Scream For The Fans

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Chapter 1

Blinding sunlight poured through the curtains, illuminating the room in a fiery glow. Summer was definitely here to stay and not going to disappoint. Though Michelle would have preferred if summer could wait a few more hours before disturbing her beauty sleep. The thought that she only had a few more weeks before summer vacation kept her from devolving into a grump.

She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and lifted her head from the pillow, wiping away the morning hair that stuck to her sweaty face. If her parents didn't leave for work early each morning, they would revel in the opportunity to tease her lack of enthusiasm for early mornings. They continually warned her about her late-night horror movie marathons, but did she ever listen to them? The drool dripping down her chin answered that question.

If she didn't spend her nights enjoying a good horror flick, she would be spending her time catching up on some light reading from many fanfiction websites. Suddenly, a thought came to her. She awoke with renewed energy and hurried to retrieve her phone. Opening up a web page, she hoped that she would be able to read the latest chapter of her favourite Scream fanfiction 'Endless Scream' before school started.

However, to her dismay, she found that the story hadn't been updated. Groaning in frustration, she slumped back into her bed and placed her phone on the desk beside her. It was a better reaction than the dozens of comments left by impatient readers demanding a new chapter from the author.

''That sucks,'' Michelle mumbled to herself. ''Usually, they're pretty prompt with updates.''

Suddenly, her phone started to ring. She grabbed it and recognised the number belonging to one of her best friends. She cleared her throat and attempted to sound like she hadn't just risen from the dead. ''Hey...''

''Someone's groggy this morning, did you spend all night reading?'' Lola teased, not missing a beat. ''Or did you have a certain someone drop by to keep you up all night?''

Michelle rolled her eyes in amusement. ''No, I was alone last night. You got the reading part right!''

''Knew it! Honestly, you spend so much time reading other people's stories, why don't you write your own?''

Michelle's eyes drifted towards her sleeping laptop, envious of its peaceful state. ''I want to. I just don't know what to write.''

''Does it matter? From some of the stories you've shown me, it doesn't look like those writers give too much thought into their stories either.''

Michelle giggled. ''That's mean.''

''That's the harsh truth. Anyways, just calling to ask what's up?''

''Nothing, why?''

''Well, you aren't at our usual meet-up spot. If you don't want tardy again, you better get your legs moving. I'm already about to finish up cheerleading practice.''

''What are you talking about? It's only…'' That's when she finally decided to check her alarm clock. Her eyes bulged and her heart sunk into her stomach when she saw that she had less than half an hour to get to school. ''Oh shit!''

Summerdale Town High School was a social but chaotic place. Someone somewhere was involved in some kind of activity, from the mundane to the more physical sports sessions going on in the distance. The cry of football players roared across the field. One player broke from the pack, holding the ball in his hand and spotting a teammate rushing off to the other line.

''Go long!'' Bobby yelled before tossing the ball to his sprinting companion.

The other player, George, charged forward. He managed to get past each defender while the ball soared above the opposition. George glanced over his shoulder and held his lanky arms out, ready to catch the ball and score a touchdown. Despite the ball landing in the palm of his hand, the stretch was awkward and it did not stay as he slid onto the ground and the ball harmlessly rolled away from him.

Groans rolled across the pitch from every player nearby. They were thankful that this was just a practice and not an actual game. George considered keeping his face planted firmly in the ground and let the Earth swallow him up. He'd lost count of the number of times this dreadful feeling overwhelmed him. It wasn't until he felt a presence that he finally lifted his head and saw Bobby extending a helping hand.

''Good try, mate,'' Bobby said sportingly, heaving his friend up until he was standing on his own two feet.

''That was a nice pass, man, and I screwed it up again.''

He felt Bobby patting him on the back. ''Hey, you've just got to keep trying and trying again, and it'll all work out.''

Bobby might as well have been talking to a brick wall. His words of encouragement fell short as George scanned the field and the two of them saw the other players moaning and walking away. ''Why do you always put up with me? You're our star player and I'm holding you back.''

''If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be here!'' Bobby said firmly. ''We practised almost every day ever since we could stand…''

''And you've gotten better while I haven't! You always say that it'll work out, but I don't think this will ever work out for me. Football is your thing. I need something else,'' He shrugged his body, rejecting Bobby's hand and walked away to wallow in his pity.

