Scream For The Fans

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Joy was desperate to get this chapter written. Sweat rolled down the back of her neck before she stretched and released a drawn-out yawn. She felt so drained that she hardly had the energy to write her story. Despite the aching in her body, and her heavy eyelids demanding sleep, she endured, determined to write her new chapter.

Her love for reading evolved into a love for writing. Preferring to spend her time typing away at a keyboard than going out to late-night parties, she both adored and loathed writing. The weight of the world was placed on her shoulders. An over-exaggeration? Perhaps. But, when you're the most popular author for your fandom and you've promised thousands of readers an update, you can't afford to miss a deadline. That's what Joy kept repeating to herself. However, her mind seemed to have hit a stumbling block.

She stared blankly at an empty screen of white. The mouse icon flashed on the screen every so often. A groan escaped her, as she feared that her good run had come to an abrupt end. She was three chapters away from her finale, but she couldn't work out how to write it. Before long, the computer screen faded to black because of the lack of activity.

Tapping at her desk, she looked around her bedroom for some kind of inspiration. The place was a mess. Her school uniform had been carelessly discarded on the bed since she arrived home from school. The shelf in the corner was stacked with books, so much so, that many were piled onto the floor. Posters decorated the wall, displaying many of her favourite films and shows. One was the iconic poster for Scream, showcasing the frightening mask belonging to Ghostface.


The phone rang from downstairs. Grunting loudly, Joy rushed out of her room and hurried to answer. With her parents out for the evening, she was left alone to make sure that the house didn't burn down while they were away. After half a minute, she finally reached the phone.


''Hello?'' A voice said on the other side. It was hoarse yet calm.

It was silent for a brief moment, leaving Joy anxious. Superstition and paranoia tugged at the back of her head.

''Who is this?'' She asked.

''Who do you want it to be?'' The voice replied playfully.

Joy shook her head and huffed. ''I really don't care, I'm hanging up now!''

Before the voice could say anything else, Joy hung up and placed the phone back down. She turned heel, ready to retreat to her room when she paused. She stuck around for a moment or two, curious if this was over. Now that she had time to process the call, she recollected the voice. Something about it sounded distinctly familiar.


The phone went off again.

Hesitant, Joy glanced around the living room, watching for any sign of movement. With a trembling hand, she reached for the phone and answered once more. ''Okay, what do you want?''

''Just to talk,'' The voice was quiet but grew more sinister with every word. ''Although, if you hang up on me again, your night won't be very pleasant!''

Holding her nerve, Joy snorted dismissively. ''Not much of a threat!''

''Why's that?''

''What can you do to me over the phone?''

''I can do plenty of things, Joy!'' The voice delighted in emphasising her name, causing the girl to freeze. A quiet gasp slipped past her lips, enough to let the person on the other side know they got a reaction. Oh, surprised I know your name? That's not all.''

''W-What? What else?''

There was a brief silence before the voice spoke again. ''Where you live!''

At that moment, Joy bolted to her door and locked it. Rushing back into her room, she also shut that door behind her as well. Taking no chances, she grabbed the nearest piece of light furniture and used it to barricade herself inside. She glanced out of the windows to see if anyone was outside.

Her breathing was frantic now, and it was obvious the voice could hear all the commotion as he continued on with his threat. ''See, there's plenty I can do over the phone. I'm getting you ready for the events to come!''

''W-What…what events?'' Joy stuttered.

''Gutting you and stringing your insides all over the house!''

Her heart felt like it was on fire and about to explode out of her chest. She sobbed and inspected her room. ''Please, whoever you are, just leave me alone!''

''Why would I do that? The fun has only begun.''

''I'll call the police!''

''What are they going to do?'' The voice mocked.

''I'll call them…and if you come after me they'll get here before you can escape!'' She told him firmly.

''Go ahead. Call them. It will take them a good twenty minutes to arrive after the call. I know from experience that that's plenty of time for a slaughter and an escape!''

Joy broke down in tears yet again, unsure of what her next move should be. Every cell in her body screamed to hang up and cast away this haunting voice. But she feared what would happen if she couldn't hear them anymore.

''Barricading your room won't stop me!'' The voice said.

Joy slowly raised her head and stopped breathing. ''H-How…''

''I can see you!''

The terrified girl quickly looked out her bedroom window to see exactly where the caller was. However, the outside world was empty from her perspective. There was no possibility for someone outside to see her. Unless…

The person wasn't outside the house.

''Where are you?'' She whispered, slowly shuffling back to her barricaded door.

''I'll let you know in five…'' The caller muttered.

There was a pause. Before Joy could question the voice, it continued.


Joy gasped loudly.


She sprinted to her door. As quickly as she could, she threw the furniture out of the way and scarpered out from her bedroom. Too afraid to turn around to see if anyone was chasing her, she ran down the stairs and hoped for the best.

While running, the voice continued further. ''I never said I was in your bedroom!''

In her panicked state, Joy paused to ponder her actions. In that split-second, her vigilance wavered. The next sound she heard was that of the closet door beside her creaking open. Her heart was in her throat as she dropped the phone to the ground.

In a flash, the door was broken off its hinges and Joy was tackled against a wall by a figure dressed in black. A sharp and unbearable pain struck Joy in her stomach like a bolt of lightning. She gasped for air, unable to reclaim her. Her hands shakily clutched her stomach, feeling the warmth of her own blood pour out of the fresh cut. Her vision blurred, but before everything sunk into the dark, she could recognise the masked figure standing before her.

''You're the writer, Joy. You know how this part of the story goes.'' Ghostface taunted before raising a bloody knife and finishing the job before Joy could even scream.

To Be Continued…

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