Finn didn't like being in the city. Rachel knew that, and sometimes his anger

got the best of him. But just because he had hit her (just once... Or twice)

doesn't mean he didn't love her right? At least he didn't take anything out on

Rose, until that night. He was drunk (as always) and mad again about Rachel

"making" him move to the city. He couldn't find Rach, so he hit the nearest

thing to him, which happened to be his sleeping 2 year old. For Rachel, that was

the last straw! She packed up hers and Roses things and went to the only place

she could think of, Noah's apartment. At 2 o'clock in the morning, she showed up

to his door with Rose crying (a bruise already forming on her tiny face) and

crying herself as well.

"Rachel?" Noah Puckerman asked when he opened his door "what are you doing here?

Come on get inside."

"Im sorry for the time Noah, but I can't be with Finn anymore. I just- I didn't

know what to- he-" she tried to speak but forgot how to and just cried.

"Hey. Shhh it's ok you're fine whatever it is, I'm here for you" he said holding

her (who was still holding Rose). This "soft- side" of Noah only came out around

Rachel. He didn't know what it was but something about her made him "soft."

"Its just, I know Finn doesn't like it here, but I don't know why he gets so


"What do you mean?" he asked, concern playing through his tone

"He-he." she sighed and gathered herself, prepared to say the words "He hit Rose


"Oh my God!" he whisper-yelled, letting go of her to examine Rose

"I don't know why though, probably just because he couldn't find me" she said

lowering her head

"He's hit you before? And you stayed with him?" Noah asked protectively. He

loved Rachel. No, not like family, he was in love with this girl. And her

beautiful daughter (who might I add looks just like her). When he heard she was

ingaged to the giant, he couldnt bear it, but here she is, on his couch crying

into his shoulder. How could someone be so cruel to them? He just couldn't grasp


"Well I couldn't leave! I wanted Rose to have her mother AND father!"

"Her abusive father! You two aren't even married!"

"we're engaged! Well, we were." Rachel's face started to form a frown. Something

Noah couldn't bear to see.

"Aw, honey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you. I'm just mad at Hudson,

that's all" he said wiping her tears and holding her again.

When Rose finally stopped crying, Rachel laid her down in the car-seat she had


"Not very comfortable" she said to Rose "but it'll have to do for now" she leant

down and kissed her baby on the head. She made her way out to the kitchen where

Noah was and said to him,

"Thanks for letting us stay here" nearly on the verge of tears again "I just

didn't know where else to go in the heat of the moment" she said, actually

letting a few tears spill this time

"Hey, it's ok" he whispered pulling her close to him "you did the right thing

coming here, I promise, he will never hurt you or Rose ever again" he promised,

kissing her head. Maybe it would take a whole for her to open up to him, but for

now, Rose sleeping, holding Rachel, it felt right.

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