Bobby almost chased after him but remained rooted to the spot. ''George!'' He called out. His friend continued to storm away, refusing to even acknowledge his friend.

Watching from the side, two cheerleaders shared a quick look before focusing their attention back on George. ''I feel sorry for him,'' Lola stated.

Her sympathy wasn't shared with her friend, who groaned and clenched her hands in frustration. ''I am actually losing my marbles with that guy,'' Susan growled. ''All he does is complain. My sweet Bobby tries to look out for him and George just kicks him away. It' so unfair.''

''I think you and I are looking at this situation quite differently.''

''Whatever,'' Susan shrugged nonchalantly. Her foul mood evaporated when Bobby marched towards them. Squealing in delight, she rushed into his muscular arms and the two engage in a heated make-out session in plain view of everyone around them. Lola averted her gaze and folded her arms, waiting for the lovebirds to finish their moment. Eventually, the two separated. ''You were amazing out there.'' Susan gushed.

''I knew you were watching me, so I worked twice as hard, just for you.''

''You're so thoughtful like that.''

Lola pretended to scratch the bridge of her nose and covered her lips. ''Someone kill me now.'' She whispered.

She almost jumped when Susan turned to her. ''So, where's Michelle? I thought you called her?''

''I did! She's late again. Apparently, she was up all night reading Fanfiction again!''

''Again with this Fanfiction!'' Bobby arched his brows and stared at the two young ladies. ''What is that exactly?''

Lola opened her mouth to answer before Susan chimed in. ''Oh, let me explain. Basically, it's where you write stories based on a book or movie that already exists. Anything you can think of.''

''Anything, huh? You mean like Harry Potter and shit?''

''Precisely,'' Susan beamed. ''And Michelle reads a whole bunch based on horror films. I think she said her favourite was Scream.''

''Scream? Isn't that the film with the killer? What's his name? Freddy Krueger?''

''Ghostface!'' Susan corrected him.

Next to them, Lola tried to suppress a chuckle. ''Don't let Michelle know about that slip-up, she'll tear you a new one. She loves her horror films.''

''I can never get into horror!'' Susan muttered before turning to Bobby. ''I'm a heavy romantic type!''

With that said, the two once again engaged in a heavy snog that threatened to turn into an act that would be considered indecent and illegal in public.

Lola looked away again. ''Can you two get a room?''

Just then another voice panted from behind. ''If they did, it would need to be soundproof knowing them!''

The group turned and saw Michelle rushing towards them, looking like she was going to collapse from exhausting or cough up a lung. She crouched down and placed her hands on her knees, taking a moment to regain a normal breathing pattern.

''For those who are wondering, yes, I ran here.'' She wheezed.

Susan smirked. ''You're one to talk about needing a soundproof wall, sweetie. I bet you were late because you and your lover were up for hours screaming the house down!''

''None of your business, pom-pom!'' Michelle snapped and tried to keep her flustered face hidden from sight. It was impossible to tell if she was blushing from embarrassment, or still full of colour because of her sprint to school.

The cheerleader grinned playfully. ''You didn't deny it. It's always the quiet ones that are animals in the bedroom…''

Lola stepped between them and raised her hands to silence them. ''Okay, I just had my breakfast. I really don't want to be throwing it up again with all this sex talk, thank you very much.''

Right on cue, the school bell signalled, echoing across the horizon. Bobby and Susan were the first to make their move, waving to Lola and Michelle as they left. Michelle was in no rush to hurry inside. Lola noticed her tired friend and chuckled at her expense. ''I'll see you inside.''

''I'm so out of shape,'' Michelle mumbled. Before Lola walked away, Michelle called out. ''Have you seen Amy yet?''

''Not yet!'' Lola answered before disappearing through the school entrance.

Michelle sighed knowing that without Amy this was going to be a boring day. Biology was never a good lesson for her to have any day of the week, let alone the very first one. She needed as many people as possible to keep her entertained throughout the dull hour. But, as she was ready to head inside, two hands appeared from behind and covered her eyes.

''Guess who?'' A soft voice whispered close to her ears.

A laugh escaped from Michelle. The warm breath on her earlobe caused chills to ride up her arms and her heart to skip a beat. She reached up and grabbed the person's hands. ''Only the most amazing and beautiful person in the world!'' She turned to come face to face with her girlfriend, Amy.

