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A few days after Finns "visit," Rachel started acting weird again. She would

wake up in the middle of the night sweating or crying from nightmares. She would even talk in her sleep. Luckily Noah (who moved from the couch back into his room with Rachel and Rose) was there to calm her down and remind her "It was just a dream."

One more reason for Puck to hate Finn. Her beautiful face would be stained with worry and fear and he couldn't stand to see her so upset. Last night was the worst of all. She was peacefully sleeping when all of the sudden, she started to shake a little. The shaking turned into talking and talking turned into yelling. She even started crying and when she woke up, she saw Noah standing in the corner holding Rose, who (because of her mother screaming) was also crying. Rachel rushed over to her and Noah. He looked at her with a worried protecting look.

"Rach, why do you keep having these nightmares? I mean, you know I would never let anything or anyone hurt you. Especially not Hudson."

"I know" she reassured him "I just- well its hard you know. I'm not scared just worried about Rose and how she will react to all this when we tell her one day. I mean when she's old enough to understand" she explained

"I'm sure she will take it just fine" he said trying to comfort her "she's

strong like her mother" he beamed. She had to smile back. He just brought out

the happiness in her. She couldn't help it.

"Everything is gonna be fine"

Noah, it turns out, ended up being right. On Rose's 3rd birthday, he proposed to Rachel.

Months later, in March, they were married. Rose was the flower girl (ever so

fitting her name) and it was a beautiful ceremony in a big church with all their family and friends. For their honey-moon, they headed to Hawaii for 4 days because neither of them wanted to be away from Rose too long.

9 months after their honey-moon, Rose (who is now 4) was blessed with a new baby brother. They named him Aidan. When they brought him home to their new house (after they were married they moved out of Pucks apartment into a bigger house) they were surprised how happy he was. He never once cried on the drive home and nights were very peaceful.

They hadn't heard from Finn since that night but rumor had it that he had moved back to Lima to help his dad at work.

Everything was finally falling into place for Rachel and Noah. They loved their life, their marriage and their 2 beautiful children. Everything just felt so right.

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