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Ch.1 Temari's Little Trip

A young teenage girl gets slammed into the wall by her stepfather, with her mother being held by two of his men begging him to stop. Blood was trickling out of the corner of the girl's mouth. This wasn't the first time she was beaten, it was the first time in almost two years really. She never forgotten how brutal it was, and she knew that he was just getting started.

The girl had brown hair that she kept in a ponytail, and rarely let it down, because if she did, people would freak out a little because it was spikey, and that's not common in Tokyo. Her name is Yamamoto Temari.

Her stepfather paused for a moment to speak. "So, are you going to keep quiet about what you saw, or am I going to have to beat you harder till you agree to shut up?"

The girl's onyx eyes looked straight into his sandy brown eyes and she said, "I think we both know the answer to that question." She spoke those words without fear.

"So be it. You are one stubborn little…AHHH!" He screamed. For it was at that moment that a white cat that jumped on his face. When he threw the cat off of him, said cat was revealed to have a crescent moon on its forehead.

"Run Temari!" The cat shouted, startling everyone. Besides, how often do you see a talking cat?

Temari was the first to snap out of the shock and ran for it. Her stepfather was next.

"What are you standing here for?" he shouted at his men. "After her!" He and several other men went after her. "And get rid of that cat!" he snarled.

The two men left holding the woman stared at the talking cat. The woman too. She had blonde hair, green eyes, and she was struggling to get out of their grip. "So…how are we gonna…" One of the men began but he got cut off by of all the beings in the room.

"I can understand you. Oh and guess who's right behind you?" The cat asked with a cheeky. Then, from out of nowhere, Sailor V was right behind them. Once they turned around, they were immediately knocked out with one hit each. The woman was left unharmed.

"Are you alright ma'am? Sailor V asked her.

"Yes, I'm alright. Please save my musume." ((daughter.)) The woman was frightened for Temari's life.

"Don't worry, I'll bring her back to you," Sailor V said in an assuring tone. And with that she left quickly and the cat disappeared too.

Meanwhile, Temari was running through the streets of Tokyo. She grew up there and considered the streets as her playground. She knew how to get anywhere from anywhere. She also did a lot free running as well. She had to do that so then she won't get jumped by enemies of her stepfather. It had happened once, and she never wanted it to happen again.

She was about to make a turn into a place that only she was agile enough to escape through, but her stepfather shot at her, making her turn the other way. She was forced into an alleyway with no way out unless she had more time, and she had none. It was a dead end.

She turned around and saw her stepfather, Akamichi Yoshi pointing a gun at her. At that moment she wanted to be anywhere but there. She was so frightened, but she didn't show it. She was going to face her death with dignity.

"You should have kept your mouth shut. Then you could've lived."

Just a moment before he fired Sailor V showed up and kicked the gun, it fired and the bullet hit her in the left shoulder. After that had happened, he was subdued quickly. "Are you alright?" Sailor V asked her. But before she could answer, she saw a swirling vortex heading towards the two of them.

The next four words that came out of Temari's mouth shocked the both of them. "Princess Serenity, watch out!"

'What the…how did she…' She never got to finish the sentence for she turned around and saw the vortex heading right for them. Sailor V got out of the way easily.

Temari on the other hand was further back in the ally and it grew bigger by the seconded. She then got the bright idea of using the dumpster that was nearby. She ran toward it, jumped up on the dumpster, and jumped the vortex only to have her left foot caught in the vortex and it began to suck her in.

Before she could be sucked in completely, she shouted to the senshi, "Sailor V! Make sure that he pays for everything that he's done to me!"

And with that she's gone. There's nothing left of her except the drops of blood that were on the ground from when she was shot. Sailor V stayed for the police and allowed herself to be a witness to the crimes that she saw him do. And it took several months but his sentence was life in prison. His wife even divorced him and took him for every penny that he had.

As for Temari, she was trapped in a black void that appeared to have no end. She looked around the place for twenty minutes, and finally lost it.