Amy shot a playful grin. ''That can't be true. Because that's who I'm asking the question too!'' She leant forward to kiss Michelle gently before pulling back, her smile wider than ever. ''So, how have you been?''

Michelle sighed and rubbed her temples. ''Tired…''

''Reading fanfiction all night?'' Amy asked. Although from the tone of her voice, it was more like a statement.

''Yes,'' Michelle answered, feeling slightly guilty. ''You should have come over last night. We could have read something together.''

''Thought I told you?'' Amy stated curiously. ''I had to look after my mum!''

Michelle needed a moment to search through her memories and find the one that confirmed that is what Amy told her. She cringed and looked down at the ground. ''You did. I'm sorry.''

Keeping her head bow, she failed to notice Amy's reaction until she felt her hand cup under her chin and pull up so that their eyes were locked. ''It's okay, I know how forgetful you are sometimes.''

''Only sometimes?'' Michelle mumbled sarcastically before yawning.

''Wow, you really are tired, aren't you?''

''A little,'' Michelle hummed. ''If it weren't for Lola, I'd still be snoozing in bed right now.''

''Well, I have something that will definitely cheer you up!'' She reached into her pocket and pulled out a sheet of paper that was folded over a few times over, hiding its contents.

Michelle raised her brow and eyed it interestedly. ''Unless that's next weeks exam answers, I really can't think of anything else…'' She grabbed it and was ready to open it until Amy stopped her by clapping her hands over Michelle's.

''No, not yet!'' Amy rushed. ''You have to open the paper at ten and not a moment sooner,''

''A surprise, eh? What kind? Can you at least give me a hint?'' Michelle wiggled her brows, hoping that would win her sympathy and an approval. Instead, Amy shook her head stubbornly, causing her girlfriend to pout with a huff. ''Come on, you have to give me something. I can't wait an hour without knowing.''

Amy almost took pity on her and let slip a tease of what was to come, but she resisted. All that she would allow was a few choice words as she leant closer to kiss Michelle on the cheek. ''Trust me, it'll be worth the wait.''

Before Michelle could get another word in, Amy hurried inside of the school and down the crowded corridor towards her first class. Too dumbfounded and tired to follow, Michelle slogged to biology and hoped that she wouldn't fall asleep and miss Amy's surprise.

Taking her seat, she smiled and felt a sense of relief when she noticed that she at least had one familiar face to greet. Charlie was a sweet guy with a love of films so great he brought them up in almost every conversation. He watched amusedly as Michelle slouched on her desk and worked to keep her eyes open. ''So, what's got you all rattled up?'' He smirked.

''Is it that obvious I'm tired?''

''I'd dub you Lord of the Rings if those black ones under your eyes get any bigger.''

She snickered and rolled her eyes. ''Don't worry, I'm going to hit the hay early tonight!''

Charlie chuckled slightly. ''Yeah, I'm sure that I've heard that record before. Besides, if you and Amy are in the same room together…''

Michelle turned sharply to silence him, though he could only smile when he saw the flustered look on her face. ''Why does everything think that Amy and I…that we…you know…'' She stammered.

''You two have been dating for nearly four years. In twenty-first-century time, that's like marriage. You expect people to believe that you two have been together that long and not done it?''

''What does it matter? It's no one else's business.'' She blushed, though there was a hint of agitation in her voice.

Charlie raised his hands defensively. ''Hey, I agree with ya. What you two do doesn't bother me one bit. I'm just teasing.''

''I know,'' She rubbed her eyes and rested her chin in her hand, staring towards the front of the class as their teacher droned on. ''I just hate feeling like I'm an open book for people to judge.''

''I hear ya.'' Charlie leant back in his chair and folded his arms over his chest.

''Hmm, being out as a lesbian is a whole different ball game to being an out geek.''

''Okay, okay, fair point. Not to mention you're both.''

Michelle narrowed her eyes. ''Both…what?''

''A geek. I know you read those fanfic stories.''

''And how do you know that?'' She teased.

Charlie shrugged. ''I hear things. Personally, I don't get it. Why write for things that have already been made? Shouldn't people write something new? Don't fix what isn't broken.''

''That's not the point.'' She pointed a finger at him and started poking his squishy cheek. ''One of these days, I'll get you on board the fanfic train.''

