thrown in Tsuna's direction, the one that bothered him the least was "short," because when you're a complete failure, things like how you look don't really matter.

After: Staring at the pinstripe suit, Tsuna considered saying "no," but Haru rambled on about how vertical stripes would make him look taller and more imposing, so Tsuna decided not to bother trying to refuse.

50. Happiness

Before: Tsuna found himself smiling at the thought that Kyoko had looked in his direction the one time he had managed to finally jump the third level of the jumping horse.

After: Gokudera got into another argument with Yamamoto when they passed Hibari who quickly whipped out a tonfa, and Tsuna barely dodged the prefect's attack only to have Ryohei nearly run the small brunette over and then fall to the ground as Reborn randomly kicked the small brunette in the head; wondering if he was going insane for the hundred time, Tsuna found himself smiling and reassuring the others that he was fine.