"Please let me out!" she shouted at the darkness. "I just want to see my family again!" It was as if the void either felt pity for her or it just flat out listened to her, because another swirling vortex came in and swallowed her whole.

Temari then found herself in an alleyway that she didn't recognize, and she ran out into the street and found herself in front of a…flying…car.

The car came to a screeching halt as it came toward her. She had her hands up in a way that said, 'I don't want to die.' and 'I need help.' at the same time. That was because of the blood on her right hand, not to mention the fact that she looked like she was running a marathon.

The couple that was in the car came out and walked over to Temari. The man had lavender hair, a big bushy mustache, and she couldn't tell the eye color for the glasses. And the woman had blond hair and Temari couldn't tell her eye color because the woman practically had her eyes closed.

The man was the first to speak. "Are you alright?" he asked.

"Not exactly," Temari answered. "I've been shot in the shoulder. Where…where am I?"

"You're in West City, young lady," the blond woman told her.

"I've never heard of it before." Temari said. "Please, I need medical attention."

"You can say that again," the man agreed. "Who are you? What's your name?"

"My name is Yamamoto Temari…" And with that, she collapsed, and the woman caught her.

"Let's put her in the car, Dear," the woman suggested. "We need to get her home now." They then stuck her in the back seat of the car and drove to their home, Capsule Corporation.


The short-tempered Prince of All Saiyans was reading a book that caught his eye last week. He had destroyed the G.R. last week, and now he was on the last night of his punishment.

He saw a couple of legends in that book that were actually true. None of them were false in any way as far as he could tell. Besides, the legend of the Dragon Balls was in that exact same book he was reading. He just got started on one in that book where the gods were warring aginst each other, and then demons showed up and almost destroyed both parties. But then the gods decided worked together to destroy the demons, they didn't get them all but, an alliance came forth from the war, and he was about to find out how they were going to keep the peace between them, when the door came bursting open and his in-laws were being frantic about someone being shot in the shoulder.

'Ugh…can't a guy read in peace around here?' he thought to himself. Then it hit him. 'Wait…they never freak out like this. What's going on?' He then walked over to where his in-laws were freaking out at.

That's when he saw her, and he was the only one to notice that she opened her eyes. They looked right at each other, the two pairs of onyx eyes looking right into the other. And only one thought crossed their minds: 'Where have seen him/her before?' She slipped right back into unconsciousness and he snapped out of the trance he didn't even know he was under when Bulma said that they needed to get the girl to the medical wing.

"Forget that!" Vegeta snapped. "She needs a senzu bean now."

"Alright you do that," Bulma said, after getting over the shock of Vegeta actually showing concern for the girl. "Mama, papa, we have to get the bullet out now."

With that Vegeta flew off to Korin's Tower, and Bulma and her parents went to get the bullet out. But they were intercepted by seven year old Trunks.

"Mama," he said, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He had been put to bed an hour ago. "What's going on?" That's when he saw the girl and he wasn't tired anymore. "What happened?" he asked. "Is she okay?"

"We don't know Trunks," his mother answered. "But we need to get her to the medical wing now."

"I'll carry her for you," he said, picking the girl up and flying her two feet above the ground.

Vegeta finally reaches his destination, when he sees a familiar face that he hadn't seen in ten years. It was Yajirobe. "YOU!" Vegeta shouted at the top of his lungs. "You're that obese guy with the sword, who not only cut off my tail, but left a huge gash in my armor!"

Yajirobe was about to retort in his typical cowardly and idiotic fashion when Korin appeared in front of him.

"Yes," the cat sage said. "And we all know why he did it. Now I sense that you are here for something otherwise you wouldn't have woken me up with your screaming. And what were you doing up here so late Yajirobe? YOU KNOW THAT WE'RE LOW ON SENZU!" Yajirobe hollered in reply.

"Excuse me," the Saiyan Prince said curtly, once he got their attention he continued by saying, "There is a girl with a bullet in her shoulder, and while I don't want to disturb your arguing, she's probably dying from blood loss right now." he said this with a little concern in his voice, and only Korin noticed.