''I think that train left the station and left me behind a long time ago. It's not for me.''

Michelle scoffed. ''We'll see…''

Suddenly, the teacher loudly clearing their throat caused the two friends to snap their attention back towards the front of the class.

As time passed, Michelle paid more attention to the clock in the corner of the room than what was actually going on in class. She reached into her pocket and fumbled out the folded paper Amy handed to her. A part of her wanted to open it and fill her hungry inquisitiveness. However, she resisted, not wanting to make all of Amy's planning go to waste. There was clearly something being built up, and the last thing Michelle wanted to do was ruin it for her girlfriend.

After what felt like an eternity, the time finally came, and Michelle unfolded the paper sneakily.

'Meet in old janitor's station xxx'.

Michelle stared at the words in bemusement. She couldn't wait any longer to find out what Amy had planned. She hastily placed the paper back into her pocket and raised her hand high in the air, asking the teacher for permission to use the bathroom. The teacher was either too naïve or simply didn't care because they allowed Michelle to go without a second thought. Wasting no time, Michelle hurried out of class and towards her destination. Whatever Amy had planned would undoubtedly be better than anything biology class had to offer.

No one goes to the old janitor's station anymore, except those who figured out the numbers for the padlock bolted over the handle. Putting in the code, Michelle walked inside only to be blinded by darkness.

Placing her hands against the wall to guide her way, she stumbled around to find a light switch. Warmth tickled her skin and a strange, though not unpleasant, aroma drifted into her nose. ''Amy, if this is your idea of a joke, I'm not laughing!'' She called out.

Before long, she was able to feel a light box and flicked the switch.

The instant the lights come on, Michelle heard the door slam shut behind her. Startled, Michelle turned and was ready to scream for help, fearing she would soon find herself waking up in a bathtub of ice with her kidney missing. Just when she thought about screaming, her jaw dropped and she lost the ability to breathe. ''Amy?''

With a seductive smile, Amy reached behind her back to lock the door before advancing towards her speechless girlfriend, while only wearing a black-laced bra and panties. Her creamy skin was on full display for Michelle's wide eyes to admire and gawk at. ''Told you it would be a nice surprise.'' She purred.

Her hands slide onto Michelle's shoulders and she pulled her closer. Michelle's knees threatened to buckle beneath her. This wasn't a sight that she was unfamiliar with, but it still made her pulse race with every new experience. ''What if someone sees us?''

''Babe, you know that no one ever comes down here. We're all alone…'' Amy began to kiss down Michelle's neck, causing the other girl to moan delightfully. ''For the whole day.''

''Michelle, you're home late?'' Michelle's mother called out bewildered to see her teenage daughter rush up the stairs and into her bedroom before she could even see her face. ''Was school okay?''

''Yeah, mum, it was great,'' Michelle called back, still trying to adjust her jeans around her waist properly. ''I feel drained though, so I'm going to lie down for a bit.''

''Okay, let me know if you need anything.''

''Will do.'' She responded before shutting the door and sighing. Finally, she could have time to herself, not that her time with Amy was bad in any way. On the contrary, it was just what she needed. A smile and a blush returned to her at the memories of her time with the love of her young life. Already, she was planning to return the favour with a surprise of her own very soon.


She was brought out of her daydreams by the ringing of her phone. She retrieved it and inspected the number, surprised to see that the caller ID was known. Letting her curiosity get the better of her, she answered. ''Hello?''

''Hello. Michelle!'' The voice calmly said on the other side.

''Who is this?''

''Who do you want it to be?''

Something about the voice seemed familiar. Despite this person's best attempts to cover it up by having a growl in their inflexion, Michelle knew that she'd heard this voice before. Then, it came to her. Was someone trying to be Ghostface? It sounded like him. They acted like him. She was apparently known for being a fan of the series, so it had to be a friend pranking her. She giggled and played along. ''Okay, who is this? Really? Lola? Come on, no tricks tonight. I'm beat and want to get an early night for once.''

There was silence for quite a while. At first, Michelle believed the person had hung up.

''Hello?'' She probed.

''When you get some free time, look up Joy Martberg! I've been to visit her and I don't think she's going to be able to update that chapter you've been looking forward to.''

Before she could question them further, the voice hung up.

To Be Continued…

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