Warning: super, sappy fluff. If you hate it, you can stop here and not really miss anything 8-D

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"What really happened on that ice planet you guys were stuck in?" Kirk looked over at Bones.

"Did you read Spock's report?" Len kept his eyes on his PADD.

"Sorta. I mean, I read you met a Sarpeidon woman, a prisoner. She rescued you. All the basics, but no real meat. I could tell something went down. Something that wasn't in the report."

"Really, Jim, do you think your Vulcan first officer would leave essential information out of his report? He's a blasted machine, for piss sake, with an unwavering need to tell the truth."

Kirk slowly spun his chair to face his friend, his eyes narrowing. "What are you not telling me, Bones?"

Flipping his PADD closed, he shrugged. "Nothing you need to know, nothing important to the mission. I have reports to file myself so if you'll excuse me I'll be headin' back to sick bay."

"Bones…" McCoy turned back to his captain.

"Jim, just let this one lie. We made it back and we're all alive. Let's just say we all learned a little bit about ourselves and leave it at that."

"Is that your medical recommendation?" Jim gave Bones a small smirk.

"I guess you could say it is."

Jim sighed and turned back to his view screen. "Okay, I'll give you this one. But next time I get to go to the planet with the cave girls."

McCoy rolled his eyes. "Infant."

Did you file your report?" Nyota asked Spock as she moved around his bedroom.

"Yes." Spock came up behind her and unzipped her dress, pushing it off her shoulders so he could kiss her bare skin.

"A bit frisky tonight?" She laid her head back on his chest.

"I find that my adore for you has not diminished since our return from Sarpeidon."

"I should hope not." She smiled before turning in his arms. "Hey, should we be worried? Did Bones give you a clean bill of health?"

"No concerns warranted. I had no uncontrollable desire to tear the doctor's head from his torso. I merely find that my…desire, my need for you is heightened." He pulled her back into his arms and pushed her uniform from her body, letting it drop to the ground. "I have always fought my emotions, Nyota. I felt that they were too human."

"Spock, you don't have to…" Spock silenced her with a kiss.

"I need to, Nyota. I must reconcile my human and Vulcan sides. I did not tell my mother I loved her and I lost her. You will never doubt my love, my feelings for you."

"Baby, your mother knew how you felt about her. Of course she knew you loved her."

"But I never told her, Nyota. I will not do this to you." He kissed her again. Lifting her in his arms, he laid her on his bed. "Then love knew it was called love. And when I lifted my eyes to your name, suddenly your heart showed me my way"

"It is you, the one I love." Nyota laid her hand on his cheek, his warmth filling her.

The side of his mouth quirked in his version of a smile that only she recognized and she knew she would be his until the day she died. And he would be hers.