"Alright," Korin said. "Since you saved a senzu, you get a senzu. Here catch." The cat tossed Vegeta one bean and the prince caught it with ease. He muttered a thank you and left in a hurry.

When he got home, they just got the bullet out of the girl's shoulder. Vegeta popped it into her mouth, forced her to swallow and two things happened that only he and Trunks noticed. One was that her muscle mass increased oh so slightly, and two was that her ki jumped up more than any human on Earth should.

The girl sat up and looked around, and saw the couple that almost ran her over. A blue haired woman, that made her think of a friend of hers when she attended cram school until almost two years ago, but her hair was a lot lighter than her friend's. A lavender-haired boy that looks like the older gentleman except he has the nose of the black flamed haired guy that she thought looked familiar. The black-haired man still looked like someone that she had seen before but she just couldn't place it. "Okay…who are you? How long have I been out? And where am I?" she asked them. After introductions are made, (Because I don't know what Bulma's parents names are) and being told that she would have everything explained to her in the morning, Vegeta decided to take her to a guest room. "So Temari, do you have any martial arts training?" Vegeta finally asked to break the ice.

"Nope, but I'm a really skilled free runner," Temari answered him.

"What's free running?" Vegeta questioned.

"Well you see an alleyway, and you see no way out. But I see the same alleyway and I see that the drainpipe as a way to get to the roof of the building, and I have the strength for it," Temari explained.

"Hn, I just fly to get myself up and out the alleyway," Vegeta smirked.

"Fly?" Temari looked confused.

"Hai, would you like to learn how to do that?" Vegeta asked her. ((Yes))

"Throw in some martial arts training, and you got a deal," Temari grinned.

"Good." They shook hands on that. 'She doesn't even know that it was part of the package. Oh well, she'll find out soon enough,' Vegeta told himself.

"Well, good night, Vegeta Sensei." Tamari said as they finally reached her guest room.

"You'll have your first lesson after breakfast," he said, leaving her at the door to her room.

She finally enters the room and sees that she has her own bathroom. "Wow, they treat their guests really well," she said to herself. She goes over to the bathroom to clean up and she finds no bullet hole in her shoulder at all, not even a bruise from the beating she took.

"How is that possible? They said that I was out for a little while. So how come I don't even have a wound? Man, these guys have a lot of explaining to do." She looked out the window and saw lots of dome buildings outside. "Am I in another dimension or something?" she wondered. "It would make since." She looked in a drawer and saw that there were clothes inside and they were a little bigger than her but they did alright, she even set out her clothe for the next day, and they were closer to her size than the P.J.s she had put on. So, she flopped into the bed and decided to wait for the answers.

"Man...this is one heck of a trip..." She curled up into a ball out of habit and fell asleep.

Meanwhile back in Tokyo…


"It's true, but you don't have to worry, I will bring her back to you. I promised you that, and I never go back on my word," Sailor V said, reassuring Temari's mother.

"Alright, you better have her back to me. I don't care how long it takes, but you will bring her back to me in one piece, and not in a body bag!" Temari's mother exclaimed.

"I'll bring her back ma'am. I'll see you at the hearing," Sailor V said with a smile.

"You better be there, and I better get a progress report," Ren said.

"I will, Ren!" she shouted before she disappeared from view. She went to the hideout where her cat was sure to be.

"Artemis!" Sailor V called.

"I'm here," Artemis said coming towards her.

"So?" she asked.

"You said that she called you the Princess right?" Artemis questioned.

"Hai." she nodded.

"Well I think she might be a Sailor Senshi," Artemis reported.

"What kind of Senshi?" Sailor V asked.

"The kind of senshi that can reunite the two Sister Universes," Artemis answered.

"Nani?" Sailor V asked. ((What?))

What did Artemis mean when he said that? And why did Vegeta and Tamari think that they have seen each other before? All these questions and more will be answered in the future chapters of Sailor Universe. Okay you read it, I thank you for that, but I would also would love some reviews too. Thank you and have a nice day.